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Chapter XXXII

The Ten of Wands






The Fires have done their job so  well that nothing but ashes are left.


An Intermission During an Alien Epic Story and Human Progress?


Perhaps it may be enlightening to understand what occurred after Qblh had made his visit to Santorini. Isis, our heroine after becoming informed of the Ayesha episode intensified her continuous scans of Earth, while Pegasus orbited Earth concealed within a hyperspace bubble. Such a bubble allowed her to experience a displacement through time independent of the local Earth time.  The nature of Qblh’s displacement unit allowed him to slip into and out of local Earth time without her noticing. He would also be aware she would be scanning for traces of his appearances.


Most certainly the eruption of Santorini attracted her attention, so much so that she chose that occasion to establish a new base at a location known later as Ephesus. An island nearby would be established as a secure Amazon base from which she could coordinate on Earth Amazon surveillance.


She landed a priestess in Nubia to coordinate the civilization of the local natives as a strategy to renew the life of the Nile Valley to renew prosperity. After Santorini, the old regime in Egypt was essentially finished as famine, plague and local warlords deprived the lower  Nile of any chances of prosperity. Where the local economy had failed, warfare flourished. . The warriors of Anat overwhelmed Avaris and Memphis to come to the gates of Thebes when Isis herself made a physical appearance in Thebes so as to restore the faith of the remnant  of Egypt. Concealing her identity among a company  of her Amazon priestess guards, she allowed Nepthys to speak for her and demonstrate her authority and power. With a little help the Theban prices managed  to counter the warriors of Anat as Isis herself took back into custody Anat so as to end her Earth assignment with great honor.


 Prioritizing, she did not wish the memory to be forgotten. She also wished to make a more detailed search of Earth during an attempt to find her brother, who had secretly made last landfall in Mexico, and was now gone to somewhere else in time.


Isis did not approve of human sacrifice to idols. When men were sacrificed for Amazon procreation, it was necessary and then and only then was it acceptable to her. The Hyksos of the North practiced human sacrifice to Baal, and the legend of a male god who had arrived to perform miracles at Santorini so as to save the people certainly came to her attention. This being was not any Baal. It was her brother and she knew it. However he had disappeared after the eruption of the volcano and had not been seen or heard of since. The remnants of Crete and the Santorini nobility established themselves into a new Phoenician federation. Isis infiltrated their dominion with her priestesses and reestablished some measure of control. She also knew her brother was somewhere, and certainly not dead. The thought that he had slipped into hyperspace had certainly not slipped her mind, and she reasoned that was where he was hiding as she maintained a vigilant watch for him.  She was now alert to the fact that he could reappear any time on Earth at will, but would be not doing anything different than what she could perform employing the power of Pegasus. Being now aware of his game of hide and seek, she could play the same game, and but exercise control of Earth from strategic locations while tracking him. 


With the presence of Isis on Earth, the planet certainly existed under the umbrella of her authority as she coexisted with Earth in time and space.  Her base at Ephesus coordinated the activities of the locals to build a new Phoenician fleet of ships so as to aid her to search for any presence of her brother and also to restore the prosperity of those who honored the requests of her local field agents. It was still the custom of her field agents to choose a male “king” to act as her local commander. For a period of time Isis and her priestesses coordinated the activities of a multitude of city states. Frequently the male kings of Earth exercised authority in a fashion which was really quite brutal by modern day standards, but for Isis this was nothing new. She was quite aware of human nature after having so much experience training them not to be ape men. From her perspective the humans were   just leaving their animal stage in the process of evolution. She had existed for centuries, never aging, and the life span of these evolved apes was still only a few decades. To her Earth was now simply another planet within her empire and she was exercising control of Earth at will.


Periodic human sacrifice would still be exercised but no for a cause that Isis found unacceptable. It was not beyond her to enslave those that she did not wish to kill, but instead keep under a protective umbrella of slavery where they were obliged to obey the commands of their masters. Her authority was then easily delegated out and enforced.  Her field agents dictated the orientation of the palaces towards the communities, and they did not wield central authority but rather secured the cooperation needed to arrange intercommunity affairs.  Those who strictly obeyed her high priestesses were allowed to not be slaves. Those who obeyed her where also given servants to command free themselves of some of the otherwise unpleasant tasks required for conducting business.


Being aware of the potential reappearance of Qblh at any moment in time, she would periodically recall her Venetian officials relieving them of their assignments. They would then rejoin the crew of the Pegasus and fresh agents were assigned.

The old dynasties of Egypt would be ended, but isis simply used Amazon DNA to establish new Egyptian royal dynasties.  All the empires enslaved the less privileged at the time of the Santorini explosion and for a few generations thereafter. Wars of conquest were exercised not only for material resources but also to find cheap labor.


The Phoenicians needed their oarsmen.


The Egyptians needed their monument builders.


The Hyksos controlled the trade routes between Babylon and the Mediterranean fleets.


With respect to the stars, the Babylonians were a little more knowledgeable concerning astronomy than Egypt.  Their writing system described the motion of the stars in an organized manner which facilitated navigational skills. This knowledge was vital to the Phoenicians with regard to their ability to command the Mediterranean trade routes and command the coastal cities.  Such knowledge set the abilities of the literate Phoenician captains several generations ahead of the competition.


Legend has it that it was the children of Esau who were the Hyksos, and Esau himself was indeed the first Hyksos king, but history has wiped out the memory and the record of any such possibility. I shall not speculate too much concerning the relationship between Joseph and  Esau, but onsidering the legend and history we may speculate that the children of Esau used the chariot to become kings to rule the land of Egypt until Thebes and Isis managed to drive them out.  We may speculate that the children of Esau may have accepted the Baal god of the Canaanites as acceptable as they combined forces in an attempt to conquer Egypt. Others may consider the Hyksos as children of Ishmael with Salitis as their first sultan.  We can also simply cosider the Hyksos the Amorite kings who were seeking a new kingdom after being driven out from Babylon. These new Hyksos kingss respected neither the meomry of Joseph nor the symbols of the Egyptin kingdom which they had conquered. With great delight they defaced the great monuments of Egypts and looted the ancient tombs of their treasures where they could. They did fail to take advantage of  some of the advances concerning agricultural techology and worked to make war so as to deprive Egypt of her agricultural resources. A certain amount of famine and disease became epidemic bringing much instability to the Nile Vallet afeter Salitis. The children of Israel won out in the end, but that was not before enduring slavery under the rule of the Hykos dring Salitis and after and then under their Egyptian conquerors.


Qblh decided to not involve himself in the politics of those times and would actually not reappear until sometime around 1200 BC which is after the time of Moses during this particular time stream in which he was undertaking. It may be interesting however to recall a few events which occurred during that period.


The oppression of slavery would not end an time soon, but it seemed that the oppression from the arbitrary commands of pharaohs and kings would undergo some major setbacks. Qblh would reappear to play the role of Theseus to introduce the concept of democracy, or so legend would have it.


Moses would introduce a new and powerful faith in the One that Qblh would refer to as Yaohushua, but that is simply a nickname for Him from the perspective of Lazarus, as he remembered who he really was.. The reality and fear of of G-D woud never escape Qblh as he experienced his journeys. 


Qblh would always act to combat the oppression of arbitrary and misguided human authority. He would do the same concerning the arbitrary and rule of Isis.  To do so was simply his logical nature. The epic struggle between the ying and yang of these two would persist throughout the centuries of the galactic Venetian empire .  During all this time, neither Isis  nor Qblh ever aged using relative or  traditional Earth time. They may have been considered gods by the Earth primitives, but they were not gods.


They were simply extraterrestrials from another star system light years from Earth who possessed  the ability to time travel and transit galactic space using a very short “time span” in order to do so.

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