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Chapter Nine


Divine and Timeless Wisdom



Theseus smiled as he introduced the idea to Ariadne.  "A democracy is a system of government which gives no preference concerning whom you are when it comes to having your voice heard and honored.”


“I am not certain that I understand.” The novel idea confused Ariadne.


“It is a quite simple idea. The principle is that the law is not to be the arbitrary decision of one ruler, but should rather be a result of what can be seen as true independent of the observer. To accomplish this is actually impossible. There is then no guarantee any single system of rules or indeed any human ruler will always govern truly fairly. Cities and states actually evolve and cooperate into larger and larger groups until all people agree to follow the same laws of justice. Either that or they self-destruct.”


“That is silly. You will never get independent lords to agree on anything. Mankind will self-destruct without our guidance. Who could make the laws? How would it be ever possible to make decisions?”


“The people will meet together to discover and decide what is best for them. I shall introduce this concept to Athens and it will spread throughout the world.  Then Isis will need to allow these men of this earth to live independently. It is hoped that the majority of the people are sensible enough to act in the most reasonable manner and develop the power to better make fair decisions, and thus be able to save themselves from any self-induced crises. Perhaps I’ll see about helping if there becomes a problem that is really a little too much for them to handle. We are going to minimize our interference in these people’s lives.  I’ll just give them an idea now or then that they can chew on so as to make a decision.”


“I am still not certain that I understand.”


“If I introduce certain solutions to them, then they will be able to see and/or debate to use them to make laws. They will honor such laws much more reliably since such laws have been chosen to be reasonably valid by the majority of common men and not by the dictates of a few privileged princes. If human laws are constructed, flaws will be certain and provisions must be made that the least among men has the power to invalidate a law if the law can be proven to be unjustified.”


“Radical idea and too many vague concepts, Qblh, and it will never work. It seems too much like the old tribal way, rule of the community that has no interest concerning the affairs of the next city a day or two away. How could you ever expect a mob of common men to make perfectly balanced decisions about what should be law, and what should not?  I could only envision a set of chaotic laws with absolutely not an ounce of actual integrity. Certainly each city and state would create conflicting sets of laws. Conflict and wars would naturally arise, and there would be no authority to set matters straight.  I would rather live on Artemis than such a hell created by men, these men especially.  They are so barbaric and stupid.”


“Isis has already volunteered to step in and set matters straight. She seems to think that they will destroy themselves. With respect to the different cities, I would have an elected representative of each of the city states meet before me, and I would have them decide amongst themselves what laws they could agree to hold in common.”


“Well, I am sure she is right; she always is. This is the wager you have with her?  What must you do when you lose?”


“I hadn’t considered losing, and she reserved the right to name the prize after her victory.”


“What do you stand to win?”


“Freedom for this planet’s men.”


“And no freedom for the women?”


“Well, a woman has just mas much to say as a man, she has an equal voice.  Freedom for the men and women of this planet.”


“Hah! Now you are really pipe dreaming, Qblh.  I know the men of this planet well enough already that they would never treat women as equals.”


“Ariadne, you are playing word games with me. I deal with realities. I can make it work.  Antiope never believed that I would kill the Minotaur either, yet the head of the beast is currently in my hand. I go to Athens as Theseus, and you are going home to Artemis with your Dionysus, son of Persphone, my son.  I will have to leave you on an isle where he shall join you later. Dionysus cannot meet me at this time.  Keep him out of trouble and don’t let him out of your sight. I shall retrieve you both when it is time to leave. Do we need to visit Minos one more time?”


“Please no, I want more time with you. Do not abandon me! I love you much more than anyone else. Certainly you can make more time for me; you who master time can do that for me, please?”


“What of Persephone’s son?”


“Certainly you would know more of Persephone’s son than I. After all, he is your son.”


“I haven’t met him yet. How do you tell me of the child of Persephone when I have not yet know of any birth of any son to her by me?”


“You are a time traveler, my lord, and so must be he, I would expect if he were, will be or is your son.  Nevertheless, I have met him.”



“Odd indeed, but I have intentions of meeting with Antiope after I leave this island. I do have certain restrictions of where I must be next.”


“Next? What is next to you, a time traveler?  You could easily fit a lifetime of love between you and me between here and the next island by sweeping me away to a time of our own.”


“I must return you to Artemis. You have no history beyond now.”


“As you wish, my lord, but consider my request as my dearest wish when you decide to remove me from this earth.”


“I shall, Ariadne. Consider yourself in a win-win situation.”


“Be known to you my lord, I shall love no other before you, so I shall certainly accept no man lest he be you or your son.”


“Tell me this, Ariadne. How is it that you say my son, this child of Persphone, is the one who takes you away.”


“Certainly you know, my lord. The Akhashic records.”


“They are but myths, misinterpretations of what really happened.  I am seeing what actaully occurred.”


“As you are acting out in accordance with the holy records, my lord Qblh.”


“Am I, and without my knowledge.”


“Yet you act out your historic role to perfection, so well that we know your actions before they happen.”


“Tell me no more, Ariadne. I do not wish to know what I shall do. Such knowledge would be deadly to myself, although it may mean salvation and hope to you and your sisters.”


“Oooh, the prophecies would say that you would say that, and I get to be the one to record it!  Truly remarkable! I shall most certainly honor you wish and tell you no more. I shall gladly honor all your requests. I love you intensely, my Thesues, and that will be a recorded fact from this time and forever more.”




Jim reflected upon all that Ariadne had revealed to him. He feared for his future. The future course of timed events he would have to experience seemed impossible to accomplish.  Certainly there would be a lot of wisdom in a decision to retreat to Artemis and time travel no more. When would he be able to retire?  He envied his father now, who had evidently seemed to retire so effectively with Aphrodite.  Where were they now?  “Now” was meaningless.  Perhaps he and Isis would need to retire in a similar fashion, and he knew she would know that.  Whatever he did with Persephone, Antiope, Ariadne or Helen, his bond to the queen of Venetia would be forever, and he would be able to navigate time and space with ultimate grace.


“We do owe Minos a parting word. I believe he needs to reconfirm his new treaty with my new kingdom, and perhaps I can arrange a few last minute revisions.  There is no need to leave the palace as if fleeing, but I shall leave with all honor due along with an apology to me from his highness.”


“An apology from him? I also scarcely believe he will bless my departure.”


“Come now, Ariadne.  I hardly think that this mortal king has any authority over a noble Amazon high priestess like yourself.”


“Be wary of the king, Theseus.  He fears you now and would see you dead if he could.”


“My defenses are second to none, dear Ariadne.  Shall we go see what your old king has to say?”


Ariadne signaled for her attendants.  Swiftly they attended to her and a message was quickly sent to the king demanding an audience.  The response was equally swift, and a royal escort announced its presence to accompany Ariadne and her new consort to Minos.


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