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Somewhere in a corn field not far from Illinois state road 50, 30 miles south of Chicago, a garage appeared out of nowhere. The garage door opened and out drove Jim's conversion van. He stopped the van, got out and went back to the garage. Idiot shape shifted the box into Jim's money "belt". The safest place for the Box would be on Jim's person. He returned to the van and proceeded on his way.


Antiope and Helen both asked about the garage and the landing. Once again, they were totally confused about as to how Jim got them there.


"Did anyone detect us Genie?" inquired Jim.


"My sensors detect no unusual activity. There should be no one within a two mile radius; it's three o'clock in the morning Jim, local time."


"Keep me advised as to any new developments."


With the garage gone, our travelers pulled their van onto the highway and proceeded into Chicago. Not thirty seconds into his trip, Jim noticed a set of lights to his rear. Another car had shown up and was following him awfully close. It had flashing blue lights on top.


"Genie, that guy behind us is being awfully irritating. I thought you said there was no one around. What do they want?"


"That," Genie responded, "is the local police and they want you to stop."


"Good start, Genie. We weren't supposed to be detected."


"I don't understand Jim. That car seemed to appear out of nowhere. Something very odd is going on here. I am going into red alert status; Jim, be very careful. There is more here than what meets the eye."


Jim stopped the van, motioned the women to stay hidden and be prepared to defend themselves.


The squad car blared for them to stay in the van. A lone figure emerged out of the police sedan as he cautiously approached.


"May I see your driver's license and proof of insurance, sir?" asked the officer.


Jim asked, "Is there anything wrong?"


"I clocked you doing well in excess of the speed limit."


Jim looked confused. "How is that possible? I just got .."


"Say again, sir. I need your id and proof of insurance. Also, tell your friends in the back not to make any sudden moves. Can you all please get out of the van?"


"I insist I was not speeding. This isn't right."


Jim got out, but was still unable to provide the proper paperwork. The officer informed Jim that he would have to take him in unless he could provide a driver's license. Antiope and Helen, sensing Jim's trouble, slowly exited from the van and then with amazing swiftness attacked the police officer.


With amazing strength, the officer shrugged them both off. 


Antiope whispered, "Jim, he's as strong as you. This guy can't be human."


Helen and Antiope looked at this strange man with shocked recognition.


"You now realize that I am going to arrest the three of you for assault of a law enforcement officer."


The women stared at this man and in unison they exclaimed, "It can't be!"


"Yes it can be," said the man. "You're under arrest and I am taking all of you into custody immediately."


Jim wakened rapidly. "You're no cop. Who are you?"


Helen screamed, "Jim! That is your father!"


"My what? My father?"


Antiope yelled, "I can't believe this!"


The officer looked at both these women curiously. "Antiope? Helen? Jim? You're quite observant young fellow and that's exactly what I want to know from you. Who are you, Jim? And what are you doing here? And what do you ladies mean that I am his father?"


"About my speeding? Father? What's going on here?"


"Well, it seems that anyone who can get from the moon to an Illinois cornfield in less than a second is exceeding the local speed limit," remarked the officer.


Jim motioned for the officer to hold silent. "OK, you got me there, but these ladies don't know everything and it might be to our best interest for us to level with each other. It also seems to me that you are not native to earth. Who are you? And what's this business about you being my father?"


"Are you, by chance, the son of Aphrodite?"


"How do you know the name of my mother? Do I know you? And your name is...?"


"John, of course. We're blood kin. Apparently these women believe that I'm your father. Don't worry, no one else knows you're here, but just don't think that anyone can invade earth without me checking them out first." 


"Then, you are my father and I used your plans to get here?"


John stared at Jim. "That explains it. Sleek little buggy, here, but where is it?"


"Where's what?"


"The garage had to be your displacement device, but where is it now? And what are they doing here?"


"We're his hostages, Sire? He kidnapped us."


"Well, 'son', don't mind if I join you. Let me go take care of the car."


Antiope and Helen watched in amazement as the squad car folded up into a briefcase. John chained the briefcase to his wrist.


"You may call me John ladies, and drop the 'Sire' bit. Apparently I'm Jim's father."


Helen remarked, "Funny meeting you here."


Antiope smiled and said, "Small universe, eh John?"


Helen asked, "How many more surprises, do you have for us Jim.? Earth in eight hours, your long lost father appears out of nowhere, a Genie and a magic lamp. We don't know what to believe anymore," said Helen.


"Son, you have a genie? How did you do that?"


"It's a long story and sometimes Antiope and Helen often misunderstand what they see."


"Don't give us that Jim. Genie, say hello to Jim's dad."


"I told you Helen, Genie responds to my commands only."


John laughed. "So there is a Genie. Come on Jim, you're holding out on me."


"Say hello to John, Genie."


"Hello John. See, I told you he was more than just a local, Jim."


"Hello, Genie," said John. "I suppose you're the idiot navigational control system."




Jim said, "Genie, I must remind you that we have guests present so let's watch our language."


"Affirmative, master."


"Mm. Seems like you really have something with your Genie here. I'm sure Genie would like to talk to my system," pondered John. "Drive north Jim. I'll get us checked into some rooms. What do you have for tender?"


Jim showed a gold piece. "Well that's worth about 400 American dollars, but you may find that to be a bit too much for most trade applications. Don't mind if I change; I'm not really a cop. You will need to lay low for a few days to get adjusted."


Antiope and Helen giggled in the back. They began to argue silently about whom would be the first to seduce John. 


The van pulled into a Holiday Inn just off Interstate 80. "Allow me to check us in. Two rooms ladies and I will need to be alone with my son for a while."


"I hope you don't expect Helen and me to sleep with each other. Helen wants Jim tonight, so that leaves you for me, John. The way I figure, you have been without a real woman for forty years and yet, you don't look a day over 40. Do you find me desirable?"


A subtle aroma of ambrosia made it's way to John's nostrils. He then realized that it had been a long time, yet he couldn't underestimate their danger. "I find earth woman to be quite satisfactory," he lied. Antiope shot him an angry look.


Antiope felt threatened. "You can breed with the earth women?"


"They can't have my children."


Antiope breathed a sigh of relief. "But I can."


"Jim, are you planning to breed with these women on this planet? Why are you here?"


"I plan on stopping the fleet of Isis."


"You can't stay here if they have your children. This is the earthling's planet, not ours."


"I realize that. John, I didn't know you were here. I came on my own. Antiope and Helen were my captives but they have agreed to help."


"Don't know if I'd trust them," said John.


"Humph," grunted Helen.


"Well excuse me ladies, while I get us a room."


As John exited the van, the girls flooded Jim with questions.


"Jim, did you have any idea that he would find us?" asked Helen.


"He doesn't trust us, Jim," said Antiope.


"You're better looking," said Helen.


Antiope looked down at her costume. "When are we going to get some decent clothes?"


Helen was baffled. "Did you see what he did to that car? And how did we get here so fast? Where is the Pegasus?"


Jim responded, "Well girls, its we three or we four against the entire galaxy right now. I figure the odds of four against four billion is better than three against four billion. Besides, this should only assure our victory now."


Antiope laughed. "You dumb males think you're so much better. You'll slip up you see, before Isis has you under her thumb again."


"Don't let my father hear you talk like that."


"Why should I hide my fears? You know I can't function well with my fear bottled up. You, my love, must know how I feel at all times."


"And you want to sleep with my father?"


"Hey, babe! He's Amazon male of royal blood, the same as you. My blood boils for the both of you. I can't help it. It's in my nature."


John returned. "Our rooms are around the side of the building."


The ladies frowned, disapproving of their lodgings. "Jim, this is awful," cried Helen. "How can you expect us to stay in this shoe box?"


"It's only temporary, maybe for a day or two until we get orientated. So get used to roughing it now and then. Check out the television."


"Yeah, right," smirked Antiope.


"I need to talk to my father in private, if you don't mind?"


"OK Jim. Why can't you let us have Genie for some entertainment?"


"I need Genie right now," he responded. "Be patient and rest because we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."


"Well, I hope you plan on finding us a decent place to stay tomorrow. I know you can find us something a little better, if you try hard enough," said Helen with a touch of sarcasm.


Jim laughed. "How about a weekend shopping spree, ladies?"


"Now you're talking, " replied Antiope.


John and Jim then went into the other room. They discussed many things and made future plans. John disclosed that he had noticed the materialization of the Pegasus on the far side of the moon. He immediately activated his own box to intercept the travelers as they arrived on earth. He was relieved to discover that the invader was his son and not someone else. Together they conspired as to the most effective way to deal with Isis. Jim activated the Box and showed his father the Pegasus, the box interior and the Pegasus mockup.


John was totally impressed by his son's inventions. With a little bit of persuasion, John talked Jim into allowing him to borrow the ship. So, while Jim and the girls would be testing Genie's gold supply, John would go zipping around the Solar System test driving the Pegasus. First, however, he would have to play host to Antiope. Jim persuaded John that it would not be a good idea to upset them; John should give her what she wanted.


The Amazons then slept peacefully; well past check out time. Antiope with John; Helen with Jim. The next day would be the dawn of a new era for earth history.


Chapter Eight 


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