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Three years passed and by now the humans had learned to speak well enough to communicate with their new masters who they accepted and depended on. John was a little disturbed by the undue reverence that the children were receiving. The Pegasus had long since been ready, but he was not going to disclose that fact to Isis. He did not need her to use the Pegasus to go back into the future and create more problems.


John studied the earth's geography again and noticed the differences between then and 20th century earth. Indeed he saw that a great flood was coming. Bearing in mind the basis for the legend John resolved that he would leave earth taking his children with him.


Once gone, Isis would know longer have the magic of his Box to help with construction projects. Four years had gone by since their arrival on earth, and Isis was well on her way to building her own empire on earth. Were it not for the flood, indeed she would have conquered the earth, but Jim had known that when he had programmed the Pegasus to materialize at this time in particular. John and Isis had to fulfill destiny before they could return to the future.


Many human-amazon males were born and they indeed were much stronger children than their human counterparts. Within two generations Isis would have a new civilization built and would be capable of great accomplishments. The humans were overwhelmed with the abundance from the harvest and always gave the queen the tribute she demanded. Many human males were sacrificed to produce this new race of superhumans.


John was given the role as the consort of Isis, an all too familiar act. John really had no alternative social structure to offer, so it was perfectly understandable that Isis would conduct court in the traditional manner. Yet John couldn't help but sense that they didn't belong here. What would be the effect if Isis tried to create a paradox in earth's past. Certainly a cataclysm could possibly occur if the Pegasus warp drives went unstable and created a time rift. John was very much aware of this possibility. First the children would have to be taken back to the future and John realized who these children now were and what he had to do with them. He knew that it would rip Isis apart. John struggled with the concept. Idiot had all but told him that Jim's very existence in earth's future demanded that he go back in time. There was nothing here but a very primitive civilization and these two children whom had been conceived in the very far future. These very advanced children did not belong in this time. John was torn. These were his children. This experiment in time travel left him ill at ease with forebodings of cataclysmic effects. His computer warned him of the possibilities. They had not yet caused the current future to be any different than the future that they had left. By being in their own past, they were still capable of creating paradox. Even a very small one could cause gravitational instabilities. John felt that paradox was inevitable and he felt responsible.


He resolved that once he left, he would send Jim back to safely conduct a remnant through the great tragedy for which John would feel responsible. He resolved that perhaps Isis would have learned a great lesson by then and leave the control of the Box to the control of the current masters. John, in turn, would resolve to ease off on the time travel. 


John would entertain himself teaching the humans modern physics. He would explain how the universe is held in balance by opposing forces of existence and nonexistence. His great starship the Pegasus was capable of offsetting that equilibrium which resulted in releasing the power of the sun. They could not understand him at all, but they liked his stories. Yet Isis would always capture their emotions. The humans were powerless against her charm

She explained to them that she had been sent by their father the Sun to give them laws to live by so that they could live together in communities and cultivate the earth and raise animals like civilized men. She said that she would live with them and teach them to be prosperous. Her craftsmen educated the locals about irrigation, stone masonry, and other basic skills.


No one questioned her authority and her flying machines would daily remind the humans of her great power. The ground near the Pegasus was taboo, and access was forbidden to all but the Amazons.


Chapter Thirty-Nine Part II - Isis Rules Earth

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