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The Magician

Chapter Two






"It is my belief that the Earth people may lack the necessary skills to see them through. Mutual mistrust could almost be linked to some of our past interference, and the conflicting belief systems that have evolved as they unsuccessfully try to understand our past involvement. It is quite possible that we were on the brink of paradox, and perhaps Pharos somehow created a catastrophe to obliterate all traces of our lost Earth civilization. I was curious and defaulted the Pegasus to arrive before the Great Flood. It seems that we may have caused it. I'm afraid to make another venture."


"Jim, you are such a coward. For better or for worse, Pharos created the problem, not you. I don't believe you are capable of changing history, Jim. You can only fulfill it. You are destined to make more journeys, and as your beloved, I know that I also shall always be involved. Besides, what are Mom and Dad doing now, but time traveling?""We don't know what they are doing, or where or when they are."


"I shall permit you to return to Earth, Jim, as my emissary."


Jim looked at Isis. He wondered now what she had in mind. He sensed his own lack of desire to go to Earth, now that she was sending him there as her agent. Undoubtedly, she expected him to feel this way. He accepted her offer. He had no choice but to accept. The queen was indeed very shrewd. Isis felt in full control again. She instructed Jim to prepare himself immediately and await her in the throne room. She then discussed court business with Sophia.


.Jim looked at his two new bodyguards. Both were stunningly beautiful, and they were twins. He could not tell them apart. With amazing synchronicity, they habitually moved in complete harmony with each other. They would often make moves to confuse him as to who was who, and they always dressed identically. They would take turns speaking, but sometimes they would speak together simultaneously speaking the same phrase exactly as each other. Telepaths, for certain. What one saw, the other knew as well. They did not need to speak to each other, but would do so for the sake of others present. They directed him towards his dressing chamber so that he could dress himself for court.


Saying nothing he donned his golden breastplate and crown. He then proceeded towards the throne room. As he left his chamber there were several detachments of the palace guard awaiting to escort him to the throne. Gemini and Gemini remained at his side at all times. The twins were also named the same.


As they marched down the palace corridors more and more congregated to get a glimpse of Jim as he returned to the palace to sit beside Isis. Gossip quickly spread concerning the recent exploitation of the royal family. Rumor had it that the prince had time traveled to rescue his beloved Isis.


The queen had prereleased the news of Jim's repatriation and their upcoming homecoming festivities. Remarkably enough only a few weeks had transpired upon Artemis since she had left. The population of Xanadu was fascinated with expectations concerning the tale of those who had returned from Earth.


Very little animosity remained concerning the previous battle between the queen's forces and Jim. The Amazon Queen loved the sport and she wished to confer him with great honor because of his victory over her. Because of this victory she would espouse herself to him and he would be pronounced her Equal. All due honor was to be given to Jim as he made his way through the palace.


Jim felt a little uncomfortable as everyone paid him the utmost respect as his procession made its way through the palace gardens. The fragrant aroma of Xanadu vegetation inflamed his senses with utter delight. He couldn't help but smile a little as he walked the golden pathway.


As the virgins gathered along the wayside, he began to realize that he was undoubtedly being taken to the Pleasure Dome this evening. Isis most certainly had something very pleasurable to grant him.


Jim's role in Artemis society had been greatly enhanced because of the twins. What had been promised, had been now delivered. He would now be parceled out to further establish his DNA links. Sophia had hand selected the virgins that Jim would be initiating this evening. Those that had been selected presented themselves to the procession as it made its way towards the palace. These nymphs would present themselves to Jim by dancing around him in a nuptial dance and then would flank his space as the procession continued along. Musicians of all forms gradually merged with the procession.


From her vantage, Isis remotely viewed the procession. She would send her instructions, recommendations, and reprimands instantaneously through her communication links. She was pleased with the way that her Equinox festival was going. Today she would present her offspring to Xanadu for the first time, and reveal the secret concerning the fact that these children had also been presented to Artemis in the past as well, mistakenly as Jim and Isis.


He thought a little about Helen, and Antiope also. He wanted to know how they were managing. He realized that he had promised them his time as well. Then Jim realized his position with the Earth people. He had now allied himself with the very forces that he had defeated. Perhaps, they felt that he had betrayed them. He hadn't saved them or had even helped them much. Perhaps some felt that being subject to Isis really wasn't that bad if Jim was willing to rule beside her. Perhaps Antiope and Helen would be better able to assess his popularity. Perhaps he wasn't popular at all, and the Earth people liked the women better after all. It had worked once before. Perhaps Isis was right. He caught himself being subject to her trickery again. Jim reminded himself that he must always remain on guard against her manipulative ability.


The crowd began to sing songs welcoming him back to Xanadu. He was their chosen son and Artemis demanded his seed to be sacrificed to her virgins. Jim was quite aware of the role he had to perform and dared not argue with Isis about it, especially while she was being so pleasant.


He kept glancing at Gemini 1 and Gemini 2 as they marched along. They showed no indication of any weakness, their bodies were perfectly proportioned, and he even felt intense pangs of desire for them both flowing through his blood. They would conveniently switch positions almost as an attempt to confuse others as to who was who. It worked quite well.


Gemini smiled at him and leaned over to give him a kiss. "We expect to be treated well, tonight," she whispered. "March along, sharply!" she snapped to all.


More and more spectators gathered to view Jim. Double files of guards kept the crowds from closing in to get a closer look. By the time the group had approached the Great Hall, all of the nobles of Venetia had gathered and were occupying their seats.


The procession stopped at the base of the great throne, as Jim,, and Gemini ascended to the throne itself.


Before seating, Jim turned and faced Venetia. He was aware of his upcoming coronation, and addressed the population of Xanadu and the Venetian Empire.


"We are all parts of one body, we have the same Spirit, and we all have been called to the same glorious future. For us there is only one life, one faith, one immersion, and we all have the same living waters flowing through us and there is an Abu, Who is over us all, and in us all, and living through every part of us.We will lovingly follow the truth at all times, speaking truly, dealing truly, and living truly. We shall all work together, each one of us in his own special way, including myself as I continue in my ventures beyond the event horizon through time, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love."


Jim seated himself on his throne and the guards took their position on either side of him. Once seated, the lights dimmed as all prepared for the queen's entry. Sophia then entered the court to announce the arrival of Isis. Word had quickly passed concerning her return and all understood that the court was to be held. All were gathered already to see their queen.

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