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The Emperor

Chapter Five




The Pleasure Dome had been immaculately prepared for the evening. The queen had her own chamber secretly veiled from the rest of the luxurious rooms. There was a large maze to be found connecting the multiplicity of cushiony pleasure islands of chambers. A heated stream crept around the grounds entertaining several of the virgins as they played andbathed in the flow of the strea flirting with QQblh as  he passed.


Gemini escorted Qblh toward his deeignated first spot immediately upon entry allowing no detour. . The other virgins made themselves comfortable in their respective locations as they tidied up their domains and await their turn. The ensuing rituals  would be based upon Venetian lore and tradition. The twins gently loosened his bonds as he began to show signs of submission. In so doing they also removed his wardrobe and had it returned to the palace. While so doing both worked Jim quite effectively to satisfy their own basic instincts. Yet at all times they maintained complete dominance and gently reminded Jim that they would immediately correct his actions during the evening if he fell out of line.


Both women were remarkably strong and spent a good deal of time intimately welcoming Jim to the Pleasure Dome. The stronger these women came on, the more he was reminded of Antiope and Helen.


Yet the remarkable dual charm of the twins had a most profound effect on Qblh. Quite often the twins would play protagonist and antagonist, and then switch sides at a moment's notice and continue on with equal vigor. If one criticized Jim, the other would praise Qblh, and then without warning they would suddenly both agree and continue on without a breath for a pause.


In their tantric exercises with Qblh, the twins exercised complete control over his body. Both took extra steps to ensure impregnation and then they worked to secure his trust. Jim had no intention of attempting to compromise the loyalty of Gemini 1 or Gemini 2, and was somewhat reluctant to lower his guard to them for this reason. It was the Gemini twins who ended the session and not Qblh. Handing him a golden pegboard, he was instructed to seek out the maidens and retrieve their pegs. He was then to take the completed pegboard to the queen. They then handed Qblh two golden pegs which were inserted into their marked slots.


"You are free to"


"Leave unguarded. We shall join you after her majesty"


"Has called for us."








"We love you."


They both sang. They then evicted Qblh from their cove. Qblh's heart was inflamed with lust as he was enraptured by the beauty of his surroundings. The nymphs sang to him and as he approached one, her voice pulled him to her.




Cecelia had a mirrored cove. As he entered, a multiplicity of reflections magnified her beauty. Seeing him , she beckoned for him to approach her through the maze. The background music inside the Pleasure Dome shifted to Cecelia's favorite theme. Cecelia by trade was a crystal engineer, and was the chief executive for Venetia's major laser manufacturer. The maze was complicated by holograms and other light tricks. Qblh did not have Idiot to give him guidance, and had to rely on his own instincts. He resorted to using a right hand general rule for getting through mazes which seemed to work well until he fell through a trap door into a spinning pool of water. When Qblh swam back to the surface, he saw a multitude of trapdoors in the ceiling and a dozen doors at the room perimeter. The image of Cecelia greeted him as a hologram and it beckoned him to follow her. As he followed, she tantalized him and praised him.


Then Cecelia entered the pool chamber through one of the doors to greet Qblh. She kissed him to exchange the Breath of Life within her. Absolutely pure she was, untouched by any man. To Cecelia this moment meant all, and only the birth of her children would be of equal importance in this life of hers. This ritual was sacred to Cecelia, and Qblh respected her beliefs and had no desire to dispel any of Cecelia's illusions. Qblh cooperated with Cecelia's wishes and she responded in gratitude showing a great deal of affection.


"Gemini tell me that you showed a great deal of resistance to their affections. Are you going to be the same way with me? Shhh! You don't have to answer that just yet. Stay silent and see if you can appreciate my desire for you."


Qblh's mind was spinning from the intoxicating effects of the ambrosia. Cecelia held him hypnotized. Taking him by hand, they entered her bedchamber. She then settled him down and danced a little more for him. She enticed him to sexually attack her. Finished with Qblh, Cecelia left before he came back to full consciousness. Qblh discovered himself trapped in her maze, yet he was still consciously in touch with her telepathically. She mentally gave him directions out of the maze. Following her thoughts he exited the maze. She thanked him for his seed, and advised him had he not impregnated her, she would not have been strong enough to perform the mind link, and he would have been forced to find his own way out of the maze, believed to be impossible


As he exited the maze, Cecelia was there waiting. "I forgot to give you this."


She gave him her golden peg.The background music faded as Cecelia returned to her lair, and Qblh heard the nymphs singing again.


"The gross has passed through the fire. We shall refine his instincts further. Take your fill And love all as our will."



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