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Chapter XXXVI

     The King of Wands






The final eruption of Thera would bring the end to the Minoan dominance in the region as well as the decline of its ally, Egypt. It was Jim's impression that this would be the best time for the Hebrews to stage the Exodus, and he of course desired to witness the event.  It was possible for Jim to simultaneously exist at the same time in two different spatial locations, being in ghost mode; although there could be some argument as to whether being in ghost mode counts as existence since there is no material trace, which is the meaning of ghost mode. So whether Jim was really at the palace or ever even witnessed the Exodus could be a matter of opinion since he never materialized in bodily form on either occasion, but that remains yet to be told. Still, there can be no doubt that Jim witnessed both events since his time-travelling escapade granted him awareness of the facts while he witnessed the events via "Idiot's interfacing", or so he thought.


That night, Jim flew to Egypt and discovered Moses at the burning bush again along with his Visitor. The nature of the time warp which brought him to this time also made Jim aware of his previous self as he collided with this time zone, only to bounce back a few years previous to materialize. This time, being in ghost mode, Jim relived the event, but this time he was on the same local time and lived through the occasion again bearing witness to this momentous encounter between man and his God. Being invisible and having no true body form, some could consider that Jim too was in communion with this Holy Spirit which Moses trembled before. Jim held the same reverence and was trembling a little himself as well, in the spiritual sense, since he had no body to speak of. He also realized that a multitude of spirits was present, each apparently from a different time as well, just like himself. It would even be possible that there would be several versions of himself visiting at that moment. Jim tried not to confuse himself too much with the dynamics involved; he just gave due respect and felt privileged to be a witness.


Indeed Hatshepsut, no longer ruled and her stepson true to form had been a very nasty tyrant. What transpired afterwards is history to some an apparent myth to others, but Jim would know the facts and would be able to base his judgment now on facts and not hearsay. 1312 BC would be a bad year for tyrants. It seems that a clean sweep was about to be made and Jim was still responsible for returning all Amazons back to Artemis and bringing to a close the domination of goddess worship.


In the ghost mode, the passage of time is greatly accelerated and Jim soon found himself well into the future of his last body state. He had limited success in marking the dates of the primary events. In this way, he hoped to be able to determine the correct time to visit Minos and Crete.


After witnessing the future of Earth's past and by not interfering in anyway, Jim would make some navigational corrections, because of this new data. The eruption of Thera would create a power vacuum because of the end of Dagon and Minos. Rameses enraged by the disappearance of the Israelite slaves would rage on into Canaan and hunt them throughout his lifetime, but he would never find them. Other nations would suffer his range as he relentlessly made new conquests for Egypt. Unfortunately after Hatshepsut there were no more Amazons and the long bloodline of the Pharaohs had come to an end well before Moses. The Egyptian Princess Tiaa did have royal Amazon blood within her though, but did not have a son by Amenhotep III as sex with him would be fatal for him. She chose to raise him as Thutmose intending him to be Pharaoh.


Princess Tiaa’s grandmother, Tiaa was the only known wife of Amenhotep, and she was the mother of the next pharaoh, Thutmose IV.  It remains unclear as to the exact reason Thutmose IV ordered the infanticide, but it is clear that he missed his mark.


Indeed Horemheb had not been a true Pharaoh. Like the 16th and some other dynasties, he had no Amazon blood in him. It was for this reason, Isis preferred Hatshepsut to rule. All the remaining available hybrid-Amazon males died on the Passover, so there was no true blood pharaoh to rule after Moses left.


 Hatshepsut clearly had the right to create a crown prince, and she had planned on having this child by Xiang. Isis clearly had extended her blessing for such a union. Unfortunately, Jim intercepted Isis and Xiang before such occurred. Hatshepsut had declined all human partners to create the next pharaoh and clearly Xiang had been the intended father. By some trick of circumstance Isis had even considered giving the throne to Nefurer's foster son, Moses, but he had betrayed the goddess and murdered an Egyptian slave master. Thutmoses's conquests would not hold up. He would simply loot his conquests and concentrate his new wealth by defacing Hatshepsut's monuments in an attempt to magnify himself.


The remainder of the evacuees from Thera which did not cross the Atlantic with Jim would return to the Easterm Mediterranean region after the smoke cleared and begin to invade the coastal lands to find new homes.. Foolishly Thutmoses preferred not to negotiate treaties with these former allies and instead made enemies with them as he did all foreigners. He constantly harassed them by invading and looting their coastal acquisitions. It was the Egyptian haterd for foreigners after the decline of the Hyksos which brought this fate upon Egypt. The Hebrews tired of being treated as lesser citizens, as slaves in fact, were only too glad to be rid of Egypt's yoke. These Phoenicians or Philistines would flourish in spite of Thutmoses continuous warmongering.


Yet for forty years the Israelites would be concealed from Rameses until he died. His conquests never amounted to a thing, because he still realized that he had confronted the Living God and Egypt had been humiliated by mere slaves. Pharaoh was no god and all knew it, and neither were any of his sons. Egypt's state religion was proven phony and the pharaohs would have greater difficulty proving their divine right to rule. The people also would always rebel as soon as he withdrew his armies. He made a tremendous effort to conceal all traces of this embarrassment with the Israelites so that it would never show upon Egyptian records. For the forty years of his rein, Egyptian scribes and artisans were vigilantly at work erasing records of the Israelites and Hatshepsut.


While in ghost-mode Jim did not follow time sequentially from our point of view because he time warped several times to view the events. After learning much, it was his time to return to his body and Jim rematerialized on a backstreet in Colchis. Before he was returned however, he was admonished to serve not as the emissary to Isis. Effectively his mission to eliminate the advocates of goddess worship had been upgraded.


"Well that pretty well determines what kind of approach we are going to take with the Israeli-Palestinian problem, Idiot."


"Pardon, Jim? I am not sure I understand."


"Have we not verified certain Biblical facts?"


"I am not certain I understand, Jim."


"What is wrong with your memory banks, Idiot. Don't you have any record of my displacement to Egypt while in ghost mode?"


"I was not able to effect the transfer, Jim. There seemed to be a glitch which I haven't been able to decipher. You only now just returned to consciousness. I am afraid you blacked out immediately after the aborted transfer. I don't understand, Jim. This is the first time that I have failed to implement an intended execution, but it is also odd, that things are as they would have been as if you succeeded in the transfer. Apparently for some reason it was not necessary. It is curious, Jim. Do I need a tune-up?"


Jim became aware that his artificial intelligence unit was not to be given access to his most recent episode. Jim did not believe that he had dreamed these visions, but believed instead that Yaohushua had demonstrated that He too had a very advanced "merkabah unit" which made Genie seem like a toy. Apparently this seemed to indicate that he should return to the future and disregard and neutralize anti-Israeli sentiments to a certain extent with regard to the Palestinian problem. Both Muslim and Jew would be required to live as neighbors or reap the wrath of God. If either party, being stubborn, could not accept their own shortcomings by remaining deceived by false prophets and other anti-Christian beliefs, then unfortunately much more suffering could be expected in the future. How much of an apocalypse would it be too shatter the beliefs of billions? To Jim what the world believed now or in the future was immaterial. What the world believed was the deceiver of all. Jim appreciated the fact that realization of the truth is not easy nor are facts ever clearly apparent, so it would be imperative to assist those who strayed out of ignorance with patient love and not try to beat them into submission with a savage display of power, strength, or tyrannical authority.


It seemed that Jim was to be nothing more than a watchman for the twenty-first century and he would be responsible for giving Earth a helping hand. Jim would finish his vacation with Helen and Antiope, return to Artemis and Earth, and then see what he could accomplish.


It was odd, Jim thought, that he should worry about what would happen 3500 years from now as if it would be tomorrow. Yet that was almost exactly his situation. He knew very well by now that he was the king who ruled the two kingdoms, and the Pharaohs indeed lived their lives in a manner that Isis wished Jim to rule. Yet being the Pharaoh to Earth did not suit Jim's tastes. He thought that it would be a pleasant little joke against Isis to pull a grand power play of his own. He would establish democracy as an ideal for humanity rather than the kind of authoritarian rule which Isis preferred. He could also make side trips to other parts of this ancient world to witness some events which he wished to view. He thought of Israel and his obligation to that nation in the twenty-first century. He considered the option of visiting the time of Muhammad as well so that he could best determine as to how to assist these warring factions to resolve their differences. He had no doubt in his mind that he would be permitted to witness htese events, just as he had been permitted to visit the Nativity as well as the Burning Bush.


He had made the second visit in the spirit, that is, via ghost mode. Jim could not underestimate now the power of his Dimensional Controller nor the power of the technology which made it all possible. Even more so, he definitely could not underestimate the power of Yaohushua, Who now seemed to have befriended him. Was it Jim's own wish or was it the power of this powerful God which inspired him with such passion to visit the earthly manifestation of His Son, perhaps even to be his close friend. Would it be possible that he could be one of his friends in recorded history, but if so who? This possibility would never slip away from Jim's imagination, and would indeed be a primary motivational factor as he would navigate himself through time.


Jim reconsidered his position in time. The riddle to resolve the differences between warring powers and their seed seemed to be his task, and now it even seemed plausible. What was a distant impossibilty to him as a schoolboy on Artemis was now but a technical fine tuning. Genie's remarkable circuits saved him from having to perform these tasks repetitively, but one should never underestimate how much additional power this gave Jim. His immediate task now was to get Medea and the fleece to Greece. Medea could choose her king when she got there. Jason would undoubtedly dump Medea when he would discover that she would not have sex with him. It would not be difficult for Medea to set up another as a consort who she could set up as king. It mattered not who she chose. Jim would eventually arrive posing as Theseus to set up a new form of government. He knew this would delight Antiope to no end, and Helen would certainly burn with excitement as she awaited her turn as the queen of Troy, and their trip to Paris afterwards. Antiope would arrive back in the future with an entirely new appreciation for democracy, and would certainly prosper quite well in her future relations with the Americans.


He would need to find the Argonauts.




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