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The Sun

Chapter Twenty





The road to Jerusalem was slow driving because of massive amounts of foot and animal traffic which would always be reluctant to yield the right of way. Qblh could easily perceive the hatred between Jew and Muslim. Both wanted sovereignty of this particular patch of road to Jerusalem. Qblh knew this to be unacceptable. YAOHUSHUA was clearly influencing him to survey this land prior to his time jump. These same people would find the rule of Isis to be totally unacceptable as well. What they could not know is from whence he came and to whence he was going.


Qblh intended on constructing a fusion power plant in Jerusalem with the Master's permission. He would have to jump back in time, or so he thought, to get that permission. With permission granted he would commence construction.


Earth needed inexpensive power for all. Power and energy is the lifeblood of all machinery, not just oil.


Antiope was very uncomfortable with her perception of Middle East commercial strategies. She felt that the West was being pressured by its oil interests in the Middle East, and was willing to compromise moral  values and truth in order to keep oil pipelines flowing freely.


Fusion energy is the principle by which the sun and the stars create energy. The gravitational field of the star creates the immense pressure which maintains the fusion process. There would be no religious blasphemy in powering Jerusalem with such a method. Distribution of power as other utilities is best carried out by a single administration with any city. The divided city concept is a very bad idea, because of the need to share scarce resources.


America had been somewhat overprotective with regard to its nuclear policy. Government regulations prohibited export of nuclear technology. Unscrupulous and misguided politician frightened the masses into being afraid of nuclear power technology by playing on the public's fear of the unknown and nuclear bombs. Israel was little different.


America was too self righteous. It justified the use of the atomic bomb to save the lives of millions of combatants. Japanese women and children died horrible deaths that the America is deathly afraid of experiencing herself. As promised, the shock of the death of these thousands of civilians did prevent conventional additional napalm bombing of Japanese cities which would have incurred the death of millions of woman and children. The legendary, suicidal nature of the Imperial Japanese war mentality of the time did influence the American leadership to act in this manner.


Today, lack of proper safety considerations, in addition to bureaucratic over-regulation drives the cost of nuclear power generation so high that the only limit to the price of oil is the world economy itself. It was no secret that the world economy could be controlled by controlling the flow of oil. The oil equation was a vital part of the thinking of German and Japanese W.W.II strategy.


America was no help. It feeds its population a desire for the private automobile. America had to keep its public entertained and happy. The American infrastructure has no public transportation system to boast of. Instead they depend on the automobile to get back and forth to work. Hampering private ownership of a means for transportation restricts an individual's means to finding employment in a competitive society.


In America employers are prohibited from discriminating during hiring on account of his domestic residence. A person can live in Indiana and work in Illinois. Both states have individual laws concerning civil laws. If one did not like the law in one state, he was free to move to another, and still be an American.


Yet, Qblh was quite aware of the trap America had gotten itself into and why the American economic system was truly not a model for the rest of the world. Human efforts would always be flawed and full of good intention. Vain leaders would always inflate their own worth at the expense of the population.


Government would also attempt to control the behavior of its citizens. Public education would always be used to indoctrinate the children with the values of those with the power to influence the media. Yet government has no inherent sense of truth. A government that claims to be democratic finds itself to be subject to the rule of mass emotional crazies. Fear could easily be induced into one's thinking, and used to influence the mass unconscious.


Fabricating religious beliefs allows leaders to influence its public's fear of death. The more afraid of death the individual is, the easier he is to control.


Humans are vulnerable. They are mortal, and need sustenance. Individuals work for each other to get mutual help to better enable mutual survival. Individuals are often reluctant to die and to work for meager rations, but there is no end to what the human appetite can desire.


Abdul warned Jim of another upcoming check point. There were long lines of cars and people as Israeli soldiers searched for contraband and weapons. As could be expected, there was an angry group of individuals who were denied the right to travel any further. Their paperwork had not been in order. There was another small group of individuals who were being detained because of security concerns. The women of these individuals were crying that the soldiers were treating them unfairly.


Helen was not bored with this trip, amazing enough, even though the journey was slow and tedious. She didn't know what Qblh had in mind, but she could sense it was of tremendous importance. She could easily see that this land had a great deal of problems and the solution was going to be nothing short of miraculous. Who else besides someone with the resources of Qblh would dare take on such a challenge?


Qblh invited Helen to take a walk while Abdul kept the cab's place in line. Almost all on the road to Jerusalem were Palestinian. Israelites avoided the road in order to avoid trouble with the numerous Palestinians. Only some of the soldiers/police were Israeli, and they felt compelled to be fully armed and stayed in their assigned area.The Palestinians complained incessantly of being occupied by Israel, in very much the same way that the Jews complained about being occupied by the Roman. This land was alive with history, and it was impossible to separate the mindset of the people there with the past, as it is anywhere.


Calling upon the new Rome, America, Palestinian leaders would seek to apply pressure to Israel to honor their demands for a divided Jerusalem.


The temple had been destroyed over 1900 years ago. The New Testament of the Master replaced the old faith with His upgrades. The temple is now the living body of Man and is not a building. Claiming to abhor idolatry, certain faiths abhor those who would dare profane their holy sites/idols; so much so, that they would attempt to murder those who would challenge their system of belief. Clinging stubbornly to man-made precepts thought holy, they stubbornly bring destruction upon themselves.In this manner, and for this reason, Jerusalem had a tendency to murder prophets.


America, like Rome, tolerated the cultures of this land and preferred not to show favoritism to one religious sect over another. America officially honors no God greater than its own might and legislative ability. It would also tolerate all religions, recognizing no one religion as being more correct than another. The individual is guaranteed the right not to be discriminated against on account of religion. Middle Eastern cultures seem to express an abnormal amount of religious discrimination.


Qblh knew that the land in question had been promised to the children of Israel. Qblh would not second guess YAOHUSHUA.


Helen became somewhat aggravated with the locals who would not trade with her on account of her inappropriate dress. Aiming to rub salt into the disdain; she asked Qblh to get for her that same item from someone else, and flaunt the purchase in front of the offending merchant.


"He gives me what I want. He knows how to treat a woman, and we are not your hand maidens. We are your equals."


She would then spit in the face of the one she didn't like. The individual did not suffer that much once he stomached the insult. Helen's spittle had traces of ambrosia, and would cause some side effects which would soothe the victim of Helen's spite. The sting of her voice would deeply penetrate because of the psychoactive nature of the ambrosia.


Yet Qblh and Helen as a rule had very little trouble with the Palestinians. More often than not, Qblh would be helpful with the natives. He  shed all weapons and armor and then walked around seeming to have an endless supply of medication for those that he sensed were in need. Helen, following Qblh’s wardrobe, followed with a bottomless bread basket which she used to make friends, for all on the road seemed to be hungry. Thus Helen and Qblh assisted the hungry and ill while Abdul patiently waited to get the cab past the checkpoints.


Qblh and Helen were back in the cab by the time that Abdul finally got to the checkpoint. He had heard of the antics of Jim and Helen from the gossip going around concerning this odd couple. The captain of the guard was there to greet the cab at the checkpoint.


Rather than interrogating the occupants of the cab as to their authorization, he handed them his mobile communicator. "It's for you," is all he said.


Taking the phone, Jim discovered General Armstrong on the other end of the line. "Just curious as to what you were up to. You've got Washington's attention with your activity in that region. I was directed to find out as much as I could concerning your intentions. The people in that region may not take too kindly to the likes of you, according to what I've been instructed to tell you from the president."


"Well, tell your boss, the president, that this is really not her concern."


Jim heard the US President break into the conversation. The Israeli captain quit eavesdropping and backed away somewhat from the cab, and ordered his subordinates to sharpen up their appearance.


Just like magic, traffic started moving through the checkpoint at a considerably increased rate. Many of the Palestinians waved at Qblh, expressing appreciation for the food and medicine, as they walked past his cab as he was in conference.The president was still not pleased with Jim's activities. She pleaded with him not to aggravate the Palestinian-Israeli problem any further. Yet when Jim challenged her as to what the US suggested as an alternative, she was unable to propose any solution that Qblh could find as acceptable. He did not tell her of his plans for the construction of a fusion power plant.


He simply promised her, "I will bear in mind your interests with respect to my future action. Now what else is it that you would like to know?"


General Armstrong loved the way Jim treated his commander-in-chief. With Jim, the president had to deal with a foreign power that couldn't be bought or intimidated by American power and money. The general was glad that Jim was truly friendly and had no underlying desire to control the world. He shivered to think what would happen if the reverse were true.


"Colonel," he advised Jim, "I trust that you are assuring me that you are not going to tolerate terrorist activities in that region, and your mission and plan is to do something about it."


Jim laughed. "I can see that American generals are much smarter than their presidents."


Insulted, the president hung up. She still did not like Jim. She was somewhat irritated by Jim's tendency not to do what she wanted him to do. He would always remind her that she was not his sovereign, and if it wasn't for him, Isis would still have US sovereignty.


Foreign interests outside the US still did not have any real knowledge as to how the alien invaders had actually been defeated. America was granted the credit, because of Jim and John's deliberate attempts to keep details of their involvement away from the public record.


General Armstrong cautioned Jim, "I just pray that you are friends with God, because the general feeling is that only He can resolve the problem there."


"When are you expecting His arrival to implement the solution?"


"Now Jim, you know I don't know the answer to that."


"Well perhaps I can find out."


"You scare me Jim, and if you scare me, then you are dangerous."

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