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As the cutter turned away, Jim slowed down to twenty knots and made his way north. Genie continued probing earth's communication networks. The military command networks were of extreme importance to him. He had to know what earth was capable of seeing. With a little skill, he would be able to juggle the network to keep his progress unobserved. He was fully aware that he was unobserved. He decided to let up the guard for the moment as he expected no further problems, and it didn't seem to bother him to let the authorities know where his boat was located. 


"Genie, release the satellite masking fields." 


The Air Force was most grateful to receive full control of all their satellites again. An intense watch was maintained on the progress of the little Mermaid as she made her way north. A land-based missile was then targeted and launched while the missile headed Jim's way.


"Genie, they're toying with us. They apparently want to see how we defend ourselves and the means we use. Use the same frequency scan return as before and scramble the missile's guidance system, now! The missile will go out of control and they will have to destroy it themselves. If anything goes wrong, take out the satellites and move us to a random isolated spot in the Pacific ocean. Ensure there are no close up scans of our new location before taking us there. Then release satellite control and maintain EMF silence."


With systematic precision, Genie eliminated the missile's guidance system. The missile continued on course as the back-up guidance system switched on. This one was satellite controlled. Genie identified at once the command signal was a simultaneous transmission from several sources. As instructed, Genie blacked out satellite communications again and relocated the yacht 400 miles southwest of Hawaii. 


The colonel beamed with delight as he observed the missile locking in on the boat after the boat's attack had been foiled. This particular cruise missile had command switching capabilities. It was designed especially for EMF counterattacks. It had an unlimited potential of command protocols available. Ground control would be able to switch control channels at will. Colonel Greene was effectively flying the missile remotely. A joystick of significance was at his console if he so desired manual control. Of course, the game was up if the satellites were blacked out again, but how long would these strangers be able to maintain this electronic warfare? The little Mermaid appeared in the missile's camera image. Then a flash! All communications blacked out again. It was amazing how only selected communications were blacked out. With amazing precision, Jim had blacked out only those channels of communication that imaged the yacht. The interdimensional displacement unit, by its very nature, could selectively absorb any light energy directed towards its space. Also, the unit was about to transport location. This involved a secret Jim was just simply not going to allow to be filmed. Videotapes were rewound and played, but all images were blacked out. Seconds later, the pictures were back. Smoke from the missile's impact was visible. No yacht was seen. Apparently they had completely destroyed the yacht. Yet, oddly enough, there was not any debris. No abnormal equipment could be detected on the yacht before the blackout. Colonel Greene had every reason to believe that he had destroyed the yacht. It was nowhere to be found from all surface scans of the lake. Yet, there was no proof that he had really destroyed the boat because of the lack of debris. He didn't want to think about it any further. He wrote in the log that he believed the yacht to be destroyed by the missile. Cheers went up throughout the room as it also became apparent that their circuits were no longer being scanned. He anxiously awaited his relief by General Armstrong. He exhibited high morale and General Armstrong was delighted. The President still needed to talk to General Needhymen and the others involved to discuss the implications of this security breach. The watch-standers were relieved at this time and the Colonel reminded them about not discussing top secret information with anyone.


Chapter Sixteen 

The Flying Dutchman Part I

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