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Venetia is a site that shall always be under construction. This is a story meant for all kinds of readers. Follow the exploits of Jim and Isis as they encounter the planet Earth. Learn all about flying saucers and other exotic concepts. And yes, what is a web site without links? The added dimension of hypertext gives on-line literature a depth that could never be established using conventional methods. Enjoy the thrill of a promising future as we explore what can be possible. There is some very serious material in this site if you read between the lines. This story is dedicated to the ones that I love. I also would like everyone to know that I would be more than happy to set up links to their web sites within my novel. The primary function of my site is to present the story of Venetia. If you have found this site, then you know that you have stumbled across it most likely by accident, unless I invited you to view the site personally. I understand the difficulty of gaining readers on the web, but I also understand the power of the web through linking. If you would like me to link to your site, E-mail me with the URL of your site, and I will link to your site at a related site within my work. 






I do not wish to reveal too much as I do expect some of my material to perhaps be somewhat controversial, but I have tried to keep the material tame enough to be appreciated by younger readers without getting parents in a tiff. It is intended to be material that does not need to be censored, plus I do not need a problem with any of my network providers. This novel is interactive which means I can react to your questions. Try that with an ordinary book!


I have been involved in both the aerospace and the nuclear industry. I aim to encourage the imagination of my reader to actually think, "Yes, the stars are waiting for us to colonize." I want to see man venture beyond our native Earth. I want us to be fruitful and multiply. Earth's resources are limited. We must control our own growth and then perhaps we won't poison our own planet and perhaps be able to traverse to the stars. It is a dream that I am sure we all share. I am in the process of writing a sequel. I had originally written Venetia for traditional book publishing. My extended efforts resulted in the continued development of the story. The web seems to be a natural setting for this story. 



Lazarus Cain 

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