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Antiope and Helen were quite ready for Honolulu. As they approached the harbor, they encountered another boat headed the same way. Antiope managed radio communication, while Helen piloted the boat. On the other boat was a group of men who were more than eager to help the two get themselves situated into a dock. Antiope and Helen welcomed a few of the fellows aboard who were lucky enough to get selected. Before boarding, they reminded there would be guests to try no funny stuff with them. If they liked the guys they would let them know.


The men were somewhat disappointed when they were unsuccessful at scoring a date upon mooring. Their friends scolded them for being such wimps as they left the marina. The women stashed all their wealth in the safe boxes, and kept a few thousand dollars for pocket change. 


After securing the boat, they proceeded to walk the streets. A couple of prostitutes made intimidating remarks for them to find their own turf. Helen hit the smart mouth and broke her jaw. The other promised revenge and helped her friend away.


Countless men approached the two as they explored the beach area. They decided to accept meal propositions from a couple of intelligent and attractive men that they encountered. One was a millionaire playboy, and the other was a computer company executive. They found a romantic little beach restaurant and tried some of the local delicacies as the men tried to get the women drunk. Antiope and Helen both were immune to the effects of alcohol.


The playboy called himself Henry, and said he was from South America. He was somewhat vague about the nature of his business. Helen took a fancy to Henry. Henry owned his own private plane and had offered to fly them around to see the sights. Helen had already studied the islands extensively by researching the Internet. She loved the idea of seeing the islands from the air. 


Antiope's friend was involved in software development. Antiope had a particular knack for biological sciences, and she wanted to help him develop some growth software. She knew the logic and rules for biological growth, and he promised that if they were partners and she successfully wrote the programs they could both become very rich. Bill was very impressed by the sample growth routine that Antiope had developed. He wanted another demonstration, but Antiope said the second demo was not going to be free, but she guaranteed the ability to write the software for his specifications. After some haggling, Bill settled for a rose simulator in exchange for Bill's computer. Bill said he would buy Antiope one just like his and set her up with $5000 worth of software. The simulator would grow the rose plant from seedling into a plant with dozen or more roses. Antiope amazed Bill as she very rapidly programmed the rose generator. Within two hours she had completed the program and run the demo for Bill. He was a little aggravated when he analyzed the program. He discovered the kernel part of it had destroyed itself during initial configuration. It was copy proof! Bill wanted Antiope immediately as his partner. He said he could pay her well, over 100 million a year, if she could develop biological simulators Antiope said that she would consider it, but she said the technology is worth billions, and not just a hundred million a year. She would let him be the junior partner, and she would pay him three hundred million a year.


Henry laughed at the two while they bickered about their pipe dreams.


Antiope looked back at Henry and told him that she was an expert physician. She had an excellent understanding of cellular growth. To make the rose generator, she had really only drawn from memory various stages of a rose and filled in the gaps. Three-dimensional imagination of the rose's interior simply stemmed from the growth dynamics necessary to create those forms. She went on to say that as a child, she used to draw sequential pictures of an image and flip through them to give the appearance of motion. This computerized art she said is very much the same thing. It was her detailed biological knowledge, which allowed her to draw the growth of the plant with such precision. She apologized to Bill that the machine could not grow the rose simply from machine language. Bill was still delighted with Antiope's talents.


Helen went off with Henry, as Bill and Antiope entertained each other. Bill took Antiope to Aloha tower and showed her the rest of the town. He also bought her a very nice computer with all the correct accessories. He handpicked out over $5000 worth of software as promised. He took her to dinner, and talked business again. Antiope never made any promises or contracts with Bill. Bill entered his E-mail address on her computer, and asked her to call him if she had a change of heart. He said that address he gave her was his direct-line, and don't ever give it out. Antiope was totally shocked when he apologized to her for not being sexually interested in her, as he was happily married. She had caught him off guard because of her intense beauty, and he simply had to meet her. Antiope responded by telling him that he was a perfect gentleman, and she invited him on to the yacht for after dinner. She wanted him to install some of the software.


Oddly enough, Bill walked away from the Dutchman late that night and had been invited back the next day. Antiope sensed that Jim would have been proud of the fact that she didn't even make a killing on her first human date.


Henry drove Helen to a small airport outside Honolulu and had his plane readied for flight. He flew her over Oahu and showed all the sights. Helen wanted more and he promised tomorrow he could show her some more islands. Henry took Helen to a luau and then out dancing. She took him back to the yacht. He was so tired upon their return and was so happy that Helen would be with him the next day, that it didn't bother him that she didn't make love to him that evening. 


Antiope was up early the next day. Helen and Henry were still asleep. She resolved to go for an early stroll. She noticed a thief who had stolen a purse from a handbag, which belonged to a small elderly woman. He was heading her way, and was acting if nothing happened. He was of large muscular build, and seemed to like the way he looked. He noticed her as he walked her way. He actually walked up to Antiope and confronted her. "Hi babe."


"Hi there, handsome. What's happening?"


"You are, and I see you're alone."


"Yes, and I'm looking for a big strong he-man just like you."


The dumb bull looked at her and couldn't believe his good fortune. "And just what would you do with a man like me?"


"Ride you until you died from too much sex."


"Oh babe, you're one hot number. I'm ready when you are."


"Lead me on."


Antiope followed the man to his hotel room. The room was ill kept. The brute was all over Antiope as soon as the room door was closed. Antiope begin to have second thoughts about victimizing this man. Earth was not Artemis. The same laws did not apply here. Although Isis would have immediately beheaded any male that tried that stunt on Artemis, here on Earth such measures were considered too extreme. The brute, however, did not change his mind about sex after Antiope did. When she resisted, he forced himself on her. Then she told him "no." He didn't let up and told her to shut up and enjoy it. She grinned to herself and decided to go for it. This guy was scum; he was forcing himself upon her. Well if he wanted sex so bad, she decided that she might as well enjoy herself. 


Two hours later, the man expired, and Antiope left, her hunger fulfilled. She stopped by a post office to mail back the woman's purse. She gave Bill a call to see if he was free. When Antiope arrived back at the yacht, she found Helen and Henry were awake. She and Helen then related to each other their adventures. They didn't tell Henry about Antiope's "dead" lover.


Henry took Antiope and Helen on a flight out to over Maui and Hawaii that afternoon. After refueling in Kona, he circled the big island again and flew back over Maui once more before taking them home. A few plainclothes police were waiting for Henry when he landed. The plane was impounded and the women wee questioned. Antiope and Helen said they had just met Henry. Helen propositioned the policemen for a date. Henry cursed vehemently when the cops accepted. He cried, "I treat you like ladies, and you want to f... these pigs." One of the cops busted Henry's teeth with a flashlight,

and insulted him by stating that trash like him had no business in this country touching wholesome American women. He spit back at them, "I am American, Gringo." Henry was taken away by a black and white unit, while the detective in charge and his sergeant took the women to dinner.


Antiope and Helen were a little shocked by the way the police had treated Henry. They had a liking for his product. It was like very weak ambrosia, and it made them feel good.


Antiope and Helen laced their fingers with some ambrosia, and very provocatively used the same finger to stir the cop's coffee. They were quite aware that the cops were going to try to get more information about Henry from them and then try to have sex with them. The two enticed Detective Dick and Sergeant Smith into renting a motel room. Two hours later, Antiope and Helen left the Detective and the Sergeant to rot in the motel room. They took the police car to near a bus stop. They left the car near the bus stop, and took the bus back to the marina. "Poor Henry." Helen sobbed because Henry was so nice and these men had been so mean to him. 


The next day while they were on the yacht, the Honolulu police came by with Henry. They were informed that they had a search warrant for the yacht. Antiope and Helen asked what the charges were.


The police did not really have much to go on. The next day the maid had discovered the bodies at noon when the manager had ordered her to check on the guests. The detectives were found dead for no apparent cause. The other police had reported that the women were the last ones seen alive with the detectives. A narcotic overdose had been attributed as the cause. The coroner did not know the narcotic. Whatever it was, it was something new. In short the police did not really know what they were looking for. The women showed the police around the boat. The portal and the safes were well disguised, and were especially designed to be undetectable by known human technology. The search provided nothing. Antiope and Helen cooperated to the fullest. They admitted that the men had passed out on them, but they had no part in any murder. Here they were bold face lying, but they knew that earth knew nothing about their ability to deal lethal sex. The search revealed nothing. They smiled at Henry as he was taken away and blew him a kiss. Antiope yelled at him, "You really torqued off Helen when you got yourself arrested. Did you know that she really loves you?"


Henry shot bad a very sad expression. He was no longer mad at them. In fact, he felt justified. The cops that busted him were dead. They were trying somehow to pin the blame on him. He hadn't the foggiest idea who did it. He had sort of hoped that Helen was behind it. Henry was hopelessly in love with Helen again. Before, he was so angry with her for coming on to those cops so. He had heard about the other murder too. It seemed to coincide with the time that Antiope did not account for. Everything seemed to indicate to Henry that these women had something to do with all three murders. These two women, he thought, were very odd indeed. He had overheard Antiope turn down a multi-million dollar contract with a computer tycoon. They were completely naive about narcotics. They didn't seem to get drunk. They were provocatively attractive. There was just something unreal about these women. Yet, they were so perfect with him. These were very dangerous women as he realized that perhaps Helen did love him, and she had killed the arresting cops as revenge. Henry's blood boiled at the thought of such a woman. He fell deeper in love with Helen. From that moment on, he would desire Helen more than any other woman, but he would never see her again. When asked further questions

about what he knew about the women, Henry admitted nothing to lead any suspicion towards them. The police were baffled and had no real evidence to go on. From then on, Antiope and Helen were much more cautious about not being personally associated with their victims. During the next few weeks, they developed a niche for themselves. Morning would constitute the beach and being discovered. The afternoon and evening they would allow their date to entertain them. The date would eventually become disenchanted because the man was not getting any satisfaction from his efforts. The women on the other hand did not want to destroy the men that they loved. When their friends had dumped them, they would get into extreme fits of rage. At these times, they would disguise themselves, dress extremely provocatively and would wander the streets at night looking for a victim. 


The Honolulu prostitutes wanted $100 for a trick. Antiope and Helen when dressed for the street would not allow themselves to be traced back to the yacht. Instead, they would rent a room from which they would operate. Then they street-walked imitating the professionals. They avoided a session always by jacking up the price. One particular duo seemed to go along with whatever price they suggested. With them they went to their room. They negotiated another price increase. The duo went along, so they agreed to a $10,000 fee.


Then the duo started to announce that they were going to make an arrest, when the intoxicating effects of the ambrosia took over. They obediently sacrificed themselves to their Amazon mistresses. The wires that the police were carrying were disabled quietly as the would-be arresting officers spent their last night alive in ecstasy. They appeared to be a little upset with the women, because they felt somehow they had been drugged. Antiope and Helen felt no remorse. Anyone who tried to trap an Amazon usually failed at the expense of his life. It was in the Amazon's instinct to be the huntress. She would take the idea of being captured they same as being taken prey. The Amazon warrior's pride was in the fact that she was prey to no man. Man was her prey. In this case, the men sought to take the two captive because of a phony entrapment play. The men were playing a life and death game with women they could not understand or deal with. A follow up team were very embarrassed when they were ordered away by the "arresting officers". One officer said to the other as they walked away powerless. "Man is the chief going to teach both them undercovers a new meaning of life in the morning."


At times, it seemed that they had more fun looking for victims than they had being with the men that they liked.


Yet the street life exposed them to the darker side of human nature. Antiope and Helen gained the greatest satisfaction when they killed men that they had no respect for. Yet they did not desire to be impregnated by the seed of such a scoundrel, so they ensured contraceptive measures were in effect at the time. Amazon women took great pride in the purity of their offspring. Although the father was almost always dead, the child would seem to quite frequently exhibit the same desirable traits as the father. 


Henry was sent back to South America. Antiope and Helen heard about themselves on the news as the police announced that they were baffled by the strange deaths. Eight deaths occurred when Antiope and Helen were gang raped while walking through a bad neighborhood. Antiope and Helen were fearless and were not about to be told that it was too dangerous for them to go anywhere. They had their special guns but never had a need to use them. All physical confrontations they successfully negotiated using minimal force. The gang rape was a personal affair. For the women, it was a matter of pride. What bothered Antiope and Helen the most were the insults. They played as common earth women showing no great physical strength and allowed themselves to be taken advantage of. Their blood lust coursed through their veins as they sweat ambrosia in lethal amounts. Then they turned on their attackers and used their full strength on them as they tapped the life out of each and every assailant. They felt no guilt, but avenged. They were concerned that they could be associated to the deaths by the police. They made their way back to the yacht secretively avoiding contact with anyone that could remember them. A few hours later, they made their home on the yacht. Helen was very much concerned about the recent deaths. She wanted no problems with the authorities concerning these deaths, but they both knew full well they were responsible, and they would be arrested. Arrested for what? Murder? Almost all of the men had forced themselves on them. They may have murdered the cops. Jim would scold them for that, but Helen just was a little angry with them. Could they claim self-defense? The police would want them for that murder still, but they had no leads. They wondered where Jim and John were. They left early April, and here it was May and still no word. They noticed that it was a full moon.


The next day the news hit them about Norfolk. The entire country was in panic. When Helen and Antiope heard about the cruiser, Helen said that she would go tell Jim. Antiope made preparations to get the yacht underway that day. She kissed Helen good-bye and told her to hurry back with Jim. Helen stepped through the portal to find Jim.


Chapter Twenty-Five 

Amazons Invade Honolulu

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