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Chapter XLII

The Six of Cups



The Six of Cups is Pleasure –

 no better place for the waters of emotions than in the well

balanced harmony of Tiphareth



Hello, My Love



Say gooodby to Earth as we know it for a while,

and let us see how the rich and famous truly would like to live.

Yes, ever billionaire would love to have a starship such as the Pegasus,

my girlfried eyes a Hollywood hunk as a natural for Jim,

Harrison Ford is too old now,

and Willian Shatner as Jim ( interesting! ), but talk about too old. 

As a kid liked to model Jim after James Bond.

He  really sort of evolved out of Superman,

a mix of the Flash,

and of course the Invisible Man. 

Jim is only the product of a child's mind.

a hero which the kid wants to grow up to become,

and Isis? 

Well, all men know what she represents,

and accordingly the wives despise her, or do they?

And there just is not a movie star who looks good enough to play the role.

  Of course Ursula Andress of She definitey is an inspiration,

but like Sean Connery, she too is a little old. 

She represents feminine power in its purest form.

Does she exist? 

Hardly, anymore than A Venus,


or any other mythological goddess does except in the mind of man or a child.

The child idolizes the mother;

this I believe is the root of goddess worship.

Is it wrong? 

Right or wrong does not necessarily apply,


the recognition of those forces which have power over us is relevant,

and at times it is important ot be able to pin point the cause of these influences.

We have evolved beyond goddess worship,

because it is so close to worship of the flesh,

but there is still mystery here.

A more fascinating story comes to mind

as we consider the significance of the story of Adam and Eve

There are many fantastic ways to try to explain the missing link.

Composing this story is difficultat times, because

it is necessary that I give justice to the legends as I narrate along. 

I can hardly presume to be the truth-bearer,

just a tale-teller.

Yet all good tales love to resemble the truth in some way or other.

Temptation, deception, enticement, seduction;

these things men associate with the dream woman;

but men know these tricks as well. 

Whatever is it that prompts these desires in men?

Is it small wonder that we assign these qualities to our female heroine.

Yes, one could consider her as that,

for in spite of being Jim's rival

and perhaps slightly evil from Earth's point of view,

even though they love her,

she still has a character which is difficult to criticize.

What mystery about her attrats men?

I at first had Madonna in mind, Material Girl,

when I began to compose ths character,

but my dear woman developed into much more than that,

also I fond many of the femals singers of today inspie new additions to her character.

Even going GAGA over her perhaps!

  So if these characters appear to be somewhat too idealistic to be real,

please remember this is  a fairy tale,

and they are meant to look that way.

Yes, maybe it is  a little too Disney,

but her references to our sex may be considered a litle too much for the minds of minors,

and definitely is not Disney.



"Is that you, Genie?  And is Qblh nearby?  It seems that I have finally found you.  I knew you were here.  Summon Qblh for me now!  She struck her royal sword to the ground and summoned her lord.  I call thee Qblh, come before me from the shadows."


Idiot was not programmed to deceive and it answered affirmative on both counts.  It was at this point that Qblh entered through the portal.


"Hello, my love?  Need any help?"


Isis was delighted to see him and immediately rushed to embrace him. 


"I love you so much, my Qblh.  Forgive me.  Shaltain deceived me."


Jim did not want to discuss these things with her.  Who was at fault did not matter at this point, and he would need her full cooperation to simplify his efforts.  The less conflict, the better.  The effects of the ambrosia also had to be considered, and Jim knew that as soon as he was in her presence that his resistance would be overwhelmed.  Idiot had been programmed to go into a partial shutdown mode until Jim was free of the effects of the ambrosia.  This would prevent Isis from exerting her chemical influence on Jim to cause him to make unwise navigational decisions.  He knew he was going to find himself in her bedchamber and was prepared for the inevitable.  First, there would be the courting games, as she would entice concessions from him.


"It is mighty convenient that I had a complete system failure just prior to your arrival.  I am led to believe Jim that this is your doing."


"And what would you have done, if you had caught me instead of me capturing you, my dear?  This time you are my prisoner on board your own flagship.  What good is your empire, if you can never make it back?  I trust that the primitive Earth beneath you will be not quite receptive to your dominion if you have no power."


"I shall always have power over all creatures so long as I live.  Surely you would not leave me to have my way with Earth.  You must take me back Jim.  It is I who have found you, and it is you who are my prisoner.  You will always know that you are mine, and you can never escape me.  Return me to Artimas my love, and I shall indeed decommission the Shaltain unit, but are you willing to give me Genie in return?  I like your Genie so much better than Shaltain.   I find its frankness and impertinence amusing.  I keep forgetting that these artificial intelligence's are nothing more than machines, and a better one can always be built.  Promise me that you will give me a replacement for Shaltain which has a character like Genie."


"Clone Genie?  Now that is an interesting topic, but Isis, it is not that simple."


"Call me Isis no longer, my Qblh.  I am aware of how that name disturbs you.  I am your sister, your love, your blood.  I am you, just as you are in me.  I can feel your hurt and I can sense your joy.  Let the others call me by whatever name they revere me, but you my love are inseparable from my own soul.  I am bound by my nature to cling to you always, and you will never escape me.  My priestesses have advised me the time is ripe to breed again.  Here you stand before me, my darling.  Now you must find your way back to the Pleasure Dome where you belong, and you must return me to my throne, but not until you have spent the aeons in between pledging your unfailing love for me.  Once back at the Dome I expect you to fulfill your troth to my virgins, and you shall join me again; and perhaps....countless times in between.  I shall honor your God as my own, and I will not place myself above him.  This I shall do in return for your love, because I do respect your judgment, and all that are subject to me shall respect your judgment as well."


Jim was uncertain what to think.   Isis never lied and here she was telling him what she thought or knew that he wanted her to promise.  What was she not saying, and what did she mean by the aeons in between?  Was she willing to abdicate her throne to Xiang and Xuang?  Jim knew better than to second guess Isis and asked her what she wanted him to call her.


"To Artemis I am Isis, to you my Adam, I am Eve."


"Well then you are aware that we are banished from Earth.  We have too much knowledge, and men must be spared of any further involvement by us."


"Banished never to return?  And what of our home in the future?"


"That is our time, and that is where we belong."


"Then you will stay by my side then?"


"Give up your Earth ambitions?"


"Qblh, the damage has been done.  We are part of their history, both of us."


"Both of us?"


"Yes ,we have set up others as kings for my queens, and they have a most profound influence on Earth history.  Semiramis is my best.  Would you like to meet her?  Yes, I shall have to slate some of your time for her as well.  Unfortunately her son died.  We have been very unsuccessful with our Earth crossbreeding experiments.   Many turn out to be emotional monsters.  The offspring always seem to be regressions of monsters that we have taken great pains to weed out in our genetic engineering efforts.  It seems that these creatures always have greater intelligence than their Earth cousins, but the very primitive genetic makeup of the inherited body rejects the spirit over its own passions.  The humans have absolutely zero resistance to ambrosia, and it kills them much quicker than our hardier future subject species.  Do you have any idea why this is so?"


"Evidently, our genetics destabilizes the genetics of the hybrid offspring.  It is my thinking that we are their descendants.  If so, we, being evolved creatures of their future, would have a regressed offspring if we crossbred.  This may partially explain your instinctive desire to rule Earth.  We, by time traveling, may just be traveling into our own past as well.   This may be why Genie is able to find a route here."


"So you don't have full control as to which way your Genie goes next?"


"Yes, I have full control.  We just don't know in advance what we will decide to do.  That is a decision of the moment."


"Of course.  How silly of me to forget.  Have you not missed me?  Look into my eyes, my love.  Spirit of the sky, remember.  Spirit of the earth, remember."


"Now, Isis don't go casting your spells on me."


"You are always under my spell."


"You really believe that?"


"You are so fiercely independent.  I love that in you."


Presently the effects of the ambrosia lingered in the background as it started to tax Jim's resistance.  Fortunately, Genie recognized this fact and immediately stood down operations, and all warp drives immediately died. 

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