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Chapter XXXVII

Ace of Cups

pureness of Water

the source and the spring


Equations of Continuity


Coding from Idiot’s programming concerning the evolution of animated consciousness

as in the case of the artificial intelligence’s operating system and also animal intelligence:

Successful  ultra- relativistic displacement requires relativistic adjustment of control equations.

Low level injection:

- (Pn-Pno)/Tp-MpEPn’+DpPn’’=0 





QBLH’s flight control computer, the IDIOT,  or the GENIE,  allowed our travelers to safely manage the transition to somewhere around 1200 BC, but the time as experienced by the occupants of the Flying Dutchman was precisely controlled by the  GENIE applying J field quantum mechanics as it tapped an immense amount of energy from antimatter to matter annihilation contained within the immense antimatter reserve potential available to their vehicle. The space-time fields bound to the vehicle’s local “gravitational” space fluctuated in perfect rhythm as the Earth centuries would pass so quickly.


Jim had certainly been  in no mood to take forever to cross the ocean to his next destination and there was no need to stay in the 1620’s BC to be easily discovered by Isis.  As he had made a noteworthy entrance and left behind some revealing evidence of his presence, he was certain Isis would make a response.  Before his trademark  “vanishing”, he carefully observed his positioning with respect to the sun and the village he was leaving  behind him.  He would allow them to witness his departure from afar, and would effect a transfer back to the Mediterranean. He would target a different time zone so as to set himself to slay the so-called Minotaur  and also to drop off Antiope and Helen for their vacation during the Mycenaean era in the Aegean.


After quickly making a time shift and rather than teleport immediately to the Aegean,  we are aware Jim resolved to obtain some aerial recognizance This would allow him to “fast forward” himself to arriving at his destination at the time he felt was best suitable..  The transformation from the yacht to a Venetian planetary probe was one of Genie's older subroutines.  He had used this same vehicle before in his surveys of Artemis.  He had perfected its invisibility shielding so that it could move with impunity undetected by any of Shaltain's security devices.  Jim decided  to routinely  feed Idiot  valid information   and intelligence from the sensed time fields rather than rely on the less reliable classical information that had been filtered down through the centuries. Isis using the Pegasus could use the same trick of “fast forward” to look for him. Time reversal functions were not utilized nor really practical for most navigational adjustments.  The power requirement to create a time reversal of any kind was always enormous and involved wormhole inter-reactions, something usually actually performed in deep space under very special conditions involving actual trajectories near a  black hole. Corresponding J fields were quite complex and almost impossible to control safely  at those energy levels.


Hustling Antiope and Helen below deck, he would advise them that they would take flight.  It would be a few hours until arrival.  Observation of any outside radiation was to be secured until further notice.  Jim never permitted Antiope and Helen to see what outside of the box "appeared as" during his more powerful translations.  He would simply tell them that it was not possible for them to view the outside.  Neither would he ever tell them how he knew which way he was "going" while they "displaced".  He frustrated them by showing them "Dr. Who" episodes to explain the "Tardis" principle.   Unimpressed by the BBC special effects, they could still see a striking similarity between Jim and the Doctor regardless.


"YES, but unlike his 'Master', I am not inclined to delight myself in the torture of innocence."  He would always remind them of that.  He did not like to take advantage of the fear he induced in others, but at times he had to.  Does this make him bad?

Jim's Genie was the master Shapeshifter.  Enclosing the Flying Dutchman within its shields, it reduced its apparent volume to near singularity.  Indeed to an outside observer, a spherical shield would first be observed to isolate the space of the Dutchman from the surrounding space.  In order to avoid boiling the sea, a silicon type shield would grow very rapidly out from the Dutchman as Idiot would essentially grow the vehicle.  The rate of growth being a function as to how rapidly Idiot controlled the growth.  A controller such as Idiot could just as easily think in accelerated time frames as well as slower time frames.   Like a living plant this silicon style shield was designed to absorb light.  It's permeability was adjustable.  It could be completely transparent and as such be rendered invisible or completely black, absorbing all radiation and reflecting none.  The crystal shell could also "ungrow" in a reverse manner in which it grew.  Jim's remarkable device was capable of completely reversing any process that it created.  This was a perfect case of conservation of mass.  The external appearance of his vehicle was then always strictly relative to how he wanted it to look.  It always had to fit in though.  His ability to maintain a presence in any particular time field depended on Idiot's ability to maintain continuum integrity.


"How are we flying, Idiot?"


"It is good that you have chosen to obtain aerial surveillance of the world.  I could not see an immediate return path solution because I lack certain essential navigational details which we could solve by a brief period of planet pass-over.  I was able to detect signs of a terrific explosion of Mt. Thera, the tidal wave of which would have destroyed our entire fleet of refugees had we left a day later.  There is a very strong probability that we have business in Colchis at the Eastern end of the Black Sea around 1200 BC."


"Are you guessing, Idiot?  Is that how you word a guess, Idiot?  'There is a very strong possibility that this or that may happen."

"Well, Jim, I just happen to have some fresh shots of the area, and managed also to pick up Amazon radio transmissions."


"Let me see that!"  Jim looked at the photographs and the evidence.  In the few minutes since sending the ladies to their room, Idiot had managed to become airborne and survey the Mediterranean and Anatolia. They identified an Amazon colony in Anatolia, just a few hundred leagues from the city of Colchis. The one at Heliopolis was gone  Jim was able to identify it as a standard Venetian colonizing outpost.  Here was proof positive that Isis had indeed dared to challenge the gates of time once again.  He began to wonder as to whether she indeed had an upper hand.  He rightly guessed that he still had the upper hand.  He rightly guessed that she had undoubtedly taken advantage of his time in the pleasure dome to perform this feat of trickery.  Intrigue upon intrigue.  Who was the primary cause here?  It didn't seem that anything could be attributed now as the cause, but it was undeniably certain that everything in this entire mess was intrinsically related to everything else.  Fate, destiny, free will?  What did it matter?  He wasn't even sure what he was going to do next.  Of course he knew what he was going to do next.  He understood Isis.  If he simply defeated all her Amazons and returned them home to the Pleasure Dome, she would simply laugh and say that was what he was supposed to do.  He knew that he was sending them home, and she knew as well, but the Amazons themselves did not know that.  He began to realize more with each day passage how he was being her Qblh.  He was her twin and lover.  She always denied the ability of the great expanse of space to free him from her.  She was always so infernally correct.  He tried to run away from her in time, and discovered that he could not even do that.


Perhaps some would say that he had to be a little smarter than the average bear considering who he had for a sibling.  To each other, they were equals and playmates; to others, they were tyrants and yielded terrific and unquestionable power.  Isis was undoubtedly trying to exert influence on mankind.  Jim did have to be cautious, however.


Isis, being exceedingly intelligent and resourceful, could actually be helping Earth and not attempting domination at all.  She could be misunderstood as evil only if she claimed something as true which was not.  The Earthlings claimed that she was goddess; perhaps, she never taught them that.  Of course she was a sucker for flattery.  He had known that for years.

Who was he trying to kid?  She was setting herself up as goddess, and that was that, and she would try to set him up as her....good heavens..He couldn't have that!  She was tempting him with the deadliest of all temptation.  Shaltain!  He knew it!  Shaltain put her up to it.  He was going to have to unplug that infernal device once he got home.  Only Shaltain had the ability to place her and her crew in this day and age.  Confound it!  That infernal governor of hers was out to maroon him in time.   If he succumbed to temptation, he would never return home. Shaltain would not care if it broke Isis's heart, which is what indeed would happen to her if her Qblh could see her no more.


"Idiot!  I need you to run a routine to unplug Shaltain.  How much time do you need to make the routine ready?"


"That will be a difficult task, Jim.  I don't think that Shaltain is going to take very kindly to being unplugged.  It is sure to put up a fight."


"Well perhaps it has already started."


"Jim, there is a very high probability that you are correct."


"Are you guessing again, Idiot?"


"Jim, you are making light of the situation.  Isis is acting very unwisely.  Were it not for the fact that we are to undo her 'rift effects', she would not ever stand a ghost of a chance in ever making it back to Artemis.  If she fails to make it back, we also perish.  She is banking on your ability to save her, and as you are fully aware, there is no known solution to her rescue."


"I don't understand, Idiot.  Where is she then if she's not back on Artemis?"


"She is on board the Pegasus.  I have identified the ship as being in Earth orbit.  Apparently our entry into Earth local space damaged the Pegasus warp drives, and she had to make an emergency landing.  It seems we caught the craft trying to pass by us in hyperspace, and I was able to ground the vehicle per your preprogrammed instructions concerning paradox avoidance.  I also assure you that none of her crew have the ability to diagnose the true cause of the problem or effect repair.  It will only appear to the pilot as a fatal error to the ships navigational system."


"Excellent Idiot.  However, I'm not so sure that is highly desirable."


"It doesn't matter whether it is desirable or not.  It has happened.  The crew of the Pegasus is fortunate though.


"And how is that?"


"Well it seems that the ship can be repaired and Isis can be returned to Artemis, thus avoiding paradox, if we repair the Pegasus."


"This means that we must compromise our presence here."


"That doesn't prevent us from returning, nor does it prevent us from leaving Helen and Antiope in Anatolia."


"Of course, Idiot!  I keep forgetting.  We simply return and resume where we left off.  Isis still doesn't know what ails the ship.  Perhaps we can reprogram the ships computers so that she will blame Shaltain.  If we can get her to order Shaltain unplugged, that infernal machine will not be able to fight the three of us and it will certainly be doomed."


"It is remarkable that the machine indeed tried to take advantage of living beings to advance its own selfish interests.  If I wouldn't know better, I believe Isis wants you, Idiot for her very own; she is no longer satisfied with Shaltain."


"It is only natural for her to feel that way.  She is only noticing how flawed Shaltain is in comparison to me, the newer model."


"You sound conceited when you say that, Idiot."


"I do not understand that there is any conceit within myself.  I was not aware that you programmed me with that ability.  I am neither programmed to flatter others nor myself.  I was simply stating a relevant fact.  Shaltain is flawed.  It has indeed committed a fatal order, and as you have directed, I must find a termination solution for Shaltain."


"Where is Isis, then, Idiot?"


"On board the Pegasus.  It is in stationary orbit above the Aegean. "


"Tap its circuits?"


"In process....I have access.  What would you like to know?"



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