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The Fool

Chapter One




Isis smiled back at Jim. "That is amazing, Jim. The transition is instantaneous. You're correct. Your Box is much better for time travel than the Pegasus. Where is it?"


"Unfortunately, darling, the unit is damaged and must be repaired


“Truly?? Your brainchild??"

Well I'm sure it can work in the future quite well. As much as I hate to admit . I shall simply have to give up on my attempts to steal your Genie and Box. But if you dare give anyone else the secret, you must then share it with me, agreed?"


"Do I have your word on that, my queen?"


"Look at it from my point of view. You certainly can't expect me to allow you to release this technology to any other agents."


"Foreign, my lady? I thought you ruled all."


"Don't give me that, Jim."


"Are we being demanding and quarrelsome, Isis?"


Isis scowled at Jim. He never called her by name, and he knew that it infuriated her.


"What is that supposed to mean?"


"Ask me that same question tomorrow, if you still want the answer. You're home, my love. Don't you think you may want to catch up on city affairs?"


Ching and Jan were thrilled with their new environment. Jan exclaimed. "What a wonderful bedroom, mother, is this yours? What kind of room do we have?"


Isis glanced at he children as she watched them explore her chamber. She called the children to her side and dismissed Jim.


"If you want to go play, be my guest, but don't take my Pegasus. I know how to fly her now, and I won't need you to drive anymore."


"Well don't expect me to teach you how to fly the Box, because I'm not going to show you."


"Oh Jim, your principles deprive you of so much enjoyment."


"Enjoyment could be considered an illusion, I could delude myself into enjoying just about anything or the opposite."


"Can't you come up with a new toy for our children?"


"Let the children create their own toys."


"By the way, Jim. When are we?"


"Ask your astrologers. Genie, page Sophia and show yourself."


With that, an Earth form of a genie appeared from a puff of smoke before Isis, Jim and the children.


"What is your wish, master."


"I wish you to entertain the children."


"By your command."


The children eagerly followed Genie out of the chamber for a palace tour.


"Why Jim that's perfectly splendid. No wonder you call it Genie."


"It's the acronym for general electronic nexus information exchange, Genie for short. It's my software collection and more."


"And you've placed your mark referring to your affairs with that planet Earth."


Sophia arrived. "Your majesty! I don't believe it, and you're with him, and the children ... they are such darlings! Can I have the court throw a reception to receive you? We can all be assembled by midday."


Startled by Sophia, Isis shocked herself into resumption of royal command. "Sophia, give me news, and any word of the invasion."


"Invasion, my grace? All members of the fleet were captured by his highness and returned to Xanadu via the portal. All ships were destroyed. Earth is still presumed to be an independent planet."


Isis glared at Jim. "How were the ships defeated, Sophia?"


"All reported that the Pegasus was used in the assault. The Pegasus would relocate in the vicinity of a cruiser to deliver a mortal blow. All of us had presumed ourselves as good as dead, before we suddenly found ourselves in Xanadu on the other side of the portal. Apparently, he destroyed the ship and teleported us away before the actual explosion. How did you do that, Jim? I'm impressed."


Jim shrugged. "Is there any point in future invasion attempts?"


"Beloved, I can most certainly rule them better than they rule themselves."


"You are too arbitrary and unforgiving."


"I am firm and fair."


"Your rules are based on meaningless rituals and false assumptions."


"The rituals remind them of their lessons, the assumptions are the predominant beliefs of the masses which I must interact with in order to control my empire. Humans, I discovered, take quite well to rituals. Rituals bring them together and teach them a sense of community interest. Jim, your political assumptions are quite naive. You choose to avoid your destiny to rule our empire and are avoiding your responsibilities which I alone must assume. You rationalize your inability to rule as some form of virtue. True, you are a genius with machinery of all sorts, but you have no common sense. Go play, Jim. I have affairs of empire to attend to. I've seen enough of Earth now to be fully aware of their weakness. I challenge you to prove to me that they can rule themselves effectively. I judge they shall obliterate themselves within a few decades. If this happens you must consent to allow me to use your Box and take the planet at the time I see fit. Sophia, witness the response of my beloved."

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