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Chapter Fourteen



Who Is This Masked Man?


Antiope is ready for a night out on the town.

The sun is setting,

and she is ready for her man to give her a good time.

So how boring is this date going to be, anyway?

A walk thrugh the land of the dead?






"Of course, but it is much more hazardous."


"It would seem that time travel to the past would be more dangerous."


"It is equally hazardous, but more controllable, because of the future knowledge."


"So you can travel to the past and return because Genie has a history from which to navigate, but Genie can't plot a return course from the future because there is no history. But Jim you can skip time very easily and then simply come back because you effected nothing in the future. If you were in ghost mode you would affect nothing but would be able to perceive what will happen."


"Unless I act so as to change the course of events, and then I can check the future again in ghost mode?"


"Whoa! Jim! My head is spinning! It gets so confusing."


"And yet Genie can drop us with point accuracy just about anywhere."


"Jim that is just too much power."


"You are correct. It does require a lot of power. It requires an astronomically huge amount of power, but we conservatively return all the energy that we borrow. Our rest energy is perceived to be the same before and after our displacements. Continuity of your body is preserved."


"Which is why I feel nothing during the actual displacement."




"Does this mean that if we are to go into the past, we must fit in, somehow?"


"We must do whatever it takes to avoid paradox."


"So just where do you think you can fit me, Jim?"


"Genie came up with two very nice matches for you and Helen."


"Which are?"


"I have a potential home base for you as Antiope, Queen of the Amazons."


"And Helen as Helen of Troy, I'm sure. That's just like you, Jim. If you can pull that off, how can we possibly refuse? You aren't serious are you, are you?"


"There is no explanation for the Antiope and Helen of Earth's legends, and you two seem to fit the mold."


"Jim, I suspect that you are planning something, and there is much more to this upcoming adventure than you are going to tell me."


"Well, I am giving you the option to decline the invitation."


"You know I can't decline. It is your will that I come along, and I love you."


Helen was still dazzling the audience with her oration and stunning beauty. The reality of a time travel machine had the audience excited as well. Most were dumbfounded with disbelief and amazement. Yet none now dared disbelieve the reality; thus the effect of the experiment on its very impotent observers. These men and women suddenly came to life with a mass of brainstorms and ideas. Jim's effort was going to pay off; the future history of time travel as a reality for Earth made itself manifest with "Qblh's refueling".


Qblh had a lot more on his mind than either woman could suspect. He felt himself being drawn into a future that had much more at stake than he could presently imagine. Ever present on this time traveler's mind was the resurrection of Christ. He had the power. Why did he feel that he had the responsibility? He had been warned of the flood by a power beyond his own. He was aware of a power that Isis dare not challenge, but did anyway. She had lost her civilization on Earth and her power on Earth, or had she? Qblh knew better than to underestimate his sister. She knew him better than anyone.Qblh had a hunch that he should stay ever resourceful and use ultimate tact concerning his involvement with Earth's affairs. Keeping his identity concealed would be a necessity.


"Antiope, Helen is getting a little long winded. Don't you think you should conclude the festivities and send everyone home, so that we can have our night on the town."


"You're right as always Jim. I'll arrange for the banquet to end. Excuse me while I tend to the concluding affairs."


Antiope rose, encountered her various representatives, and sent out her instructions. Within minutes Helen received the signal to end her speech.


"In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen. You are about to enter into a new era. There is ample power available at your fingertips to make energy inexpensive and plentiful to all. Antiope Industries shall guarantee the abundance of power to all. Don't stand in our way, for we shall crush any opposition. Stand forewarned. We are also going global with our energy distribution system and will not impose trade restrictions with any nation, unless they fail to abide by our distribution terms. Qblh has the final word concerning interruption of power distribution services."


"Who is this Qblh again?" inquired a member of the audience, "and what gives him the right to override our laws?"


"It is his equipment which will be generating the power being distributed by Antiope Industries. You can make your own power using your current antique methods and pollute yourselves into nonexistence, if you choose not to deal with us."


"It sounds like you are giving us an ultimatum. Deal with us under our terms, or else...I don't know if I can give you the support of my constituents."


"Suit yourself. We only came to offer help. We are not going to force you to comply."


"Yet you say we must comply with this Kublah's terms. For all we know this guy is Kublah Kahn and could be worse than his beautiful mistress."


"I am also his mistress. You also haven't heard his terms yet, and even Isis must comply with Qblh's decisions. In her eyes, his law will override any human law, and only his law prevents her from already dominating this planet. You really have no choice with regard to the matter anyway."


"So we must accept nuclear power or perish."


"That is a pretty good way of putting it. Yet we are certain that we have buyers. The United States has done a very poor job with respect to its nuclear containment policy. By suppressing the spread of nuclear power generation with excessive legislative roadblocks and fear of terrorism, a healthy development of the industry is crushed. In addition your people then have an excessive dependence on oil as a fuel source. Oil is so vital to your economy that nations are willing to go to war to secure their oil supply. The wealth from the oil revenue is not used as constructively as it should. Antiope Industries will take a tremendous bite out of the money earned by those who would sell oil, because it will no longer be used as fuel. The owners of Antiope Industries will receive some of this money as stock dividends, the users of the energy will get the rest as savings."


"There may be some very strong interest groups that may not take kindly to you."


"We can easily absorb any attack that they may pursue."


"How do you know?"


"Don't buy any of our stock if you believe we may fail. I could care less what you personally fear or feel in your puny brain and body. You strike me as a gutless wonder, and if I were one of your constituents, I would be looking for another representative."


The rest of the audience laughed as Helen ridiculed the doubting Thomas. Embarrassed he seated himself. Antiope grabbed the opportunity to take the podium.


Antiope smiled. "Thank you, Helen. Power! Ladies and Gentlemen! Power is the way to the stars. Power is the way to grow a healthy thriving community. Power is true wealth. Power gives us the energy to achieve what we wish without having to do the work with our own bodies. Access to power and control of power can be bought, sold, bartered, given, stolen and exchanged in many manners. Yet it can also be used to enslave the masses. Jim, Helen, and myself have already risked our lives to bring you freedom. The power is our gift to you, but we must control the resources that we use to generate until you can understand the principles yourselves and build your own machinery. I see that many of you have been involved making relevant investments during this meeting. I see that you gentlemen have made a substantial influence. Antiope Industries shares closed up close to 23 points today."


She could hear certain exclamations of joy emanating from the audience. She also saw some rather green faces. "I still advise no one to sell short. Antiope Industries plans to control most of Earth's aerospace projects. No one shall beat us to the stars, because we are from the stars. To the future, ladies and gentlemen, and I thank you for your time."


Antiope gestured to Jim to meet her in her office. She then left the room brushing off any following, indicating that she wished to be left alone. Helen circulated through the hall reminding all that the party was ending and the building needed to be secured. The employees wanted to go home. Helen selected a few men to accompany her for the evening. John had to go "elsewhere" and spend time with Aphrodite. His mission had been accomplished, or so he said.


"Well, son. You are refueled and I see you are about to go on a very great adventure. Your mother and I will try to keep an eye on you, and we'll be there if you need us. Excuse me, I have to go."


John headed for the men's room. He never came out.


"Can we still link to John, Genie?"


"From this time frame we can. We won't be able to from Artemis or the past."


"Why not?"


"Because I haven't been instructed to do so."


"Establish a hyperspace communication channel with his hyperspatial unit and maintain a lock. Inform me if you have any problems. O.K. Idiot?"


"O.K. Jim."


"What time is tomorrow's launch?"


"Any time after 11:47 P.M. CST."


"What are your current power limitations?"


"I am currently in a quasi-stable mode. I have normal communication ability and have full electromagnetic emission/absorption ability. My navigational systems are fully operational. I can project a shielding effect of invisibility around you and can transport the Dutchman back to Hawaii now, if you wish, but I am not yet up to interstellar or time travel. Concerning your night journey through the streets of Chicago, your optimal path is to keep me in a powered down state and use as little of me as possible. This will minimize any power drain, and will guarantee one or two very nice punches if needed. I will find a way to suggest a minimal energy expenditure solution for you to use, but I still am obliged to honor any of your commands."


"Understood, Idiot. Antiope is expecting a ride."


"I have just rented you a van, and I can call a taxi to take you there when you wish to go. I may have limited power, Jim, but I have access to Antiope's bank accounts. Using the phone circuits and my voice simulator, I can make just about any transaction that you may need."


All but a few of the guests had been dispersed. Helen left her group to speak with Jim.


"Don't forget, Jim. I want a romantic trip from you. I am expecting high quality. Tomorrow night, my beloved. I'll be waiting."


She walked away as he followed her with his eyes. Helen had no interest in social affairs. She wanted to go far away with Jim to another time. Knowing he knew what she wanted, Helen was confident that Jim would make a first class presentation.Jim watched Helen leave. The few remaining guests followed Helen out of the building. Jim flashed his credentials to the guards as he made his way to Antiope's temporary office.


Jim entered the office and detected a strong scent of ambrosia.


"So you are taking me to a time long ago and a place not so far away. I take it, we shall be living in a Mediterranean climate."


"You shall also be living today as well. There will be a next week for you here, and you will have to honor your engagements. You will essentially live somewhere else between now and then."


"How intriguing, Jim. Undoubtedly, you are taking Helen on a similar excursion. Will we know each other? Certainly you can afford a different residence for each of us."


"My dear, it shall be our special place in space and time where you can be as my bride if you so wish."


"Is this a proposal?"


"That may be one way of putting it."


"I say yes and you shall carry me of to some charmingly enticing place. Isis can have her Artemis. You are going to give me another location of my own."


"Fair Antiope, you have endured much in your devotion to me. I share your desire to have our own space in which we can enjoy each other exclusively. We can not live together in this time, but we can share our lives in another time. You may also keep your current life on Earth, but I can never be certain as to what her instructions to you in the future may require. At least in the past we can capture the spirit of tomorrow forever."


"I gather you have had some time to evaluate this culture. What would be your reaction if I choose not to get involved with Earth's affairs."


"But Jim you are already involved."


"I have never aimed to get involved."


"Yet you are, regardless."


"Yes but stability is only maintained because I seek not to get involved. We must withdraw our influence in this time for a little while so we can consider our future direction."


"You aim on buying time?"


"That is one way of putting it. I am buying time at this very moment."


"Yet you....control...time. You are Qblh, my lord."


"This is how I rule?"


"Qblh rules time. Isis rules space. Together they are all powerful."


"Antiope, that is just a nursery rhyme.


""Those are the words of our lady, Queen Isis. I am her servant as well as yours, Qblh."


"But you love me as Jim against her will."


"That is not fair, Jim. You abducted both Helen and myself."


"This is true."


"We are guilty because of you Jim. Ordinarily she would condemn us both, but you have stayed true to your word of protecting us both against her wrath. She knows full well that we both, Helen and I, are deeply in love with you. Why should I be jealous of Helen? I shall not be jealous of Helen, because I do not wish the wrath of Isis on myself for loving you."


"I too feel the predicament. You have my children in your womb, and I know you wish to experience the joys of motherhood. Yet these children may need to be shielded somewhat from all that we have experienced."


"And I shall have a place where I can be protected along with some of my friends?"


"Whatever you wish, dear Antiope. We have a genie at our command. I can not be constrained to that time or this time or any other time, as you must well know. "


Jim as the inventor of time-travel was full aware that he had learned the secret only because of his devotion to his God, YAOHUSHUA, known to Earth as Jesus. He felt a special friendship to this Being. Now Jim did not yet realize that YAOHUSHUA was Jesus, but being of kindred spirit their paths would inevitably cross. Isis knew very little about Jim's faith, as she knew very little about his science and engineering.


It was Qblh's own particular faith that enabled him to keep the will of his sister in check. Only this faith gave him the power to resist the overwhelming power and will of his sister and spouse, Isis. Qblh felt that his ability to travel time was a gift bestowed to him by his Creator, and he dare not use the device in any manner to violate his faith and principles. He wondered himself what his future had in store for him. Judging from his "past", he knew that his future would be somewhat "unexpected". Jim was not sure why he had promised to take Antiope and Helen on  a walk between the two lands of the present and past, the living and the dead. Yet, death would be on its way to defeat by exposing its secrets to light. What solutions to mystery would this yield?

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