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Chapter LIX

The Nine of Swords

Back To the Future Again

Or Else Intense PTSD




"Isn't time travel a wonderful thing?"


"It certainly can get confusing not knowing what time it will be next."


"The foremost rule is to continue where you left off from when I deliver you, Xuang, but it is now essential that you disengage yourself from Earth's past affairs since you are now familiar with the twenty-first century as well as the nature of our involvement in the past. Isis is to have you back in Artemis two days after you stowed away and left with me.  The continuity must be maintained in our future, if we are to have one.  If we were never to return to the future from whence we came, we would appear as dead to our future, and all our present involvement's would be as a dream.  In a way, we are nothing but shadows of ourselves very carefully re-experiencing our past history.  The illusion is that we appear to have free will, but it is ever present on my mind what I must not do to avoid jeopardizing the Idiot's ability to get us home."


"How much of a problem has been my past involvement then?" queried Xuang.


"Enough that I do not think it is proper for us to have any further public involvement's in governing Earth.  We need them to be autonomous so that they can fulfill their destiny of developing into the Venetian civilization.  It seems that it is possible that they are our ancestors.  I can   relate to them certain dimensional information that they will need to develop star travel on their own. Their ability to tap stellar forces will depend on their alignment with the stellar realities.  Do you know the basics of dimensions, Xuang?  I am sure that you don't.  The understanding of the dimensions is critical to merkabah navigation."


"I have heard of your alleged claim that mass is five dimensional."


"Alleged?  Hmmph!  And just who is the master of time travel?  Are you going to believe them over me.?  Mass has the spatial-temporal dimensions of meters per second per second per second per second.  Isn't that correct, Idiot."


"Affirmative, Jim."


"Well I don't understand the significance and why is that so critical to merkabah navigation?"


Jim frowned at his son's ignorance.  It had seemed that Isis had certainly neglected his son's education in physics, or was it simply that they didn't think the dimensions were important, but then again Venetia court had always regarded his dimensional theories as a little outlandish and irrelevant.  This had not discouraged Jim.  Alone and unaided he developed his own merkabah unit anyway and had programmed an idiot computer system to assist him with the number crunching and systems control.  Jim had been unrivaled on Artemis in mathematics and physics.  Many of the ideas that he developed were adopted but Artemis into numerous modern conveniences.   His teachers had learned from him and had assisted in developing a very formidable empire as a result. 


"Well perhaps it is not important for the ordinary Amazon to understand the mathematical space-time dimensions of magnetic moment, but it is essential for the modeling of the unified field theorem with which I have programmed Idiot.  Idiot is rather clever at performing twelve dimensional tensor calculus.  My understanding of space-time allows me to formulate the dimensional relations."


"You are confusing me."


"Consider the simple electron.  It is a unit of charged energy exhibiting mass, but when this charged electron is subject to a voltage it acquires energy accelerates to lose its charge as its mass is radiated off due to the magnetic effects of its motion.  It is actually still the same from its point of view.  It appears different however to someone that is not itself, for that observer could be receiving only the light which has been made manifest by altering the spatial temporal description of that electron.  This altering of spatial-temporal dimensions was induced by assuming motion of the electron.  We are very much the same as we experience body travel within the protective shielding of the merkabah, but to outside observers we have appeared to move somewhat in an impossible manner.  The basic unit of the electron is square meters per second per second per second and the unit of capacitance is proportional to the local observation of the appearance of the death of space to a local frame of reference at rest. themeter, but it is more of the meter that we associate as the "ct" term.  As you are well aware the wavelength of a light signal is somewhat analogous to the capacitance of the source field which is in itself a function of the spatial dimensions of the source, but we must always take into account the permeability and permittivity of the relative space-time fields of the intermediate neighborhood which is manifest by the light that we perceive at any particular point in space or time."


"You are totally confusing me, father."


"He's not confusing me," said John.  "Go on."


"You are well aware of differential calculus, aren't you, Xuang."


"Well, I am a little rusty.  It was never one of mother's strong points."


"Isis never studied it.  She felt it was unimportant and she doesn't have it universally taught in our high schools.  References do exist and I had to learn on my own, but Idiot seems to thrive on differential and tensor calculus.  It can apply those equations and work wonders doing it.  Are you aware that Idiot has to perform very complicated mathematical transformations just to create one barnyard of proton material, and that is but an infinitesimal drop in the bucket compared to some of its more spectacular creative productions.  Yet I have an unlimited mass source and can also position myself just about anywhere within the known universe.  Remember power itself is also a dimensioned field and the Box is a dimensional controller.  This same "Box", Isis still does not control or understand.  Yet consider its capabilities and the history that apparently has evolved as a result."


"Consider a colonial mission from a dying planet thousands of years, or perhaps less in the future, which sends out a seeding mission to find another inhabitable planet.  In such a dire emergency, we could see multiple missions including one which would have liked to have returned to Earth itself had not the high council of Earth had the prudence to forbid it."


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