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Chapter Twenty-One




Decisions, Decisions

OK, it seems we're about to get started here.

Jim's time machine is all charged up and ready to go.

Shall we consider the state of the Earth before we make a jump back in time;

and what kind of surprises should we expect

when Jim returns to the present 

after he makes his excursion to the past.

Some of this material may be too intense for minors

or others that are easily offended.



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Reading this story may lead to the desire to know more.

It shouildn't even be posted.

But someone stole these files from my computer

before I had a chance to copyright them.

Woe is me!

Now I'll never get rich!

Stolen from the files of Lazarus Cain by a no good thief :)

and then placed on the net using the Cain account.

Such an outrageos scoundrel and impostor.

Sometimes nothing is sacred


Waitaminnit now, yer tellin me it was CAIN in the cave, and not LAZARUS?

But then who killed SETH and buried him up in The Garden?


Some infidel I bet!

Time traveller no doubt

. Maybe it's that guywho kept changing his name from SON OF MAN



King Yen's Version Copyright 00:26 1august97.

Count of Counts, Host of Hosts.



"I'm only dangerous if crossed, and your own inability to create the solution in this region you excuse away by saying only God can create peace in this region. You effectively give up trying to create a workable solution by claiming only a divine, perfect intelligence is capable of solving what you practically recognize as an impossible problem to solve. I'm not God, but I do see a solution, but it is going to make as obsolete some outdated and antiquated religious beliefs."


"Damn it, Jim. You scare me. Tampering with religious beliefs is a very dangerous thing to do."


"I am fully aware of the problem."


"Can't you spare me some details as to your plans?"


"Plans have to be worked out, and I don't know the details until they have actually been formulated."


"Good grief! You're winging it! Well be careful then. We will have to officially disavow any involvement that we may have with you. You are on your own and we can not politically support any negotiation terms that you may offer either side, since we have no knowledge of your intent."


"Which is the way I want it."


"Precisely, Jim! Go Kick Ass! I not only trust you, but I am cheering you, in spite of what my Miss Perfect boss thinks. I know the only reason I have this job is because of your support. I would have been fired months ago, if it weren't for you. My thanks again."


"It was on account of me that she fired you in the first place."


"Just remember she was willing to compromise our freedoms to the arbitrary rules of Isis. She is just as willing to compromise concerning the Arab-Israeli problem so as to keep our fragile economy stable."


"Well then, General, I suppose it is vital for you not to publicly acknowledge my presence here. Helen is going to Jerusalem as a representative of Antiope Industries. Antiope Industries plans to make a strategic investment in this region. I am acting as her mercenary bodyguard. I'll have Genie shoot you some relevant information concerning my cover."


"Jim, if you need any help on your impossible mission, just let me know. I'll give you as much help as I can muster."


"That's what I like about you, General. I can always count on your help."


"Not always, Jim; just as long as I believe you are doing the right thing."


"Well perhaps you can convince the Israeli government to show a little more latitude towards the Palestinian people and ease up on travel restrictions, suspicious detentions, and human rights violations."


"They insist they are doing nothing wrong and are only safeguarding their own safety."


"Government always justifies imposing upon individual freedom using the premise that they are safeguarding public safety. Government is always willing to sacrifice the rights of a few for the convenience of the many. Actually it is far too expensive to develop good systems, and we must compromise quality at the expense of a few innocent victims.......Yes! We must crucify Christ so that the world can live. Is that it?"


"Whoa, Jim! Don't start putting words in my mouth. It is quite apparent to me that you have a good handle on the situation over there. I'll explain to the Israeli government that you are not a threat to them, and they have my personal guarantee that you will not be involved in any terrorist activities. That seems to be their prime concern."


"Your definition of terrorist is vague at times, General. I can't promise you that I won't be considered a terrorist, but I will tell you that I will not physically harm a living soul. I can't promise that I'm not going to hurt some feelings here and there."


Qblh was finished with his discussion with General Armstrong. He sensed he would have to distance himself from the major US policy makers somewhat in order to appear fair and equitable to the rest of the world. Genie alerted Jim to the time left before 100% charge. Helen would not have much time to evacuate back to the yacht to make the displacement. Qblh needed ground air support.


"General, I need a secure helicopter ride from Jerusalem to my yacht. Can you secure me one, or do I need to use my own resources, which I don't want to do, in order to avoid excessive publicity."


Being fully aware of the excitement which Jim could create because of his extraterrestrial technical expertise, General Armstrong decided to be more than cooperative.


"Why don't you suggest to Antiope to buy a certain helicopter company. I can have our CIA operatives to negotiate the purchase while you make the drive. Do you need a pilot?"


"No, I'll be the pilot." Helen volunteered to fly the chopper.


Abdul winced thinking about the remarkable talents of this blonde beauty. He fantasized making love to her.


"Patch me through to Antiope."


"What is the code?"




General Armstrong called up his link to the Flying Dutchman and entered the password, "Theseus".


Antiope joined the on-line party. "Hello, General. How did you get through on this channel? I was expecting Jim."


Antiope could see on her console that General Armstrong was placing a call on Jim's communication channel


."I'm on-line, Antiope. How are you doing?"


"I am having total fun with this market " she said. "We closed the day by protecting ourselves with purchase of puts and an equal amount of call sales. Any more games by the market, will increase my profits more. I only stand to gain nothing if the price of the stock remains stable, and Genie assures me that it can maintain price stability at this level indefinitely. I shall lose all our put purchases, unless another sellout is prompted."


"I'm sure a sell-off will be prompted when the public learns of your plans to build a fusion power plant in Jerusalem."


Antiope responded. "A fusion power plant? I never made any plans for a fusion power plant."


General Armstrong caught on immediately. "Jim, you have got to be crazy! You can't build a nuclear power plant there. That has to be the most ludicrous idea, I have ever heard of!"


Ignoring the general's comments, Helen relayed to Antiope Jim's wishes. "Antiope we need for you to get some important local investors together at the Jerusalem Hilton immediately. We need you to buy a helicopter outfit and give us a ride back to the yacht. Jim has a plane to catch, and he can't be late. General Armstrong has promised any logistical support."


"I didn't say that."


Antiope acknowledged Helen's directive. "I was getting bored anyway. The market has long since closed, and after market activity has been somewhat boring. I'll get right on it. I know some good contacts, and I'm sure the general can give me a few more, can't you, darling?"Smiling into her screen, the general clearly perceived that Antiope knew that she would get from the general whatever cooperation she asked for. Qblh had unquestionably endorsed the meeting and would be clearly in control of any proposed Antiope Industries future contracts and construction projects. Certainly, it would be imperative for the General to encourage the Israeli's to get some high powered individuals to the hotel to listen to what Helen would be proposing.


"I suppose I could," he meekly admitted.


Jim signaled for the call to end. "Good-bye, General, it seems that our Israeli captain needs his communicator back."


Helen terminated the call and handed back the unit. Abdul then continued on the way making good time all the way to Jerusalem. Helen masqueraded each checkpoint passage with a publicly seen bribe, thereby keeping undercover the true purpose of their journey. Qblh took in the countryside with his acute perception. Helen was kept entertained as Genie would act as a tour guide keeping her well-informed by calling up graphical links relevant to each region as they passed through.


Antiope called a fellow by the name of Moshe Malke in Tel Aviv and managed to get him scurrying off to Jerusalem.


During the drive Jim interfaced with Genie to gather intelligence on the region. It was quite clear that unreasonable expectations were being demanded just for the asking. Some people would just never learn, and did not seem to care about how much hate and discontent they could create to insist on their own fantasies on how things ought to be for them. Jim was aware of the Palestinian threats against the US, yet he had advised the Americans that this was not their concern. The American investment interests required stability in the area. But stability at what price; to recognize the Palestinian interest as their holy right?.


Qblh was considering the abolishment of the death penalty on Earth with the establishment of the new order of Earth self-government. Such would require a certain amount of peace and stability, yet if a terrorist is motivated by a holy mission to drive foreigners away from "his land," then it seemed the only way of stopping him from killing himself and others again is to attack the root of his belief. Qblh reflected upon his own execution of the hundreds of treacherous Earthlings who were willing to betray their planet. He had used Earth's law to justify the executions, but he also was protecting his own interests by instilling fear in any who would oppose him. He realized then that he had weakened his position seriously by doing so; he would be unable to resolve this conflict because he had blood on his hands. He sensed the future and realized his own flaws. The need to go back in time was now not a matter of personal preference; it was a necessity. All the good he could do now was moot, because of the worthless traitors.


What could he have done? Should he have taken away the weapons and slapped them on the hands, as Helen had done with the Gaza boys. Perhaps he should have. To show mercy would gain more trust than to exact vengeance. To show mercy to these Palestinians they would have to accept the principle of mercy. Flashing through his brain were thoughts about the King of Israel and the Messiah. Qblh became caught up in the thinking of the time, and was fascinated by the predictable blunders that were so prevalent in this region. Idiot was able to accurately cross reference New Testament scripture as an optimal belief system that made the most sense, and diagnosed Jim as making a valid decision concerning his faith.


What to do when those who accuse others of infidelity, are themselves unfaithful to Christ? They have chosen death over life. Jim was attempting to master life and so far had been doing a pretty good job. If his opposition could not be dissuaded by being shown the truth, then he would let them condemn themselves in their untruths and not help them. As a result of the world's true attitude towards God, the world would have to suffer the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Fringing between the secular and the divine, the conflict was a symptom of the dual nature of man.


YAOHUSHUA desires men to choose him by free will and not by force of law. The world had rejected its Messiah and crucified him. How could the faith of man ever be unified and without conflict. Man has a tendency to choose evil over good, because it is so difficult to be right. The rules of probability will have man doing the wrong thing 99% of the time if he doesn't know the correct course of action.


Jim could see the erroneous thinking amongst the leaders of the region, but the bases for these lines of thought were deeply entrenched in customs and beliefs. And the rituals, Jim hated rituals. Yet Jim had to recognize God's will and leave men to choose their own faith. Well Jim could allow them all the freedom of thought they wished; if they couldn't face reality that was their problem. He would allow the unfaithful to stew in their own juices and live in their own hell. They would be cut off from salvation by their own stubborn hearts. So willing to trust no one, they will never trust their savior.


Qblh resolved that the Palestinians would have to live under Israeli rule for a few moments longer..


The Israeli people would be forced to integrate their cultures into one under a Christian and democratic regime after both parties agreed that the crucified Christ should be recognized as the truth bearer. Individual Israelis would not be forced into accepting this belief system, but would be allowed to cling to the customs of their ancestors. At issue would be the authority of the law under who the people would live. They would still have a democracy and be free to create their own economic policies, but the policies would have to be maintained under one administration.


Qblh decided to keep the Christ issue discrete as he would privately deal with those that opposed him. Qblh did not want to command Earth on a day by day basis, but felt that the teachings of a simple man who walked the Earth two thousand years ago would be sufficient. What could Qblh do but reaffirm what had already been said?


Jim knew that they were not going to listen to him in Jerusalem. Earth would not listen to him. Americans were somewhat compliant with his wishes because they had learned to trust him only because of his miracles, but they were keeping that absolutely secret at Jim's request and efforts.


To govern effectively; one needs to minimize all means of government devices to maximize ease and efficiency. Qblh did not want to govern, so he would see in place an economic system that would work. Antiope Industries would provide jobs and power. A universal education could facilitate cooperation between the two ethnic groups. Learning to live together under one government and one economy would make the Israeli people more tolerant of the Palestinians who would want an Israeli job. Seeking a prosperous Israel requires unification and not division. Religious tolerance would have to be absorbed by both peoples who have a history noted for being stubborn. Jim explicitly warned the US president to stand actively behind a unified and integrated democratic Israel under which Jew, Arab, and Palestinian could live together as Christ would have intended. If they refused to cooperate for this reason, then Qblh may have to let Isis deal with them.


However, Qblh was still certain that he could win this latest challenge that Isis had given him. She would not have Earth, and Earth would be a free and sovereign world, and would be given permission to expand to the stars.


Seeing that the Earth people could tolerate other kinds without hatred, jealousy, contempt or other symptoms of prejudice, the Earth culture would pose no threat to her empire and she could allow it to act independently. Qblh then as Earth guardian would not have to govern the planet, and instead he would be free to do other things at his pleasure.


So far Qblh and John were relatively unknown to the public. Antiope and Helen would always draw the limelight when either of the two went public, and very few seemed to notice the men. Jim also was not very talkative or friendly with strangers. Jim was always preoccupied with some problem or other in his mind as he deliberated the future. Jim seemed to be somewhat interested almost drawn to the mystery of Jerusalem. .


Idiot was soon to go critical which had multiple possible ramifications."Jim."




"I am getting some very strong flux streamlines converging from our future. We are going to have a black hole collision."


"A streamline collision is a singularity convergence, which means we are going to have to share our inertial frame of reference at light velocity."


"This is correct Jim, and the Ark of the Covenant is a waypoint for the source of the streamline flux. We are being drawn towards it because of my field generators building up in power."


"Yes, apparently as your manifolds fill, the massive quanta trapped at light velocity is inducing a very intense local temporal disturbance which is being interfered with by this Ark. This does not surprise me. We are on course, Idiot. How is Helen doing?"


"I am doing fine, Jim. This isn't what I expected as a date, but I do find this very adventurous, and I don't mind roughing it at all. I do not understand what this Ark is; can you enlighten me?"


Jim was uncertain as to what to tell Helen. His adventures in the past would not be involving Helen with the Israelites. He also could not allow her to be too knowledgeable about such issues lest she talk about them. Jim did a private link with Idiot to confirm his instinct about keeping Helen in the dark. Idiot's response was short. "Helen does not have need to know."


"We are just discussing a navigational equinoctial hyperspatial temporal junction singularity which has an ability to restructure our hyperspatial inertial gravitational potential in a manner covariant with....."


"Oh shut up Jim, I don't need to know. Talk to your Idiot. I'm sure I do not know what you are talking about when you are talking to it. You sound like an idiot yourself."


"Brief me some more concerning this discovery."


Idiot interacted with Jim revealing to him rumors of Mt. Sinai, the Red Sea crossing, the location of Noah's Ark, and the Ark of the Covenant. Noah's Ark, yes I remember him, where?"


"There is an archaeological site in Turkey."


"Do we have a flood date established?"


"No, but there were one or two extra generations before the flood after your departure."


"Links to us?"


"You aren't specifically identified, but certain influences seemed to have permeated. It seems the fact that you are not native to Earth allowed us to smash the Earth time barrier. Our molecular structure did not have an Earth history so we were able to survive some of the extreme gravitational fluctuations of the displacement. I am afraid we can take no passengers to the past other than Helen and Antiope."


"What makes you think I planned on taking passengers?"


"There is a high probability that you will be asked, and I just thought that you might need to know a good answer."Jim lied, "Thanks Genie, I knew that, but thanks for reminding me."


Idiot managed to show Jim some documents from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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