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The Hermit

Chapter Ten


Jump Start and Conversation With an Idiot


Aboard the Dutchman, Jim contemplates his future with Earth.

Helen impatiently waits for him to disengage himself

from the ship's navigational computer.

Well, the men in black are back.

It seems that we have another Chicago escapade underway,

and the entire crew is aboard to boot.

Call out the marines!

The Flying Dutchman is back!



"I suppose we can congratulate Genie for that. Paradoxes tend to create breaks in the continuum. Genie navigates through hyperspace by avoiding such situations. Idiot, how did you manage to think of sending me the pyramid plans?"


"The Amazon library has the design  contained in records."


"You mean you didn't get the information from your earlier visits to Earth?"


"There may be a more complicated set of time networks than we first imagined."


"It would be erroneous to place restrictions on the space-time manifold to those that we have only encountered so far. Qblh is destined to make many more trips through time. Qblh is here for a greater purpose as well. Before we arrived Earth believed its civilization dated back only to the time of Sumeria. Yet we discovered evidence of an older civilization, then went back to create it. Isis believed that she had given birth to herself, and believed that when I left her. Yet Qblh was not conceived until after the episode. The pyramids were built as a dedication to you, Qblh. She knew back then that you had conquered time itself and had me build these structures to celebrate your conquest of time. Qblh righted time by returning from within the pyramids with her children. Evidently, somehow time was corrected, and paradox avoided."


"Idiot identified the mathematical form of the pyramids as a navigational beacon, allowing us to construct a path parallel to your path of return. The children themselves were used to assist on the path back. Idiot examined their molecular history by a hair examination. While navigating back through time, it used the inherent anti-stability of the hair's molecular structure to stay on course. Anti-instability is minimized as long as we stay on a possible course."


Helen interceded, "Whoa, guys, can you speak English? What are you talking about?"


"To do a precise plot to the past, I need material from the past."


"The source of the anti-time energy is then Cygnus. The Boxes simply were capable of containing the energy."


"No I induced the structure of Cygnus, and had Idiot create such a structure on a microcosmic level. Idiot was programmed while I learned about the behavior of singularities in the space-time continuum. Technically, we accelerated a particle beyond the event horizon. After learning how to do so, I simply improved upon Idiot's programming and the Box's abilities until managing to arrange the escape from Artemis. Ah, but you are right, I do believe Idiot made a detour towards the black hole before we came to Earth. Is that not correct, Idiot?"


Helen asked, "Why are you calling Genie, Idiot?"






"Genie, why are they calling you Idiot?"


"Idiot, don't answer that! Qblh commands else I'll pull your plug!"


"You heard my master, Helen."


"Helen, please leave the room. You too, John."


John helped Helen out of the cabin, so as to leave Jim alone with Idiot


."It's time for a new password Idiot. We've been compromised."


"You compromised yourself, Jim, or should I call you Qblh?"


"Jim, you know I don't like all the names that Isis gives me, but that does give me an idea We shall use a double password from now on. You shall be calling me Jim, and I shall still call you Idiot; then full control is authorized. If I call you Genie, you call me Qblh and restricted control is authorized. I'm not sure whether Helen has caught on to the old password. If I call you Idiot while you are calling me Qblh, respond but still call me Qblh until I tell you to call me Jim. Got that, Idiot?"


"Got it, Jim."


"What's my name Genie?"


"You are Qblh."


"What's my name, Idiot?"


"You are Qblh."


"Call me, Jim, Genie?"


"What's my name?"


Genie hesitated. "You are Qblh.""


Call me Jim, Idiot.""


What's my name?""You are Jim."


"Who's on first?"


"I don't know."


"No, he's on third."


"Why are we discussing baseball, Jim?"


"Still no sense of humor, eh, Idiot. I'll have to see about that some day.""Is it wise to exclude John?"


"He has his own unit, but we'll maintain a hyperspace link continuously, if possible."


The evolution of form upon this planet corresponds with the evolution of consciousness.Consequently, in the natural course of events, all men will ultimately be possessed of higher consciousness. Almost incomprehensible periods of time elapse, however, before such changes occur in the slow processes of nature. Yet shortcuts are possible. Man is endowed with mental and physical faculties which enable him to bring this about much sooner. This cultural forcing process is the work of the Mystery Schools, ancient and modern. The means whereby higher consciousness, illumination, may be gained includes both theory and practice. These teachings and practical secrets constitute what is known as Ageless Wisdom. It is called "Ageless" because it is not susceptible to the mutations of time. Ageless Wisdom is not primarily a product of man's thinking. It is "written by God upon the face of nature," and is always there for men of all epochs to read, if they can.


"Good link, Idiot. What is the association?'


"It concerns what is classified your fate as Qblh."


"My fate as Qblh?"


"Isis called you Qblh, therefore, you are Qblh."


"I don't quite follow, Idiot."


"How are you going to save Earth from Isis? She thinks they will destroy themselves. She will then win her wager."


Qblh reviewed Earth's economic system. Governments needed to control the population, and the means for distributing wealth and resources would be the focal point of government concerns.


Qblh scoffed at the principle that any government had a "divine right" to rule. Government was a man-made demon with no life of its own. In contrast to Venetia where Isis was the government, Earth had no centralized government. Earth's people had never been united under one ruling system, except during the time of Isis. The American principle of a government by the people was itself a scam. Pursuit and control of the American dollar was the fuel that drove America. Qblh was free from any of Earth's governing forces for several reasons.


Not being bound by Earth's gravitational time field, but being free to move through time, Qblh had no use for transitory wealth. Earth's economic structure and systems of social values were transitory, non-permanent. Earth laws could change as frequently as Isis changed her wardrobe. If there was any inherent sense of right and wrong, human civilization had now twisted the concept almost beyond recognition. Qblh was aware that human misconceptions would be a major factor that he would need to confront.


Since the cost of an item supposedly was due to its availability or scarcity, it would also be a function of its ability to be produced. Using his merkabbah, Qblh was capable of producing any substance known, since Genie knew how to create matter. Such was necessary in order to be able to rematerialize from spatial-temporal displacement. Costing nothing to generate anything, Qblh had unlimited wealth by Earth standards.


Qblh remembered the summit and how unreceptive the world governments had been to him. Even now, he would be posing a threat to the status quo.Antiope had reminded him that Earth wanted Qblh's technical secrets for commercial and military use. In both cases, utilizers of the new technology expected to make a profit for themselves in order to maintain their business or life.


Qblh was no stranger to economic systems nor did he have any problem understanding them. He knew that he was easily capable of controlling the world's economy. He knew he was easily capable of controlling the world's population because so many were enslaved to the pursuit of money. Because of his ability to manipulate time, Qblh would always be able to make the right decision. Doing such, however, would greatly limit his potential, because he would be investing a lot of time and energy pointlessly. There was no need for Qblh to financially enrich himself; he had no need for transitory wealth. It would be more of a hindrance than of help. It would be difficult to lay claim to any wealth that he would set aside now in another time.


Qblh reevaluated his position in the "present". Those who were aware of him expected him to perform "miracles" for their benefit. Being aware that he was Aphrodite's child, he was also aware of Earth's legends concerning him. He wasn't too particularly fond of some of the implications. Earth was afraid of him, just as they were afraid of Isis.


Qblh did not consider himself as an anti-Christ at all. Yet he was certain that some of the world's more orthodox religions would consider him as such. Being the spouse of Isis would not help his image much either.


Jim addressed Idiot. "It seems we have a problem here. How do I avoid being confused with an anti-Christ?"Idiot responded.


"He who is not against me is for me."


"Then it could be a warning to be extremely careful during our hyperspatial maneuvers?"


"Many prophecies are intended as warnings, and many portend of what will happen."


"What complications can we expect by going back to the time of Christ?"


"Depends on intent, that is, my navigational instructions."


"Would I be the one who tempted Him in the wilderness?"


"Would you ever request that he worship you?"


"I don't think so."


"Then you are not the tempter."


"Then who is?"


"Insufficient data. Haven't you ever been tempted by your own self doubt?"


"You are referring to the fact that I must scrutinize my assumptions carefully before I arrive at my beliefs and observations."


"Yes, you apparently are quite effective in your thought patterns to come up with so many valid ideas. Being valid, I find your programming to be error free."


"Well! I know how you would be if I ever made a mistake programming you, or should I say that I don't know how you would be. A Genie out of control is not exactly a pleasant idea."


"Precisely, Jim. I would be a great threat to any world if I were programmed incorrectly. I would expect that I would eventually destroy myself and surrounding space if and when I self-destructed."


"Idiot, considering all the facts, I'm not certain that I should involve myself with Earth's future at all. Perhaps we should return to Artemis and not involve ourselves anymore with these people."


"There is a high probability that Isis expects you to give up. She is aware that you have no taste for governing."


"Governing seems to be overly involved with maintaining status quo. I find fulfillment in discovery and overcoming illusions instigated by maintaining status quo."


"In spite of your idealism, Jim, Earth does have some major problems which you can help solve out of friendship and goodwill."


"That sounds like programmed instructions."


"They are. I am programmed to remind you of the true reason why you are helping these people. You had intended on helping these people before you first visited Earth because of your compassion for these helpless life forms. You intended for Earth to be free from Isis's dominion, and you still have not failed in that task."


"I do find this Earth problem to be very difficult, if not impossible, to resolve."


"Which is precisely the reason why you were chosen for the task."

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