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Chapter Eight


A Democracy??



“There is nothing wrong with my face. ” He took off his mask and revealed himself to be of Venetian blood. He was extremely fair and handsome. “Mother has confined me here so that I can not displace Minos from the throne. She is angry at me for the actions of my dead father. I am of the understanding that she and Hatshepsut are in a conspiracy to dominate the Minoan and Egyptian empires.  Minos is but a figurehead.  Mother and Ariadne yield all the power in this kingdom.  They subjugate the entire population and force them to worship their queen as a supreme goddess.”


“I have been told that you sacrifice human life as well. Why do you find fault with your mother when you have such a bad reputation yourself?  As you have already told me, you don’t allow your visitors to leave.”


“Follow me, and perhaps, I can explain?”


“I am not following. Expalin, now. I asked.”


Not quite ready for the fight, the Minotaur humored Jim a little longer.  “Well then, my friend, give me your name, and perhaps I shall entertain your request for some simple conversation.”


“I am known as Theseus.” said Jim the QBLH of Isis.


“That is what you call yourself, but do you have another name that you are known by?  Theseus is but a legend. I know that as fact.”


“How can you say that I am but a legend, when I stand here before you. Minos knows me as Theseus, fears me as Theseus, and has accepted my challenge in the name of  Theseus.”


“Fool!  Medea sends all her to sacrifices under the name of Theseus. My walls are littered with skulls that have belonged to a Theseus. You have been duped my friend.  I suppose they promised you kingship as well, if you return.  What feat did you accomplish to impress the king and queen to make you the leader of the little coven that she sent me?  I shall enjoy drinking your blood as I have enjoyed the blood of others.”


“That is such a deplorable habit. Where is the satisfaction in drinking blood.”


“I love the flavor. I can maintain my youth in this manner.”


“How old are you then, if your youth has been so preserved?”


“That I do not know. I have been imprisoned here for such a long time and I do not see the sun, nor the stars, nor the passing of days. I have longed since cease to count the number of times I have opened and closed my eyes in this miserable prison.”


“We are both here now, and you are right, it is not a very friendly place.  What would you do, if you gained freedom?”


“I am rightful ruler of this land. My mother is the queen and my father was the last king. My mother kills all her lovers.”


“And what do you do with the few lovers that you have had?”


The Minotaur showed some signs of anger. Jim had struck a nerve.


“What do you know about any lovers, I may have had?  I’ll have you begging to be my lover, before I oblige and kill you.”


“I don’t think so. You are not my type.”


“Well, I think you are, and you are just to cute to resist.”


With that remark, the Minotaur charged in an attempt to net Jim.  Jim stood in his tracks squaring himself away at the charging bull and rider. He anticipated the rider would turn the bulll at the last second to hurl the net.  Instead Jim would jump at the bull, surprising the bull and the rider with a tremendous leap forward. Jim had tremendous strength, and his leap was a good fifty feet in the direction of the bull. The bull was in a full charge, and Jim wasn’t exacly in slow motion himself.  Genie amplified Jim's inertia even more so that it was a million times that of the charging bull. In flight, Jim caught the bull by the horns, and the blade that the Idiot provided for its Master made a tremendously clean cut severing the head of the charging bull. The head stayed in Jim’s hands while the headless bull charged a few paces further. The rider was hurled off the beast and was paralyzed from multiple bone fractures.  The snakes had found him as well, and showed discontent with him for disturbing one of their nests.  When Jim walked over to the dying man, he was already hallucinating and hysterical.


Unimpressed, Jim looked at the bloody head dripping in his grasp. “Quite frankly, I had expected more of a fight. He provided the Minotaur with a cup of the bull’s blood. Maybe, you’ll find this to be of better taste than human blood.  He threw it in the man’s face, and left him to die.”


“Well we have done it, Idiot. We have killed the Minotaur. Shall we exit this labyrinth?”




Jim easily found his way to the exit and the court. None of the court elders stood in his way as he found his way to Ariadne’s chambers. She was ready with all her goods already packed.  She gagged at the sight of the bull’s head that Jim still held in his grip.  This trophy seemed to intimidate any of the guards who thought about detaining this “Theseus”.


Ariadne was all smiles.  “Minos is extremely upset and the city is totally shocked by the news.  Many still do not believe.  You do not realize the significance of what you have accomplished, my Qblh.  We must leave.  Minos may try to renege on his promise once he gains control of the situation again.  While you are the champion, you have a claim to his throne, and Minos is afraid that you will claim the throne.  Many already feel that Minos no longer has the right to rule now that the Minotaur has been slain.”


“I fail to understand why he thinks that is so. I have no intent to claim his throne.”


“This is true, but legend has it that a champion will slay the Minotaur and he will become the spouse to the Queen of Heaven herself.  The temple requires that I conduct you to our temple of Artemis located acroos the sea.  Queen Antiope will initiate the champion herself in the absence of the star goddess.”


“Why Ariadne, you are quite aware that there is no secret that Isis intends our union after our return to Artemis, so why are yo telling me this as if it is news?”


“I am just reminding you that it is also a legend, Qblh.  Your existence has been known about well in advance of your arrival.  You being a time traveller ought to be used to this fact by now.  You must act out your destiny as it has been recorded, so I am to conduct you to Antiope.  I know the way there.  I know you can get us there quicker by using your own devices, but you are in what I consider my time, and I would prefer us to travel via a method that I would appreciate, and that would be via transportation of this age.  If you must insist I tell the truth, I’ll tell you. I know I must give you up to Antiope once we get there, so I wish to prolong my time with you.  Can you blame me for that?  I shall permit you to use your devices to put away that bloody head, though.  I do not neeed to see any more of that.”


“Ariadne, I do understand what Isis expects, but I must return to Greece and be as a king there in order to destroy the concept of the divine right of kings and ‘queens’ which Artemis has so successfully instilled in the minds of these earth people.”


“Why are you making such a tremendous effort to undermind your own power, my Qblh?  Certainly you can’t be serious in your threats to give these people autonomy.  They have the minds of little children and no more self-control than the beasts of the earth.  They need our kind to take care of them.  Certainly you can see that they would really be making a mess of it if we weren’t here to keep them in line.  They really do love us.”


“Why do you question me, if you acknowledge my power, Ariadne?  Do you believe for a second that I would be making this effort if I didn’t believe it as necessary.  I shall teach these people how to live independently.  That is the gamble that I have with Isis. For this reason I cannot spend the rest of this vacation away from Artemis with you, but I will return you home as I promised, and you will have my seed as well.”


“Then let us leave now, together. We shall go together to see Minos now, and tell him of our decision.  So you are to be king of Athens for awhile then, I suppose?”


“I’ll be just a figurehead. I am going to give the power to the people. We shall have a democracy.”


“A democracy?  What is that? “

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