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Chapter XL

The Four of Cups



This element water is not meant for static stability,

reveals the inability of the waterto form a structure





"Without a doubt, these facts are all very interesting, Idiot.  This should leave us no doubts as to her intent with respect to this mission as well as the possible reason for putting me out of the way to frolic in the Pleasure Dome."


"Yes Jim, but you are not the cause of Isis's interference in present day history.  This is her decision. Pegasus's computers clearly prove this, and Shaltain programmed the navigational computers and at the same time deceived Isis into believing that there was a route back.  I f she makes any mistakes in history, there will be no Artemis to go back to. Shaltain does not care, it knows that the current course of events results in its decommissioning anyway."


"This means that I am free to do something about Shaltain's interference."


"Indeed you are, Jim, and it is my recommendation that highest priority be given to returning the Pegasus to its own time just as before."


Jim's previous adventure in time travel also had involved him retrieving the Pegasus and Isis herself from the past.  It seemed that once again he was to do this.  It seemed to him that Isis liked playing this little game with him.  It so much delighted her as she would watch to see how her resourceful brother would undo all the problems that she would create to keep him occupied for her amusement.  Each time he succeeded she would make a great show of it and promote him as a hero, as he would silently loathe his sister's praise. Licking his wounds, he wondered what her next trial for him would be.  Still she would smile at him each time she angered him and inflame his blood with passion for her.


There is no telling what Antiope and Helen were thinking as they all made their way through the night.  The land they explored was close to the coast and toward  the interior were the Hittites , who honored the Amazon community as a holy community of priestesses.  These women would recruit and teach human temple priestesses who would act as their eyes, ears, and mouthpieces.  We can call the land to the interior of the Amazons Anatolia, although I am sure the natives of the time called it perhaps something else.


The seafaring abilities of those allied to the Amazons was much more than a coincidence. The Amazon priestesses controlled the successful kings, and the successful kings had successful navies. Amazon priestesses were able to teach sea masters how to read the stars and to tell the proper time of day.  The great learning centers of the empires were controlled by the priestesses where they managed the education of the chosen few in the arts of medicine, agriculture, civil engineering and navigation. There were many other schools of the time which were less qualified concerning teaching the subject material. Local superstitions and beliefs too often dominated the truth in most local schools, and it was a great achievement just to learn how to read and write so as to conduct more mundane business.


Illium  was the capital of this kingdom of the Hittites.  Frequently while walking through Anatolia, the trio would sidestep out of the way as great bronze chariots would rumble on by followed by a score of cavalry.


"Out of the way peasants!" would be all the warning that the brave cavalry commanders would issue.


Observing such a feat, the girls would amuse themselves. The commanders would rumble on by our trio  in his fine bronze chariot and then  lose a wheel a few seconds later.  Antiope and Helen would chuckle.  Jim rather enjoyed watching that fine young commander fall of his fine chariot into that beautiful mud puddle which just happened to exist wherever the wheel just happened to break.  This all happened of course while Jim just happened to be talking to Genie about something.  Even a few of the cavalry troops appeared to find such occasions somewhat amusing, but they tended to suppress their amusement somewhat when their master returned himself to a more dignified position and glared at any potential troublemakers.



"Best to leave the witches alone, commander."  More often than not the lieutenants would console the injured commander, desiring not the wrath of the powerful wizard and his witches incurred up[on them.


Antiope and Helen chose to veil themselves as Ayesha had taught them.  Masquerading themselves as Amazon priestesses, the women were able to conceal their ravishing beauty.  Jim masqueraded himself as their eunuch.  He permitted the ladies to have whatever they could obtain as their own without the use of Genie's magic.   He carefully supervised Antiope and Helen as they integrated themselves into the Anatolian culture.


Jim had heard tales of a meteor from heaven which had fallen at Ephesus. The Amazons had  honored at as a special holy site according to legend.  Jim knew better.  He had already been advised concerning Semiramis, and expected to see more of the after effects.  Still he was sworn to not interfere.  What she had accomplished had been done and he could not, dare not deliberately change anything.  He was to intercept her and that was all.


Jim had another problem. He and Isis were now coexisting in the same time frame. He knew where she was located, and it would be only a very short matter of time before she would sense his presence.  It would not be a very good idea for him to publicly practice any form of "magic" without her being aware.  On the other hand,  Jim had no intention of being slack in his enforcement of paradox avoidance. And he would pull no punches for that cause.  Isis and all the Amazons would once again all be returned home, as in the future, with a minimal of consequences.  Jim would seduce Isis and take her home, and therefore once again "terminating" her influence.  Yet Isis will also think that she had won, because she would always still fondly think of Earth as part of her empire,   Earth would simply be the first world that was able to achieve autonomy from the empire.  Jim would not care how Isis justified the events.  He would only ensure the safety of the continuum; that was his sole concern.  It would be no small thing to make passionate love with Isis, giving her all that she desired, just so he could get him and her safely back home.


Fate, be as it may, seemed to show no preference for either the male or the female twin.  Both Jim and Isis had their strengths.  They held each other in balance.  Each danced in tune with the opposite, almost as if held spellbound. It mattered not, the two would always be inseparable.  It would indeed be difficult to catch either of them in a lie, and yet they always seemed to be diametrically opposed.  How could both the opposites be correct, and indeed apparently all the time as well.  It is surprising how much effect perspective has a at times.  As Jim had said at one time, he could apparently alter his perspective to justify anything.  The justification apparently must be in the means and not in the ends, as  if one could legitimately justify opposing results.


Rather than wait for Isis to find him, Jim resolved that he would have to surrender to her at a time that he would find convenient.  Antiope would necessarily find some considerable influence with the Amazons and unite them, so Jim could spirit them all away in a single strike.  Helen would unite the Greeks and destroy this empire which was under so much influence of this very subtle, yet bold, invasion.   She knew in order to do this, she would be forced to seduce a very powerful Greek king.


To the trio, creating history was not a matter of following the history books.  Rather it was a game of masquerading their campaign tactics so that history would never reveal the true nature of their mission.  There would never be any proof of their involvement, only hearsay.


"Antiope, Helen,  I find that I need to divert my attentions elsewhere.  Do you think that you can survive in this present time without my supervision.  Genie advises that you both are quite comfortable with your present environment."


Helen was the first to respond. "You are right, Jim.  You don't have to babysit us.  I am very much amazed at the accuracy of Genie's virtual reality simulation.  I would very much like to play out the episodes that Genie has shown as probable.  If all works out as planned, you will be whisking me away from the ruined embattlements of Troy as I herald destruction of the Hittite empire."


Antiope was less reserved.  "Well Jim you must slay the bull, and elope with me.  What are you to do with Athens?"

"The same as we shall do with America, let them rule themselves."


"You are such an incurable rebel, Jim.  Everyone knows that democracy doesn't work, and man needs a good mother image."

"Men are exceedingly proud, Antiope.  They want mother to admire their demonstrations of genetic superiority.  They have an instinct to look like good sons."


"You can't tell anything about instinct that I don't already know, Jim boy.  Isis is calling for you.  We both hear her. She can sense your presence. We are going to have to part paths Jim or else risk discovery."


“Jim, before you go, can you leave us the Flying Dutchman so we can have some transportation? It would not be a proper vacation if we could not sail the waters to enjoy ourselves.”


“Only, if you allow no passengers.”


“We can live with that.”


“Avoid sea combat.”


“That will take away some fun, but OK.”


“No motor power, only sails or oars.”


“Can we have oarsmen for our oars?”


“I’ll automate the oars for your convenience. After all, since our Dutchman is a ghost ship it will be alright to have ‘invisible oarsmen’ . …. And No passengers!”


“What is our safe sailing area?”


“Your choice, but I recommend exploring  from Ephesus to Colchis. You will pass by Troy. If you go by land anywhere, you can have the Dutchman meet you near a port. Take a rowboat to meet the ship for boarding, or you may have someone bring you, but they may not board.”


“Does that mean that we will have some gadgets on the ship.?”


“Of course you will, my dears!  I would not wish to leave you defenseless. You’ll have access to your favorite conveniences and some extra customized tools provided by our Genie.”


Antiope loved the ship. She asked about an obviously needed feature. “Invisibility?”


“I’m glad you asked that. Well, as a ghost ship, invisibility comes as a standard option. Antiope, the belt that you wear controls your access to the Dutchman. As it will be invisible to the outside observer most of the time and you need to have control of its location, we have a voice unit receiver incorporated into your belt to communicate with the ship. Your girdle also provides you with a defensive barrier from any undesired outside force. If they strike and hit you,, all they strike is your hologram as Genie will be protecting you through your defensive shield when activate.”


Helen pouted. “Don’t I get a girdle and a shield?”


“I am not certain that fits into your image as Helen of Troy. Certainly no man would attack you. However, you can wear my ring to protect you. It too will respond to your voice. ”


Jim pulled out from his hat two crystal balls. “You can use these to talk to one another if you are separated. You don’t have to be live. The messaging service works nicely when needed.”


“How about weapons, Jim.  What are we allowed to use?”


“What would you like? Bullets are a no-no.”


Antiope thought for a minute. “I do not want my bow to miss her target then.”


“Done. Anything else. “


“I want to throw fire at my enemy for short range combat.”


“Here is a multifunction axe for you. It will chop wood like butter and will emit a high voltage spark to immobilize or kill any enemy. This little knob will adjust the induced voltage for you. It has a range of 20 yards, but the effect will  be reduced  by the inverse square of the distance as is standard by radiation laws. The closer your victim, the greater the punch. If they are at zero range, it is very easy to kill your enemy and your girdle will protect you from any shock. ”


“Wicked” I love it.”


“For you , Helen, here is a little dagger that will do the same thing. Your ring protects you, and can also be used to activate a defensive shield for yourself which no mass may penetrate other  than the air you may breathe and it will protect you from poison gases even then.”


“Jim, the dagger is beautiful. Thank you very much.”


“I want you to rest assured that I shall not allow any harm to come to you two girls during your vacation. You are aware that you must assume command of some Amazon camps, Antiope. The stun weapon which will kill men may only immobilize them, but it will get their respect . Paradox avoidance disallows you to kill a fellow Amazon with these devices, but it will knock them out for perhaps a day or two, long enough for you to do your business and not worry about them.”


The girls as usual were happy with the few extra provisions. Before parting , Jim made just a few more comments.

“Any gold you may need, you can get from the safe on the Flying Dutchman. It will be full of one ounce gold disks that you may use as currency. You may use the gold to buy what you need. You’ll be more than ready to confront any of the forces of Isis.”


Jim would soon part with Antiope and Helen after this moment.  Fatally attractive and armed to the teeth with the magic of Isis, these ladies would prove fatal to anyone who dared crossed their paths.  Who would protect Antiope and Helen?  These two great Amazon Captains, the champion hunters of their own world had little to fear from the somewhat more primitive Anatolia society. Rather we should say, who or what can protect any Earth creature from these two.  Only on this primitive Earth, there would be no mass communication to broadcast any of their indiscretions.  Certainly these ladies had the potential of being treated as a goddesses, but Jim exclusively forbade any such thoughts, and threatened either of them with abandonment if they dared act otherwise. 


"We don't want you girls violating history nor your roles if you find that you are successful.  Remember what Genie showed you in the simulations. I'll be back for you Antiope when you have united the Amazons.  They shall attack us when they learn of your treachery in which case Isis should be aware that you perish.  She forgets to say how I rescue you.  We forgot to tell her that part."


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