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Genie retrieved the information that the satellite was programmed to send by the Air Force. "Very interesting," Jim thought as he released the control of the satellite back to the Air Force. Evidently, this particular satellite happened to be an imaging satellite. Once decoded, the information yielded an informative photograph. He programmed Genie to do a scan of the satellites.


Genie responded, "The US Air Force will triangulate upon our position, because of my scan. Are you aware of this?"


"Yes, and for that reason, I need you to stay on full passive alert."


Jim exited Genie's control room into the van interior. "How's it going, Antiope?"


"Fine Jim, we think we've located a marina where we may be able to find a boat. We should be there in about two hours."


"Well, girls, we're now about to be tracked by the US Government. We're being spotted above via satellite, and will ultimately receive some form of response, so we must hurry through with our boat purchase and get underway. We are to give the impression that we are headed for Canada. Also, repel boarders and do what you wish with the captives."


They both beamed with delight. Jim promised them action today; even a man to ravish. The women were to be wild today. Jim knew they were in a good mood when they turned up the radio very loud blaring away rock and roll love songs.


Jim gave them each a gun, which Idiot had prepared for them for self-defensive capabilities. They pulled into a roadside store and bought some fireworks. The storeowner was very pleased with himself when they left and wondered how they fit all those fireworks in the van. Minutes later they were at the marina. Helen spotted a yacht to her liking that just happened to be for sale. Jim received an alert from Genie that an order from Washington had been sent to the local police to send some black and white units. Jim ordered Genie to suspend the scan. He then returned to the van and moved it out of sight of casual observers and overhead observation. He then directed Idiot to fold the van up into his belt. He walked back and joined the ladies at the marina.


They had managed to find someone who was in a position to sell the yacht that Helen liked. "How much ?" Jim asked. "And how soon can I test drive her?"


The merchant responded. "She's very expensive. We charter her at $100,000 per week. Your friends have good taste. $9,5000,000 is the buyer's price. I'm afraid we can't let you test drive her until we've received assurances that you are a qualified buyer."


"Qualified buyer?"


"Yes. Credit checks and the like, financing arrangements, etc."


"Financing? I'm feeling generous. $11,000,000 cash now and we test drive the boat at once. Helen, pay the man."


The merchants' eyes popped wide as Helen reached into her enormous handbag and pulled out $11 million in cash along with a few pieces of gold and waved it in front of the man. "I want to feel the waves beneath my boat now," she said forcefully. The merchant was not going to argue. He immediately ordered his help to prepare the boat; post haste. 


Within five minutes the lines were released as the 'Mermaid' was underway. The girls and the merchant waved good-bye to each other. The merchant was a very happy man.


Five minutes later, Genie showed Jim black and white units arriving at the Lake Michigan marina. He could see them headed for where he took the van. He chuckled to himself. He also saw another unit driving toward the merchant's office. The merchant's money was good, he thought. He had a bill of sale for the boat. Jim slammed on the throttle as he headed deeper into Lake Michigan. A helicopter would be sent next; he calculated. Jim removed his belt as it melted to acquire the form of the Mermaid. 


"Genie, modify this boat so we don't have to buy gasoline and get us out of the range of the local police. Continue the scan where you left off. Can you identify and acquire control of the satellite that is watching us?"


"Affirmative master." Idiot locked in on the appropriate satellites and showed Jim images of himself speeding away into the depths of Lake Michigan.


"I think they must be getting a little upset by now." Jim mused.


Chapter Twelve 

Cruisin' Part II

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