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John noticed that the Venetians were well hidden in the social infrastructure. He had no idea as to how many agents Isis already had earthside. If he found the ship, he would be able to stop the influx of any more.


By carefully probing earth's EMF emissions and selective transmission channel decoding capabilities, John was able to keep an eye on the progress of the yacht via satellite. He was also able to monitor some high level military Communications.



General Armstrong and General Needhymen were both at command headquarters when Norfolk was hit. The ensuing hours were complete panic and the generals ordered the base sealed off. The US would not act under the assumption that the forces involved in the attack were allied with the trio, nor would they assume that they had the same capabilities as Jim, Antiope and Helen. Both Generals considered the trio must have been friendly and could actually still be alive. 


An electronic communication was then ordered to be encoded and transmitted periodically to see if Jim was still around. The generals were fortunate to have photographs of Helen and Antiope. These had been taken by one of the sailors on the Lake Michigan cutter. Communications delighted the general when it was reported that the invaders were not interfering with their intelligence network. The initial reconnaissance photographs of Isis and her guards struck the entire general staff as more than a coincidence. A request was forwarded to Washington that an image of Jim was needed. Could Isis provide a photograph? En route to confer with the White House to discuss surrender conditions, Isis had her guards provide a picture of Jim to the military. Agents confirmed with the boat merchant that it was the same individual. When told that the trio had been killed, Isis laughed. "If you expect me to believe that, I'll surrender to you."


Her response shocked the general staff. She laughed at the evidence and remarked that he had teleported the yacht, just as he had teleported her Pegasus. The disappearing vans, she attributed to teleportation. She explained that Jim was a danger to them, and as a fugitive from her, full cooperation would be expected concerning his apprehension.


General Armstrong started to take a strong liking to this Jim. He also did not trust Isis one bit. The color of extreme danger is extreme beauty. These strange new aliens were the most attractive creatures he had ever seen. Yet there was much more here than the eye could behold. Norfolk burnt him deeply. These new invaders were most cruel and unforgiving. Several hours later, after a very intense morning, a deep silence and gloom fell upon all as they awaited word from the results of the meeting between Isis and the President. Complete despair and bewilderment fell upon all when they learned the news of the death of the President and the new White House directives.


General Armstrong had no great liking for his new boss, the ultra-liberal ex-Secretary of Health and Human Resources. It seemed that all those in line for the presidency had met with an untimely death until her. Was it a coincidence that Isis had murdered all those in line to the presidency, and had left a woman in charge. She apparently would rather surrender their freedom than let babies die in a pointless war, as she put it. Hostilities against Isis were ordered to cease. The General choked on his cigar. "No f..... way, " he shouted. He ordered a full security clamp down, and ordered all those that would support the new President to be placed under arrest. General Needhymen seconded the order. Oddly enough every man and woman in the command headquarters backed their general. 


The commanders resolved that they would pay lip service to their new commanding officer, and acted under an old war order that applied when their Commander-in-chief was passing an order under extreme duress. This information was transmitted over secure channels to key bases worldwide. Open resistance to the invaders was to be avoided at all costs. Orders were issued to keep an accounting for every observed alien. US Intelligence did not have a problem keeping tabs on the Amazons. Isis ordered the government to supply her soldiers with female servants. Each Amazon warrior had an American female military officer at her disposal.


General Armstrong prayed to his God to help him against Isis. He said, "Jesus, I know I'm a worthless sinner, but how can you expect me to serve this Isis. God, please, help us."


It was then that he was informed that Isis wanted transportation to Pearl Harbor, and he was requested to do a scan of the yachts in Honolulu harbor and do a comparison with the Mermaid. In a matter of minutes they spotted the Flying Dutchman. General Armstrong could scarcely believe his eyes when he looked at the close-up. It was them! General Needhymen decided he would catch the next jet to Honolulu, and assume direct command of Pearl Harbor. How convenient that Jim had ported the yacht right next to the US fleet. He was hiding right under their very noses. Teleportation, what a concept. Apparently Isis didn't have that capability and that was why she was after Jim. The man had guts, they knew it. One thing was for sure, this general wasn't going to put any of his forces between these two, Isis and Jim. Standing orders were issued to follow the yacht wherever it went. In response to command, General Needhymen informed Isis about their discovery of the yacht. He wondered how she knew the yacht was in Honolulu.


Early the next morning, General Needhymen at Hickam Air Force Base greeted Isis. The Flying Dutchman also cut loose the lines after Helen left to find Jim. Police notified the military immediately concerning the yacht's movement. The general took Isis to the Coast Guard station.


Leaving Isis aboard the Flying Dutchman, the general boarded a Coast Guard helicopter and had himself flown to Pearl. Two battle groups were ordered out to sea to parallel the yacht's course.


Chapter Twenty-Seven 

U.S.A. Under Isis

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