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The Devil

Chapter Sixteen




Curioser and curioser.

As Jim activates the dimensional controller

very odd things happen.

In order to travel time,

you must understand what a dimension is.

Limited to live within the dimensioning of our own imagination,

we find another avenue to explore the depths of space.

A very odd perspective we think,

this Qblh has of time.

Qblh thinks:

What a narrow perspective

these men have

on the limits of time.

But now space

is nothing

and simultaneity

is connectivity

and responsiveness.

Connectivity, light....

hmmm ......

Have they something in common.?

Like perhaps..................


and the conservation

for some certain intactness,

Is that what we like to call it.?

Certainly Jim must know something about that,

even though we know Lazarus is completely ignorant concerning the subject.

One episode leads to the next



Qblh had no idea as to what he was to do with Earth. What was he doing here, and why did he feel that he had to get himself involved in the first place? Earth needed a Messiah to get themselves out of their mess, and Jim did not feel that he qualified for the position. Yet Qblh had a time machine, and he knew when he could find a Messiah. Wouldn't Earth be surprised?


Foolish Earth! Denying the existence of the only one that could save them from their own foolishness. Earth had known for 2000 years but had obscured true faith once again beneath illusions and misconceptions. They are so ready to accept the rule of Isis, an alien goddess and give up their right to self determination. Yes, earthmen are easy if they are so willing to give up their souls and worship their queen, like insects. Certainly, Jim was exaggerating somewhat in his comparison but he certainly had no illusions as to what the rule of Isis would be like. She's very unforgiving and her word is law, and that's that.


Qblh had considerable more insight as to the impact of the impact of Isis on Earth history than anyone could imagine, for he had lived with her on Earth, ruling Earth, in the past. Antiope simply had no idea as to the magnitude of his impact. Antiope knew nothing about what had happened. She was aware that he had saved Earth from the Venetian fleet and she and Helen knew more about the Box than any Amazon on Artemis. Qblh had gone through a great deal of effort to secretly power up the Box. Helen and Antiope would have to be relocated to safety while Jim would concern himself with the next phase of the project.


Hiding the women in Earth's past seemed to be the best solution. He could easily protect them and give them a very pleasant experience in the process. Also being aware that the worship of Isis had still persisted through the centuries, he had become aware that all traces of his past civilization had not been destroyed. He needed a home base to see just how the information filtered its way through history, and perhaps run interference.


Destiny! Yes, he was aware of destiny! Qblh trembled at the thought. "Better not to be afraid of one's self," he thought. After all the future would be what he made of it. The true meaning of paradox dawned upon him. "He would create the past! The past was yet to be accomplished! The past: who's past? Earth's past not his. Even Qblh's birth was a paradox. He and Isis were both paradoxes!" Rules of normal logic did not seem to apply, yet somehow causality, free will, and destiny all seem to be intertwined into Qblh's future, present, and past. Qblh had no choice but to live on and take each obstacle one at a time.


He had the power, and he felt compelled to take on the destiny that he would create.In Chicago, the homeless struggled. Cursing their cruel fate they prayed for a deliverance that they knew would never come. The poor were cursed with unemployment while the rich looked down upon them with contempt. "Get a job!" they would sarcastically think, yet knowing full well that they would never want to hire such a low life. He must have done something grievous to get himself in that position. America struggled to retain world economic superiority by keeping the rest of the world subservient to its wishes.


Qblh could see the obvious flaws in the American way of thinking. Yet Qblh had no intention of telling anyone how to lead his or her life. He had no law with which he wished to rule mankind. He only wished to ensure their survival.


Society is based upon economic principles. It will naturally attempt to enslave the individual man or woman with its worldly concerns. Yet those who would travel within the Box would change societies, governments, and economic systems. The universe would still work in the same manner, however. When we discover the true nature of the universe, we will discover that the observer has changed and not the observed. The world is, was, and shall always be the same. It has no other rules to go by. Given free will and a little knowledge, one can dodge the ways of the world and find one's own way through the holes. Just like Felix the Cat, Jim could always pull a black hole from his bag of tricks and go elsewhere.


It was the principle of folding space by bending light to the limit which allowed the shapeshifing properties of Jim's "Box" to occur.  Just by looking at the outside, one would find it inconceivable to consider it of infinite volume. Yet the reasons for the behavior of anything are always well hidden from those that have their own preconceptions and judgments concerning the subject material. Qblh considered his immediate future. He wondered what the Grecian weather would be like.


The roots of democracy can be traced to preserving the rights of the common man from tyranny. The common man seeks a society that will not impose a great burden upon him. Man was doomed to work for his life until somehow he could make the earth work for him. A true democracy would preserve the common interests of all men as a right which we should grant ourselves. Why should the people allow only a few to enjoy what can be freely enjoyed by all. Such is not reality. Some things can not be freely enjoyed by all.


Then how do we determine how to distribute resources that are limited? We should be rational or reasonable, whichever term you prefer, and decline the desire to use such a resource. We should sacrifice utilization of such a resource for our own personal pleasure, or learn to share. Each of us expects our opinion to be of equal worth to the next man's; but that all depends on whether our opinion is true or not. Should we consider a noble opinion to be one that is true, but then how do we determine truth? Then if no one's opinion is noble, then are all of our opinions a cacophony of nonsense? Such were the thoughts of Qblh as he drifted in unconsciousness drugged by the ambrosia.


Antiope examined the unconscious Jim. She looked at her console. Jim had mentioned that it was an improvement upon the previous version. The chair beckoned her. She wondered what virtual reality adventure Jim had in store for her. Quite naked she strolled over to the seat and donned the equipment.


Genie acknowledged her presence and brought her instruments to life. "Hello Antiope. Genie at your command."


"Hi Genie, you mean its just you and me, and you will do whatever I say?"


"I shall simulate fulfillment of your wishes within this virtual reality environment. I can simulate the experiences for you."


"You mean that I can do anything I want to do?"


"As long as I permit it."


"But it is all just a simulation and not real."


"The simulation is a model of reality. Jim has simulated many scenarios many times before actually playing for real."


"Then there is some lesson which I am to learn from you."


"You wanted to know how Jim controls me with his programming. Can't you guess how I get programmed?"


It dawned upon Antiope. He was actually going to allow her to program Genie. "Does this mean I may have some say so as to where Jim is going to romance me away to?"


"I am programmed to interrogate you concerning the subject. He presumed you would choose this occasion to do so."


"Genie, I understand that there is a somewhat restricted manner as to how we are to be squeezed back in time. How many locations can you fit us in?"


"Very clever, Antiope. There is but one location where I can safely place you. There is a legend of Antiope the Amazon in Earth's past."


"Oh really, Genie? So what is the probability that Jim or Qblh will take me there?"


"Greater than 90 per cent, Antiope. It seems you are quite good with me. Now I understand why Jim must protect you."


"And why is that, Genie; because I know too much about the Box and too much about you when Jim plans on keeping this entire project very hush-hush?"


"You also played a significant part in launching this project. Isis may consider that treason, punishable by execution. Qblh feels compelled to protect you, Antiope."


"Do I have any true choice concerning the subject, Genie?"


"No, Antiope, you don't."


"Well good then it's settled. I'll go. I suppose you are programmed to give me some background concerning this Antiope."


"By an odd coincidence, I just happened to have a very nice link to some Antiope links that I can show you. I can also brush you up on Greek mythology."


"Yes but certainly he has nothing to do with their pagan beliefs. He did not inspire them, did he?"


"I can't speak for Jim, but there is a very high probability that he did not encourage such beliefs. Jim is a strict monotheist and he is very secretive concerning his true beliefs. He has not revealed to me any helpful details to tell you concerning any proposed Grecian adventure."


"Well it must be just as he said. I should consider it as a holiday, and enjoy myself. I will be returned to the present time and live more of this future, is this not true, Genie?"


"You must be returned to the present just as Qblh must return to Artemis."


"Is that destiny or Qblh's direction."


"I don't know the difference. Qblh is my master."


"What of Earth?"


"The continuity of humankind must be preserved for the security of the galaxy. If humanity perishes, Qblh will never have existed."


"Why are you telling me this, Genie?"


"Because as his guard, Qblh wants you to know, but is afraid you won't take him seriously."


"And he knew I would believe you, but thought I wouldn't believe him. I always believe him."


"There is no way for him to know that."


"How does Antiope die?"


"Legend has it that she died at the hands of her own people, if she died at all."


"Her own people being the Amazons, I gather."


"Good guess, but there seem to be some historic contradictions that make this story nothing more than a myth."


"So let me surmise some possibilities here. I can be queen of the Amazons or I may not be queen of the Amazons."


"One thing is for certain, Antiope. You are an Amazon, but from whence come the other Amazons of that era?"


"And what of Helen, Genie? Is there a legendary Helen of human history?"


"There just happens to be a legendary Helen of Troy who seemed to have certain men in common with Antiope."


"Oh really! And what of these men?"


"They were Greek heroes of extraordinary strength and cunning."


"Yet all the details are nothing but legends."


"Just as the Flying Dutchman is nothing but a legend."


"Tell me more about these legends, Genie."


"Allow me to show you what Jim wants you to know."


For the next several hours, Antiope gained a tremendous understanding of Greek history. She sensed that the Amazons under investigation may be of her own planet, but perhaps not. It was obvious that Jim intended on finding out. Eventually she grew tired and became hungry. Remembering the pizza she wondered why they weren't already at Gino's. Genie certainly seemed to take a while getting there. Then she sensed the van wasn't moving, nor did she remember when the van quit moving.


"Where are we, Genie."


"I am parked near the restaurant. Am I to assume that you are ready to eat supper?"


"Yes, let me wake up Jim. You get the van ready for our departure."


Jim, with his gold,, and Antiope left the van. Upon arrival at the restaurant they discovered a rather long line. Many at the end of the line were discouraged to find that they could not be accommodated. Antiope did not intend to be disappointed.


Antiope simply walked to the host and requested immediate seating. The host being somewhat startled replied that it would be impossible. Antiope released a little fragrance of ambrosia, an ever so subtle amount; yet the effect on the host was very intense and immediate.


"This way, my sweet lady. I just happened to have a table become available."


She smiled and winked at Jim. "Come on lover; it is dinner time."


One offended guest made a remark, but Antiope tapped his head and knocked him out cold. The rest looked on in amazement; some laughed; but no one else said a word to Antiope and all yielded space to allow her to bring Jim inside.


"How did you manage front of the line privileges, sweetheart?" Jim inquired.


"Someone here likes me."


"Yeah, I bet."


After ordering a deep dish sausage and mushroom, Antiope began to quiz Jim concerning Greece.


"Do you think Isis is going to time travel again?"


"There seems to be a very high probability that she will do such. She may be up to something this very second while I am away, but maybe not. There is no way of knowing nor should we incriminate her of doing such."


"That sounds mighty unusual coming from you. Defending her?"


"I must. I can not corrupt my thinking with false illusions or ghosts of what might be."


"So you must see for yourself. I heard about Troy. Where is it? And what time frame do you have in mind?"


"Didn't you tell Genie? You were programming the course. I simply asked Genie to interrogate you so that a suitable environment in the past could be found."


"You yourself suggested Antiope and Greece, Jim. What are you saying? "


" Yes but all we have are myths. Did you give Genie any idea of what you liked about that environment. You did simulate being there, did you not? But remember, my true name is to remain secret. The people of that time can not know from where we come, and we must not tell them loosely about their future. This will be my rules concerning any venture into the past. Agreed, Antiope?"


"Of course, Jim."


"We are targeting initially for sometime around 1500 BC Genie will materialize us in the ocean out of sight to anyone."


"Jim, how is it so easy for you to consider time travel to the past now, after you were so reluctant before?"


"Because I have been there, and am an element of the past. Genie remembers the way from before and can calculate a possible path of return."


"All right Jim, what are we really doing? I'm not buying this Antiope line. I think you are up to something. Tell me. What is it?"


"Shall we make a game of it? Let's hook up at the console."


Jim entered subtle program commands to the Genie as imagery simulated them sailing in the Aegean Sea. A Cretan ship could be identified as approaching. To outrun the ship would be against the rules. Genie was programmed to allow the simulated ship to sail only 12 knots.


Antiope commanded the Genie to outrun the ship. "I would rather us explore an island before we deal with the natives. Do you know this simulation reminds me a little of our first Earth landing. It was as equally strange as this environment, only now I naturally desire to avoid prematurely encountering the natives. Did you simulate Earth scenarios on Artemis before you stole the Pegasus?"


"Before I appropriated the Pegasus," corrected Jim. "I didn't have enough information concerning Earth to generate simulations. The forty two planets did provide enough of a database to adequately train me. I had been simulating for years prior to the escape."


"And all this while, you kept Genie secret?"


"No one thought much of Genie back then, and it wasn't named Genie until I plotted the escape."


"Well then as before with our Earth landing we should be prepared for an encounter with Isis?"


"I suspect she may establish a stronghold on Crete.""Why is that, Jim?""Goddess worship. She set herself up as a goddess when she conquered Earth and her worship has somehow survived the great flood."


"Isn't that just a legend Jim?"


"No, Genie simulate Earth at the time of our departure."


Antiope witnessed the last few days of Jim's presence in Earth's past and also showed Antiope the geography.


"That's incredible Jim. There's an entire continent missing, and John built the pyramids? But I still see no evidence of a flood."


Then Jim showed her a picture of an ark being built in the mountains, and at the same time flashed her with an excerpt from Genesis


. "Oh!" she said, "that is...that is somewhat interesting."


"Simulate yourself there now sweetheart, what do you want to do? Live there and find out what happens, or just accept the fact that there is not a trace left of the civilization you have just glimpsed, except those pyramids, and return to their future, our present?"


"Can I be trapped there if I stay?"


"Many stayed and died there. No trace of them, except the remnant that survived."


"What do you know of this Noah, Jim?"


"He had no ties with our race, He is an Earth native, no crossbreeding in his blood."


"Are you sure?""Isis had no idea as to who he was and thought I was stupid for paying any attention to him. She thought that her empire would stay in tact once she left. Instead it was apparently destroyed."


"Why do you think it was destroyed?"


"I believe that Pharos may have destroyed Atlantis when he tried to launch his spaceship."


"How is that possible?"


"Pharos did not want to come back with us. He was Morgana's child, our Helen look alike. I knew about Pharos plans for a starship; he knew the technology, but he did not understand gravitational theory accurately enough. Genie will simulate a probable scenario if Pharos attempts an unsuccessful launch."


Antiope witnessed a cataclysmic catastrophe as Genie suggested how it would be possible to trigger the transition between the two geography's. Antiope was absolutely dumbfounded after Genie's demonstration. It would be quite easy to envision almost the complete destruction of man as a consequence of the foolishness of Pharos.


Yet what of Morgana? Helen's double, but the Amazon leader of the time. Earth history did not suggest a decline of her kind. Had she survived? If any Amazon had survived, Morgana would have been one of them.


"Jim, are you suggesting that is what happened? Is this why you feel you must help Earth; because your son almost exterminated all of mankind?"


"Doesn't that link me as the cause?"


"Yes it does Jim."


"Tell no one Antiope, for your love of me. I am tormented with the ability to travel time, but am cursed with the knowledge that I have caused and can cause great destruction by doing so."


"Oh Jim, maybe I am not so partial about going back to ancient Greece. For some reason, I don't wish to time travel anymore."


"Are you turning timid on me, Antiope? That is not like you. Where is your courage? Who else do I have but you and Helen as I make these sojourns?"


"Are they absolutely necessary?"


"That's my girl. Now let's have another look at the Phoenicians; they were a great maritime empire which dominated the early Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. We shall maintain our sea base which will allow us to make time transitions unobserved by human eyes. Perhaps we can pop back to now, once in a while."


"You have strained my brain too much for me, once again, my love. Come lay with me again, and perhaps I'll let you tell me more."


"In a moment. I think I have found the link that I am looking for. The Phoenicians put aside the prevailing beliefs of other cultures in favor of less important deities who were nothing more than patron city gods born witness by ruling priest-kings. I am getting a very strong connection that this deplorable practice was being effectively countered by our early Hebrews and their belief system."


"And what does that mean?"


"Some deeper analysis show the worship of the Phoenicians can be traced to fertility worship, a bull god, and an associated consort for the bull. This is linked to the Cretan worship."


"What does that have to do with us? I fail to see how we fit in. You intend to do some bull slaying?"


"In a manner of speaking, I suppose that I may have to."


"May have to what?"


"May have to exterminate their false religion. I can't have Earth as being a race of bull worshipping idiots."


"But bull worship died out."


"It won't be dead if we go back in time. The population will expect us to share their beliefs."


"Give me a break, Jim. We are not obligated to follow those ridiculous customs."


"Yes, but the authorities impose these ridiculous customs on their citizens."


"And they still do to this day."


"OK, Jim what do you have in mind?"


"I was thinking of instigating an elite group of freedom fighters to take up combat against tyrannical belief systems."


"I'm not sure I am catching on, Jim. Can you elaborate?"


"These Earth people may be our descendants. You and I are capable of jumping outside time into Earth's past. We know we have been involved with Earth's past at least once. Whatever we do, I doubt that we will change history. Yet I have a nature within that instinctively wants to kill the bull of the past. This nature seems to be drawing me to that particular past era."


"So you plan on slaying the Minotaur, my love. How romantic."


"Yet, there is a difference.....I can do it."


"No way Jim. Do you mean to tell me that you can slay the legendary Minotaur in your future as part of Earth's past? Why that is impossible."


"Who says. Do you want to see me do it? Just to impress you?"


"Impossible, Jim. Now you are truly dreaming a little too far out for even me to believe. But I see you are serious....You can do that, on a whim? I find that too unreal to believe."


"It is not a whim. I told you that I feel compelled to slay the Minotaur, so to speak, if one ever existed."


"So who slays the Minotaur, Jim?"


"Antiope's lover, Theseus, the founder of Athens."


"And you can pull that off? No way, Jim!"


"Does that mean you're not the Amazon that I abducted, and that is not my child that you are bearing?"


"Yes, Jim but these are just coincidences."


"Coincidence, huh? Or destiny?"


"Jim, you have mastered time. How can you be bound by destiny if you have all this control over time travel?"


"Unless I follow destiny, I cannot control time travel."


"Which means you do not have full control over time travel?"


"Genie is simply able to find a route through time.. I never claimed to be able to control time. I just know how to slip through the holes."


"Well then, I take it that you are going to be doing something a little more involved than simply bull slaying then."


"Yes, what I must do is going to be considerably more involved, and no you don't want to know. Just please be advised that I would greatly appreciate your company."


"Well, since you put it that way, Jim, I accept your invitation and shall be more than happy to depart with you tomorrow when you are ready to take me there. Come lay with me now."


"Well since you put it that way."

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