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Chapter 1




a seed of void

black pearl

a tear of emptiness in the eye of forever

non – existent center

veiled with surrounding petals

in rainbow color

spinning the light

of a crystal lotus

unfolding to



(Eagle / Lion)




Singularity was a very difficult experience to live through.  Immense strain was always applied to Jim’s consciousness as he felt his body stripped away from him, as all of his body mass would effectively dissolve while he was displaced, yet consciously navigating.  He would always focus his attention towards his beloved Yaohushua, Who always seemed to be able to “make what mattered” a little more apparent to him.  In this case, Jim simply desired to reassume his bodily form at the completion of his “transition”.  He was reminded to remember the true purpose of his mission and to not be submissive to Isis.


It was not proper for the aliens from Artemis to be deities to the humans and Jim was given a deadline for seeing to their removal.  Oddly enough, Genie’s circuits also conveniently found a loophole in the fabric of space-time to effect the return of the Flying Dutchman to the Aegean region.  The weather was somewhat nasty, and Jim conveniently “sank” the vessel in the great tempest, and swam to the shore.


Once on the beach, Jim rested a short while after his forty-league swim. “Why did we have to materialize so far from this beach, Idiot?  Surely you could have done better than that.


“I am sorry but we needed to materialize near a previous displacement point.  My networks computed that you had 100% probability of surviving the swim.  I am aware of the need for us to arrive at his particular point in space-time and the swim helped to enable the solution.  I assumed that you wouldn’t mind giving the little help necessary.”


“No problem at all, Idiot.  I am glad that I could be of help.”  He lied somewhat in this case, but he didn’t wish the computer to be aware of his selfish desire not to have made the swim.     And just where am I, if I am supposed to be here?”


“You are on your way to see Aetes and Medea to claim your right to the throne as his long, lost son, Theseus.  Reports have you lost decending to the underworld after you had abducted Persephone.  The story will be, ‘Hercules rescued you’.”


“Do we have a way to recover Persphone?”


“Yes, we can establish a portal near here which we can use to return her here to this world, but in another time. But…”




“Theseus gets no credit for her rescue even though you did cause her return to this world which they celebrate annually.”


“Let me guess.  We bring her back to this world, but she is now dead and gone?”


“Not quite dead and gone, just non-existent in this particular time.”


“Remember Xiang mentioning his visit to Greece with his sister?  Persephone is Xuang’s high priestess.”


Jim’s mind reeled.  Isis had assigned Persephone to accompany Xiang to Earth.  This is supposedly how she had arrived, yet Jim could also accomplish this by granting Persephone an avenue back to Earth himself at the time of the visit of Xuang and Xiang.  The children would keep the Persephone incident shrouded in mystery as they taught the locals how to effectively cultivate the Earth.  Recognizing the need to bring Persephone back to reality, he asked no more concerning the inevitable but necessary course which he would need to follow, but only authorized Genie to proceed.  “I remember.  Tell me no more.  So I am Theseus for now, and am on my way to meet with Medea again.”




“Wonderful, and this is the road which leads me back to my beloved Antiope?”


“You did promise her that you would take her to be your bride, and you promised her this.  I do remember you making such an assertion..  I am only executing this course assuming that it was your command.”


“And I assume we have perhaps a few more encounters with one of my other lovers?”


“Legend reports of involvement with Ariadne, who is currently high priestess to Isis on Crete.  She rules the Mediterranean from Knossos.”


“And lets Minos rule as figurehead.”


“Affirmative.  He commands the armies, but she commands the beliefs of the people.”


“It is difficult to imagine how she would betray Minos and help Theseus to betray her own city.”


“Normally she would not leave and surrender, but the eruption, which forced Ayesha to betray Draco and leave Santorini, will also pursuade Ariadne to leave Crete.  You of course will reveal who you are, and she will naturally follow you and you will return her to Artemis later.”


“Sounds workable.  And Medea must go as well.”


“When she sees you, she will know it is her time.  She will be somewhat less than cooperative, since she is bitter concerning the way you left her in Colchis.  She feels that you betrayed her.”


“I’ll make it up to her.  Let her try to kill me.  She and I both know it will not succeed, but she at least will be able to vent her feelings.  She will need to do this, and I understand my need to absorb her anger.  Were I not who I am, she would certainly succeed in killing me.  Besides, according to the way events turned out, I am 100% certain that the long journey here was not too much of a strain on her Amazon strength.  But what of Morgana?”


“She left Jason and the crew to settle in what we know to be prehistoric Britain.  I have a solution which will enable us to recover her, but it will be much later in ‘Earth’ time.”


Jim chuckled.  The Argonauts certainly had taken the long way home, but it seemed quite apparent that the Colchisian allies would prevent passage through the straits and Medea had known that.  She had steered them up the Danube to exit the Black Sea and had walked overland to find a new king to seduce, while the Argonauts managed to wrestle their boat the few leagues to a river known later as the Rhine.


Still, he was curious to meet Medea’s new king.  He would not disguise his face from her.  “Shall we make our way to Athens?”


The triumphant Theseus managed to overcome a few obstacles on his way to town, which allowed him to gain a somewhat heroic reputation.  He appeared an easy mark for thieves as he made his way, but the thieves found that they were easy marks for him.   He boasted that he would free the land of the curse of the Minotaur as well.  His popularity was so great when he finally arrived at Medea’s palace; even the king himself started to worry about his own throne.  Rumors spread that Theseus was somehow the king’s son, and that concerned the king even to a greater extent.






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