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Chapter Nine







Ninety minutes later, Jim was awakened by Genie. "John will be here in thirty minutes, if you are receptive."


"Yes, tell him, I'll be expecting him then."


He awakened Helen and dressed. He liked it better on the Dutchman than on Artemis. He felt free on the oceans, free to wander. Sea and space, they both had the appearance of unlimited expanse.


It was but an illusion. The sea was Earth's most precious natural resource. This magnificent ocean mass was itself a rarity in the universe, teeming with life and abundant in mysteries. Man would soon learn how precious these oceans were when he seeks to find another ocean elsewhere. Qblh knew that Isis expected him to barter so that she would be able to tap this resource as well. Water rights would be exchanged for technological information. Yet the culture had to be prepared for such innovations. Man's disbelief and reluctance to accept new phenomena is well known to create problems.


Thus far, Earth still knew very little about Venetia. Jim had yet to discuss Earth's past with John. They did not know what each other knew, but Isis knew what they both knew concerning Earth's past.


Qblh focused his thoughts. He sensed the coming of another focal point. Clearly he was free to select his future. He would ask John to transport the yacht back to Lake Michigan, from where it had disappeared to sew up that hole. Then apparently John was going to show him something at the Fermilab, or were they going to demonstrate something? It had been several weeks Earth time since Pegasus had routed the fleet. Jim scanned Idiots circuits to obtain an impact study concerning his impact on Earth culture.


The media unable to gain any fresh news and discouraged by the sudden disappearance of Jim had turned its attention elsewhere. Most of the encounter had been in the depths of space beyond the view of the naked eye. Yet, a marine guard was always assigned at Pearl Harbor to guard the berth of the Flying Dutchman. Helen and Antiope melded in well with the population and moved around freely, unrecognized. Curiouslyt, they always had a following of admiring males wherever they went. They declined invitations to the Miss Universe pageant, because neither wanted to lose to the other. Preliminary odds had been given as 49% Helen, 49% Antiope, and 2% someone else. Jim would have bet on Helen.


The official press release concerning Jim had stated that the starship which had saved the planet had returned to space, piloted by Jim. Apparently outside alien forces had intervened attacking the opposing alien force so that Earth could choose its own destiny. John had somehow escaped the attention of the media, but continued to interact in very secretive manners aiding Earth in technological development. He did it out of sheer love for the people. He was given all that he asked for. For John it was not much different now than it had been in Egypt. In both cases, he would be involved in simple merkabbah repair.


Project Gold Alien became the only activity concerning General Needhymen, his apprentice Lt Colonel,( lol! ), Breedlove, and General Armstrong. Both generals wore four stars, and reported to the President. Their staff filled out congressional reports. Oddly enough Project Gold Alien conducted itself like a very highly profitable business. Antiope conferenced with the generals frequently making requests and getting approvals. Project Gold Alien did not need funding. Tax revenue from some of Antiope's more secretive business transactions created surplus revenue.


Antiope however refused to abide by affirmative action plans or any other federal business regulations. She demanded complete control over her industries which were secretly understood as the efforts of Jim and John. Washington was under orders to cooperate fully with this particular alien group. Incognito, John would assume many different roles, and was always free to go wherever he wished with the blessing of the cooperating authorities.


There would be no public announcement that twenty-two pounds of anti-matter would be generated the next day in Chicago. Yet there just happened to be a sudden influx of renowned physicists booking passage to Chicago to witness an unbelievable demonstration. Antiope Industries was promising billions in contract proposals to selected vendors. The corporate representatives would not actually witness the demonstration, but they would attend a group of forums over the next few weeks to consider related industry proposals. The media would get what the corporate representatives would reveal.


What could the media expect? Qblh had no definite plans for the future, and there was nothing definite promised. Examining the time, he resolved to run a few more queries before John arrived. Qblh was fascinated by the works of Albert Einstein. Idiot confirmed that Einstein had received no help in developing his theories. Qblh instructed Idiot to internalize the works of Einstein. Qblh and Idiot both dealt with gravitational and light manipulation consistently on a daily basis, and could be undeniably referred to as the ultimate experts on the subject. Qblh intended on using Einsteinian principles to filter his explanations using Earth principles to explain his abilities. He also wondered about the extent of his father's tinkering thus far.Idiot confirmed that the time manipulations were recent phenomena and could owe their origins to Jim and John's recent adventures.


"If a body gives off the energy L in the form of radiation, its mass diminishes by L/c². The fact that the energy withdrawn from the body becomes energy of radiation evidently makes no difference, so that we are led to the more general conclusion that ......"


Jim chuckled. "Imagine that, Idiot. They are conjecturing that it is possible to change mass by controlling energy of radiation."


Idiot remarked. "It is fortunate that such is possible, else we wouldn't be here. How are you to explain zero rest mass yet still existing?"


"Easy Idiot. The mass is dispersed over time because of our 'observed' relativistic velocity, and its effects on experienced time. We notice no change in rest mass because our mass per unit second experienced is unchanged. Our second is just a wee bit 'stretched out' to outside observers so that we appear to have an infinite time duration with a corresponding mass density per unit second approaching zero."


"Possible because we recapture our 'emitted' radiation."


"Radiation conveys inertia between the emitting and absorbing bodies."


"Then John's box can radiate the necessary energy for repair, but we must return that energy back to him."


"Yet once fully charged, we can find that additional energy we borrowed elsewhere."


"As long as the memory of the control system does not malfunction."


"Malfunction? Are you planning on malfunctioning, Idiot?"


"Only if you program errors."


"Since when have I done that?"


"There may have been a few occurrences."


"May have been?"


"Well you did allow me to get Helen confused with Morgana."


"I didn't consider the possibility of such an occurrence."


"That may have been a program error."


"I don't consider that a program error."


"You may have classified that a program error."


"But you didn't know. Did you, Idiot?"


"It was classified as such in my memory, margin for error had been automatically assigned."


"Once recharged, we shall return to Artemis at my command. Verify that you will be at 100% operational ability."




"Upon return simulate that repair is being made unless appropriate security is satisfied. I intend to return to Earth from Artemis using a Xanadu to Flying Dutchman connection. We will publicly use the portals but will still use our independent means to a great extent."


"Dual existence?"


"It will present the illusion of dualism, but the function of the portal is to maintain the integrity and independence of your control system."




"Isis will observe that she's controlling my behavior because I move to and fro through her portals doing her bidding. In all actuality, I am free to act independent of her illusions and she is imprisoned in her own space, light years from Earth."


"By acting as her agent, you remove yourself from her suspicion?"


"I will never be free from her suspicion."


"She loves you intensely, Qblh." Helen entered the room. "All Amazons know that as fact. She will kill me if she finds me again. She knows how much I love you, and I will never be able to hide that from her if we ever meet again."


"She assures me that you are forgiven and are her Earth ambassadors."


"As are you?"


"Well, I could place you in another space and time. You can be beyond her reach."


"You would do that for me?"


"I have considered it."


"Antiope likes this day and age much more than I. I love Earth's beauties more than she. Perhaps you can sail me to another time and age. I've heard legends of a ghost ship. It's called the Flying Dutchman. Are those legends related to you, by chance? I've always felt they were, and I dream of you taking me back with you, my Qblh."


"Don't tempt me, Helen. For certain, I would ask you along for company. I trust you. I delight in your presence. And.... I love you, but,... don't ask for more than you're prepared to receive. The romance of adventure does not show the hidden pitfalls."


"John asks that you activate the portal so that he may come aboard," Genie announced.




John entered carrying a briefcase. Accepting Helen's embrace, he smiled at Jim."So she named you, Qblh. You have quite a future."


"Well I don't need to know about it. I'll find out in my own time."


"That's the spirit, son."


"Well, I certainly shall appreciate your offer of help. Genie has advised me of the anti-matter transfer that is to occur tomorrow. Why the public display?"


"To demonstrate to our friends what they themselves can learn to do. They understand the vast expanse of space, and need to understand somewhat that we don't transcend space and time by magic, but by the strength of carefully controlled actions. They must experience the same learning experience which we ourselves suffered in order to understand hyperspatial temporal displacement. You do remember how painfully difficult the subject material is."


"Yes, I remember."


"How did I put it, Idiot?"


"The progression from point (0-dimensional) to line (1-dimensional) to plane (2-dimensional) to space (3-dimensional) and beyond leads us to the question - if mapping from higher order dimensions to lower ones loses vital information (as we can readily observe with optical illusions resulting from third to second dimensional mapping), does our "fixation" with a 3-dimensional space introduce crucial distortions in our view of reality that a higher-dimensional perspective would not lead us to?""It leads some to eluded conceptions of time.""Yet the rate at which an area would change, in itself involves extended dimensional mapping as well; and the necessity for all independent dimensions to be completely orthogonal we have exponential time expansions defining the principles of unfolding space. Explosion of an area to three dimensional space is tantamount to the image of that area being transmitted at light velocity."


"Control of time needs to accurately describe hyperexponential linear temporal expansion of induced images."


"Yet Jim's dimensional mapping system allows Idiot to control dimensional translations and maintain a stable local gravitational field, the heart of the Box's control system."


"Except currently we need a slight power boost."


"Well son, I believe I can help.""


"The ten kilograms should be sufficient to start a good size chain reaction within your merkabbah."


Helen interrupted. "John could you possibly teleport the yacht back to Chicago so we don't have to fly in those awfully slow airplanes, and stay on board the yacht for your stay, perhaps refuel me as well, and dress up the interior somewhat. Unfortunately Jim's Box is not capable of giving me decent accommodations."


John winked at Helen. "Sure, sweetheart, but I have to leave tomorrow."


Helen blinked, scarcely believing her eyes. John had certainly improved his abilities. The yacht had been transformed instantly; almost before she had finished her request. She was totally enchanted by John's charm.


"Well, I believe we solved the mystery of the pyramids," John commented.


"Yes, but I don't understand why what we have created is not classified a paradox."

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