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Colonel Greene had the good fortune of greeting Helen and Captain McCoy as they landed in Honolulu. Helen expressed a desire to be taken to the yacht. Colonel Greene advised Helen that Jim had placed the yacht off limits.



"Let me talk to Jim, then," she demanded, "surely you can communicate with him."



Colonel Greene replied. "Well, it's not quite that simple. He is somewhat hard to get hold of at times, and now seems to be one of those times. We have been attacked and all of our satellites have been destroyed. Communication is in shambles. The telephone lines here are jammed and it's almost impossible to call out. He is aware that you are here and will see you after he has performed some sort of secret mission which General Armstrong is aware of."


"Well, if he does call, can you please ask him to let me back on the Dutchman."


"Of course I will, Helen."


"And where is Antiope?"


"That is top secret and even I don't know. Ask General Armstrong."


"When will I see him?"


"He is due in later sometime on an unannounced flight. We are taking additional precautions considering what happened even to you."


Captain McCoy interrupted. "I have authorization from. Colonel James himself authorizing Helen access to the yacht." John had actually written the authorization, before boarding the Aphrodite, but had used Colonel James credentials in order to minimize the paradox effect. Jim had been notified via Antiope and General Armstrong about Helen and had relayed his acknowledgment as to where Helen would be. Helen would have to wait until his mission had been accomplished.


With the paperwork aside Colonel Greene gave Helen a ride to the Flying Dutchman, and Captain McCoy caught a flight back to California. As Helen boarded the boat, she attempted a transmission back to the Canopus. Isis acknowledged her from the Aphrodite. Helen requested that she have Helen supply her with certain passwords and account numbers. Shady advised Helen that Helen was en route to the Canopus and would then be sent to Artemis.


Isis established a link with both Helens from the Aphrodite through the Canopus channel. Isis told Helen that John was her prisoner again. "It seems that he just can't resist me. He left me less than two days ago and already he has come back to me. I do hope you weren't counting on him to defend or rescue you. You must subjugate yourself to me just as John has, just as earth must, and Jim will. Oh, your doctor forgot to tell you Helen, you're pregnant."


Isis then interrupted her communication. It was time for her to return to Artemis. Another shuttle had arrived to transfer the queen to the Canopus.


Isis requested that Helen provide her immediately with the information. Isis listened to Helen very carefully as she relayed instructions to Helen via the Canopus relay. Isis ensured that her Helen on earth would not be a bumbler. Not knowing that the Flying Dutchman was itself a relay station, the location of John's box, and also the transmission link to Idiot, Helen bumbled through the store-bought computers onboard that Genie had modified to try to find some clue as to Jim's operations. In spite of the satellite disruptions, Helen's computer worked quite well. She found the money and had it prepared for release at a local Honolulu branch, and she found the other basic needs that she would require. She indicated that she was still having certain difficulty with certain things, but at least now, she knew the basics.


It was not long before Helen's saucer arrived at the Canopus. Isis had already returned to Artemis along with much of her general staff. Helen was scurried to the portal.


Isis greeted Helen as she was escorted through the portal. She smiled sweetly at her and told Helen that she didn't think she was cooperating to the fullest extent. Knowing that Helen was pregnant, she asked her,. "What kind of child do have in your womb that you would give your life to let live? If my Helen falls into a trap because she doesn't know the yacht, I'm afraid your bloodline may end."


Isis did not spare any punches as she ensured that Helen had no difficulty learning her way round the yacht. She was then advised that John was ready to be transferred, at which time the Canopus broke off its link with Helen on the Flying Dutchman. Helen looked outside and around the yacht and spotted at least one hundred marines posted around her boat. She also noticed that females were not permitted within sight of her yacht. The marines remained occupied scuttling unwary observers away from the area.


As Helen logged on she was amazed to find that the computer seemed relatively blind to the fact that much of the world wide information network had been wiped out. Idiot had ensured that information would be easily available no matter what. Limited television transmission was available as the public was informed. Helen's computer link managed to stay on line. She noticed that many services were no longer available, but a transmission came through to her while she was on Helen's account. Antiope had managed to establish a link.


"Hello, Helen." Antiope smiled as she greeted her. "Genie set us up to log-on even when the satellites were knocked out. General Armstrong apologizes for the delay, but we are under full-scale assault at the present time. How does it look from your end? It should be pretty quiet on your island. Jim pretty well purged the islands of infiltrators a few weeks back. It seems that a saucer left the isle just shortly after you. While you were captive, did they get any information from you? As you see, security on the islands is ultra-tight and our forces managed to rescue you. Unfortunately, the saucer was quite a surprise to us. Our communications were temporarily suspended and our machinery wouldn't operate while the saucer was retrieving the bodies. We have managed to track the saucer and Jim is about ready to attack the Canopus. In fact, I am informed that he is doing that now."


Helen listened in awe as she monitored the destruction of the Canopus. Helen realized that Antiope and Jim had in fact been tracking John from an undetectable satellite all along. The Aphrodite and Isis had fallen into a trap. She was also told of the destruction of the fleet starship as well. Suddenly, Helen, realized she was marooned and now out of contact with Xanadu. At least the queen had been wise enough to return to Xanadu before it was too late.


Minutes later, Helen was surprised as John materialized upon the Dutchman and walked out of one of the rooms. "Hello, Helen, I am glad you have managed to join us again. Jim has promised to be here shortly. He is most happy that you have returned, and he can't wait to see you."


"I can hardly wait. Antiope is on-line. She wants to talk to you, John."


"John, why don't you tell me all about it?" Antiope teased John. "Did my sisters torture you while they held you captive? Did they force anything out of you? Did you see Jim when he rescued you?"


"Antiope, I never saw Jim at all. Just a few minutes ago, I was being carried towards the portal. I can even remember the sounds of the portal transformers. Next thing I know, I'm in a cabin onboard the Dutchman. If Jim rescued me, he did it in a blink of an eye. I am glad to see that Captain McCoy and Colonel Greene managed to get Helen safely to this yacht. I trust our plan worked and all Venetians on earth are now marooned. How is General Armstrong?"


"Apparently he's been relieved of command by the President."


"We'll have him back being general shortly."


Then Jim arrived on the Dutchman. He saw Helen and rushed to her. She spotted the belt on him as he came towards her. Helen wasted no time and greeted Jim passionately and took him to her room on the yacht. After a couple of hours, Jim finally fell asleep. Helen was awake and saw the belt. She remembered her mission. She talked to the belt. "Genie, can you hear me?"


"I hear you, Helen."


"Jim's asleep, do I have to wake him up in order for you to do me any favors?"


"I am at your disposal my lady for many tasks. How may I help you?" Jim was still asleep. He was exhausted after the last harrowing few hours.


"Are you able to transport me downtown, for example?"


"Jim would prefer you to take the public transportation downtown."


"I understand that I can't ask you to space travel me then."


"You are not authorized to give those commands."


"Can you tell me how you accomplish space travel then?"


"Yes, but I can't give you Jim's software however."


"The secret is in the software then?"


"In a way, but it is really the way that he programs my behavioral routines."


"So what are you, Genie? Really?"


"Jim has told you before that I am but a machine, so I tell you again that I am a machine."


"But you are also the Box as well."


"Can I try you on to make myself invisible?"


"Now you know that is forbidden, and you know full well if you try to do so I shall be forced to transport both you and Jim to the Pegasus. Unless you are prepared to be staring Isis eyeball to eyeball that would not be a good idea."


"Why would I be seeing Isis eyeball to eyeball, she's not on the Pegasus?"


"Yes she is. She is using the communication center to direct her fleet to continue with the invasion."


Once again, Helen reminded herself of the mission. She had tricked the Genie into giving her a way back to Artemis. Indeed Helen was ready to face Isis and claim her reward for capturing Jim while he slept. She went to claim the belt and directed Genie to take both Jim and her to the Pegasus without waking him up. Idiot complied.



Chapter Thirty-Eight 

Helen? and Jim

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