The  Pegasus rematerilaized above Xanadu as Jim requested clearance to land. The same Amazons whom he had defeated and returned to Artemiswere now greeting himas he arrived on Artemis. he great hangar opened to accept the starship as she descended to dock. The great ground beam switched on to hold the Pegasus as all sysytems powered downas the ship was switched to ground power.


Jim used the Box to exit the ship as soon as he landed and made his way to the quenne's chamber. All the Amazons gave way tot heir king as he made his way to the royal residence. He had been in the room less than a minute and barely had time to seat himselfr and look confortable before Isis arrived. 


The palace was in a state of mass confusion trying to make sense of it all as Isis and the children materialized. Idiot requested a power down to run self diagnostics and make repairs. Jim granted that request as he swithched the Box to standby. Powerless, he stood before Isis as she smiled at him.


He smiled back





A very colorful continuation of VENETIA



Chapter Forty-Nine

Home Again

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