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Chapter XLVI

The Ten of Cups









The waters are resting in their final grounds.



"Thank you, dear sister, for enlightening me so.  I would have never realized that if you hadn't told me." 


He was mocking her.  She had given him that same line countless times before.


"I just wished to remind you how things are and always will be, my love.  I don't want you to start assuming things that are not true or can never be true."


"Since when have you needed to correct my assumptions, my love?"


"I simply said that I didn't want you to get started.  If I don't continuously remind  you, it seems that you will tend to forget  some of the more important things."


"Such as your will?"


"And what is my will, at the present, my love, but the waters of your current emotions?  Why do you resist me?  You know how much I missed you, and how much I want you.  Feel the warmth within my breast as I take your hand and place it on my heart.  Can't you feel the passion within me ebb within your blood?


You have brought the Light to myself and Earth and can emerge powerful enough to take over the darkness once again. You now have enough wisdom and strength to plant the new seed.  Once again we shall consider the new life that we shall instill in our realm in light of  my most recent adventure, and your pending future. Gather with your beloved as we renew our bloodline."


Isis had signaled for her chief priestesses.  Already they were at the side of Qblh anointing him and preparing him for another ceremony with Isis.  They knew that he would overcome their influence, but that was always inevitable.    He had to overcome the darker side of his own nature to gain  new light.  Isis now had an audience, and it was clear to her people that the planned ceremony was now to occur.  Jim's senses were overwhelmed by the ambrosia, and it was possible for him to understand their very thoughts.  Whether they sang or if it was all but a dream; it did not really matter.  He was taking them home, after centuries of exile.  The Amazons longed for their home planet.  Isis had not told her subjects that Qblh had already agreed.  He was sensible enough to grant her this favor.  Instead he would go along with the illusion that Isis was now invoking him to comply with her will.


 Clothed to tempt, Isis addressed Qblh and her court:


     "Great Qblh, deliver us from our great fear and gloom!

Free our spirits from the   tomb of this time and space!

We seek our dear  abodes without affright: 

We seek thee  to  impose thy will,  and apply the law of light.

     I bid the night conceive our glittering sphere,

Artemis! O moon, shine    white and clear!

I seek our dear abodes without affright:

On them will I impose my will,

the law of light."


A chorus then rang out as the circle of Amazons joined in the ceremony of their beloved queen., as they sang praises to Qblh's navigational ability.


           "Thou drawest the light of all the skies

             Into thy wake. 

            The heaven dies

             In bubbling froth of light, that foams

             About thine ardour.  All the domes

             Of all the heavens close above thee

             As thou art known of we who love thee.

             Excellent kiss, thou fastenest on

             Our souls follow you, depend on you

             As we leave this Earthly sphere, and rapt away

             Into the infinite starry spray to a time

             Of our own aeon ... Alas for us!

             We faint.  We have lost Earth's paradise

             Yet  thy mystic majesty

             Absorbs our sin."


Isis sang to Qblh again, charming him as no one else could.


            "Worship me in a single robe,

             Crowned richly!  Girdle of the globe, 

             I love thee.  My ambrosia consumes

             Thy inmost sense; my soul's caress

             Is toward thee!  Let my priestess stand

             Bare and rejoicing, softly fanned

             By smooth-lipped acolytes, upon

             Mine iridescent altar-stone,

             And in her love-chaunt swooningly

             Say evermore:  To me!  To me!

             I am the azure-lidded daughter

             Of sunset; the all-girdling water;

             The naked brilliance of the sky

             In the voluptuous night am I!

             With song, with jewel, with perfume,

             Wake all my rose's blush and bloom!

             Drink to me!  Love me!  I love thee,

             My love, my lord --- to me! to me!


            My stature shall surpass the stars:

             He hath said it!  Men shall worship me

             In hidden woods, on barren scaurs,

             Henceforth to all eternity."


Jim uncomfortably thought to himself, "I am the consecrated Beast.  I build the abominable House.  The Scarlet Woman is my Spouse ---" . Genie would be able to make a field day out of this ceremony.  It, of course, was paying particular attention to the ceremony.


Her crew continued in song:


           "There, beneath the stars, the smoke

             Of our incense shall invoke

             The Queen of Space; and subtly She

             Shall bend from Her infinity

             Like a lambent flame of blue,

             Touching us, and piercing through

             All the sense-webs that we are

             As the aethyr penetrates a star!"


             Her hands caressing Qblh, her sweet lithe body arched to engulf his senses, she whispered his name --- "Sing the sign, my Qblh!"


Complying, Qblh sang his part. Isis whispered in his ears the lines.  She had her hands strategically placed on his body to ensure he didn't mess his lines.


"Don't you dare embarrass me , you scoundrel," she whispered sweetly in his ear:


             "That she is mine, supremely mine,

             And clinging to the infinite girth

             My soul gets perfect joy thereof

             Beyond the abysses and the hours;

             So that --- I kiss her lovely brows;

             She bathes my body in perfume

             Of ambrosia.... O thou my beloved spouse,

             Continuous One of Heaven! illuminate 

             My soul with thy  bountiful delight,

             Volumptuous Daughter of the Night!

             Eat me up wholly with the glance

             Of thy luxurious brilliance!"


 This is the Snake that gives delight  and knowledge, and stirs the heart as if  with drunkenness.  Strange drugs indeed!

Isis then spoke charging Qblh not to become too lost in the affairs of men.  He would  only frustrate himself.  Artemis was his home, not Earth.



"For these fools of men and their                  

woes care not thou at all!  They feel

little; what is, is balanced by weak

joys; but ye are my chosen one.

Obey thy heart!  follow out the

ordeals of thy knowledge!  seek me

only!  The joys of my love will

redeem ye from all pain.  This is

so: I swear it by the vault of my

body; by my sacred heart and tongue;

by all I can give, by my desire of

you, my Qblh."


Qblh bowed to the Queen of Space, kissing her lovely brows and the dew of her light bathed his whole body in a sweet-smelling perfume of ambrosia.  "Are we done yet?" he asked.



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