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The Empress

Chapter Four






Isis signaled to Sophia to prepare for the procession to the Pleasure Dome. Tears filled her eyes as she spoke to him. The elders had informed her that Qblh would disappear shortly after his time in the Pleasure Dome. She pleaded for more time with Qblh. The presentation of the twins years earlier had resulted in the mysterious disappearance of John. Rumor had it that Qblh would imitate his father. Isis was certain that Earth would be the destination. Whatever destiny shall bring, she would have to accept.


"We have lived here joyously where we chased our youth, lived happily with the birds and the flowers, enjoying our place in nature. We have chased every course imaginable with still many more to go. Our lives have run together intertwined and inseparable, nurturing and supporting all those we encounter. I love this serene world on which I live. I shall not give up my Artemis nor Xanadu. I shall remain here transfixed under the stars, affixed to this time in which I belong. You Qblh are destined to roam the stars and time itself. For fear of Our Lord, we know you dare not transgress the laws of time and space if ever you wish to return home. I shall always seek your return my love.


Forever, I shall wait here for you. Forever! My love!"


The Great Hall darkened as the ceiling glowed. All understood that the great Qblh would be departing again, but this time, Xanadu would approve and would not interfere. Isis continued her oration.


"The winds whisper to my ear of our times of perfect happiness. Our Earth was our Eden, forever lost to us. We can not regain paradise. Pharos is gone and must not be brought back. We must not repeat our past mistakes. Yet we must fulfill our destiny! Remembrance has come, and with it the voice of duty. Seeing what has happened and where I am today, it is clear that my place is with my people."


Walking towards Qblh, she tenderly kissed him, and shot her love into his eyes.


"You must leave, my love; it's in your blood. The sea, the stars, the great unknown, it's yours to explore. The chains of time and space can not bind you. My heart shall always follow you. Though you may part from me, you shall forever be mine."


Qblh sang back to her.


"The light is mine, it draws me and consumes me.

I have made a secret door into the House of Space and Time.

I am prepared for the venture. I am united with Earth yet dwell not there.

I shall walk between these two lands under shroud of secrecy and by my will."


Isis responded.


"For now we are joined together as the equinox of our wills becomes manifest. Xanadu rejoice in our marriage.!"


Sophia took her cue.


"It feels like love! Let us celebrate life! Let us partake of the sacraments."


The virgins who had danced in the procession filed to the throne, each presenting Qblh a rose, a kiss and receiving the queen's blessings. Disrobing before the royalty each sipped from the cup Qblh shared with them. Each maiden then kissed the feet of the children and was then escorted to the Pleasure Dome to await Qblh.


Isis then drew Qblh to her side and he kissed her as the dew of her scent bathed his body in ecstasy.


"I am divided for the sake of love and for our union. I must follow the ordeals that pursuit of knowledge inevitably brings. It is my faith that the joys which are the result of this love will redeem us of our pain. This is my gift to you and my people."


"O Queen of the lusts of flesh!

 O Queen of all the starry lands!

 O Mistress of the Night!

 How well you control the flames of passion!

 Bedecked in jewels and fine riches, you shine in splendor.

 Sorceress of the Blood of Life!

 Yet I must abandon the easy.

 I must follow the difficult, and eat not the best.

 I have enjoyed the taste of all things, but desire the taste of nothing.

 There you are standing between the gates of Light and Darkness

 Under the Shadow of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

 Your fruit to man is death as you entice his life from him.

 You entice me, I resist."


She laughed at him, and signaled for the guards to bind him and lead him to the Pleasure Dome.


"Understanding, O fool that thou art, is ignorance. Fire consumes water, and water quenches the fire. I shall consume your will, and your love shall quench my desire. Seek the Crown of Truth and be ensnared by falsehoods. In the web of my tongue you are caught and the breath of my mouth shall ensnare you. For Time shall be given to thee to seek all things Yet thy understanding will be dashed against the Rocks of your own Doubt."


Then she blew into his mouth the nectar of ambrosia. Qblh drank in the breath of her lips as her spells took effect on him.


"You who have conquered time and space must learn to know my body. My people must feel your blood. You shall fondle us as your lovers and you shall share with us your vision of time and space. Together we shall be inseparable even though the stars and the aeons maintain us apart. So shall we possess each other..Come prepare the feast in the halls of the Twilight!"


The Hall cheered, for a night of celebration had been ordained. Isis led Qblh into her great brothel, the Pleasure Dome. Gemini 1 and Gemini 2 very effectively conducted Qblh in the proper direction. Tonight's sacrifice would be very special indeed!

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