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Isis wasn't finished with Earth and she had an open window. Jim and John were most likely preparing a rude reception for her fleet. It still was ten weeks before the fleet was due to arrive at Earth. John was en-route back to Earth to assist Jim. She discounted John's contribution as to be negligible. She wondered about the submarine. Twice it had created an intense problem for her. Helen had told her that John had been in the first one, but who was in the one that destroyed her ship. It had to be Jim's infernal genie. It dawned upon her that the submarine must have been Jim's box. How clever, she thought. She had underestimated him again. She loved the chase and Jim was the ultimate quarry.


Isis had weapons of mass destruction prepared to be transported back to earth with her forces. She entered the portal again to find herself on the Canopus. It seemed that Shady had bought several boats and was operating charter cruises and a scuba diving school as a cover for operations. In the waters of Bimini, the Canopus was hidden. She ran several boats a day between the islands and Miami/Ft Lauderdale. Shady was very glad that Isis had returned.


The earth date was June 30, 1996. Isis had been absent for almost two months. For her, it had been only a few days. She was very much perturbed about how much earth had gone out of control. The earthlings really believed that Jim was all the protection they needed. Shady's spies had lost track of Jim. The crew of the Canopus was extremely nervous, because they never knew when they could be discovered. Isis felt that Jim was hiding and not seeking. She was certain that he was watching. With her previous conversations with the American generals, she had been informed of Jim's antics with earth's satellites. She would give him the credit of having a comprehensive satellite network viewing system, unless she took out the satellites herself. By taking out the satellites, she would be able to blind him. Having more numbers than Jim, then she would be able to flood the land with her army which she could smuggle in. Isis sent back to Artemis a request for a division of ground anti-space personnel. Each squad unit consisted of a communication specialist, a laser specialist and a martial arts specialist. An advance team of ground surveillance experts was released to the four corners of the earth to spot and plot all earth satellites. They had the task of finding all the targets. When all was ready, Isis would direct a coordinated assault against the eyes in the sky. Then she would have another chat with Washington. Jim would have to come out of hiding, but then she would be able to hold earth hostage and demand his surrender. All Jim had now was his Box, and no commander can depend exclusively on one resource. And there was John. He would have most likely headed right back to earth as well. They would be expecting her assault from the heavens. The more she thought about destroying the satellites, the better she liked the idea. 


With plans for conquest still going well, she decided to have her field agents put a tag on General Armstrong. It seemed that there seemed to be an open power struggle between General Armstrong, who obviously had links with Jim, and the President. The President had not stepped down nor resigned. She contended that it was not her fault that she had achieved the office by default because the Amazons let her live. The opposition contended that public opinion overwhelmingly requested that she step down. Ninety percent of the male population and fifty-four percent of the female population polled felt that the President should resign, and a special election be held. The real problem was the fact that the President had an Amazon bug or two in her ear.


Chapter Twenty-Nine 

She Plans Her Return

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