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     Chapter LX

       The Ten of Swords




Back-stabbed, defeat, crisis, betrayal, endings, loss

The Ten of Swords shows a man lying face down with ten long swords embedded in his back.

A red cape is draped over the lower half of his body, while his top half remains unclothed.

The sky above him is pitch black and there is a general feeling of pain, loss, and misfortune.

However, despite these ominous images,

there are positive aspects to this card.

The sea before which the body lies is still

and calm and the sun is rising in the distance beyond the mountains,

indicating that the darkness will soon be dispelled.

Thus, each new beginning must come from an end,

and with every defeat are sown the seeds of future victory



John was flabbergasted.  "Where in creation did you get that idea, Jim?"


"It just seems like a good possibility.  Earth now has some knowledge of our involvement, but they are still somewhat in the dark, because of their inability to understand."


"So they devise myths about us instead, yet you condemn mother for encouraging those myths."


"It is not I, but He who we visited in Bethlehem who will mandate that she backs off, my son."


"That beggar child?  What is he to Earth?"


"Watch your tongue, my son.  It is quite apparent that you know very little concerning Yaohushua.  Your grandfather will teach you a few things about Him after you have convinced Hatshepsut to give up Egypt and return to Artemis."


"As if that is going to be easy, she is under direct rule from mother to rule Egypt and I have not the authority to override mother's commands as you full well know."


"Bear in mind, that when you return next time, she will no longer be in communication with Isis.  Have her verify that.  She will come around when she realizes that she has been marooned."


"You mean she will no longer have the Power of the Stone?  With the Pegasus gone, the stone cannot function nor be recharged.  That will certainly be apparent to her at the next equinox."


"Antiope and Helen shall lead the Amazons after Hatshepsut is gone.  They are under my control, and they possess the power of the stone, with a few improvements.  Their stone is a newer model, manufactured and controlled by our Genie."


"Medea also is a recognized leader.  She will not likely relinquish her authority to Antiope.  Anatolia is her district, as was Atlantis the domain of Ayesha."


"I'll deal with Medea personally.  You just worry about Hatshepsut, junior."


"OK!  Get her to agree to go and call when ready, is that all?"


"That's all there is to it.  Now how difficult is that?"


"You tell me.  How difficult is it to ask the Egyptian pharaoh to abdicate by saying please? I'm sure there is nothing to it."


"Just put your mind to it, Xuang.  You have had greater challenges before.  Would the Dragon of Chin be speechless before a woman?"


"She is not a simple woman. She is a high ranking Amazon warrior, specially chosen for her role.  I am only asking her to abdicate the throne that Isis charged her to chair."


"And I am the Amazon nemesis which is kicking their sweet tails of this planet.  No Amazon need be ashamed when I have disarmed her and returned her home.  I am after all their Qblh."


"It will not be easy to find them all, father.  Mother kept the locations of her base encampments mobile.  There is a major colony located on an island not far from Troy, the seat of the Hittite maritime fleet.  "


"I'm aware of the city.  Tell me more about Medea.  Who else besides Hatshepsut and Medea are the major leaders?"


"Medea, Ayesha, and Hatshepsut are the chief priestesses.  There are some amazons on Crete as well.   Ariadne has a special fondness for me, but Hatshepsut is rather jealous of her."


"We have a mess, don't we?"


"Idiot advises me that it has a solution.  Shall we continue?"


"Where are we off to then?"


" I'm dropping you off in the Great pyramid, Xuang.  We will retrieve you at the full moon of the spring equinox.  Be there with her then."




"No buts.  Be there or we all become non-existent.."

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