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Chapter LXVII

The Three of Pentacles


Earth Understands the Need of Creation

  In Order to Proceed



Our travellers wil conveniently avoid the reign of Hremheb and Rameses, and it is unclear when Antiope and Hellen joined the Amazon tribe. After watching the dimwitted step brother to Moses, Akhenaten and Son rule, Xuang, as Ay, and Tiye woukld depart leaving the tyrant Horemehb to rule. Hormeheb's only son died from a curse Moses placed upon all of Egypt. The first born son of his general Rameses also perished from the same curse. Rameses kept up the search until the battle of Kadesh. After his retreat to Egypt from kadesh, Joshua would be able to settle the tribes into the Promised Land for the first time.


For forty years Rameses pursued them utnil Kadesh forced his armies home. Around  1319 C, a large group of slaves had made an exodus from Egyyptt whilee a pursuin Rameses was nevera able to find them. In In the  latter years of his realm, word came to him about tribes related to the slaves who were invading and setling in the highlands of the Levant.  They were also warring with the Sea People, the Phillistines, who were setling on the shores of the Easteern Mediterranean. 


Troy had not yet fallen and Crete still had a lot of power as could be seen by the prolific establsihment of their colonies on the sea coasts of the mediterranean. The city states of Greece paid tribute ot the King of Crete. As Egypt grew weaker, the strengh of these navigational elite compounded.


Qblh wouldn't have rematerialized on Earth to jon the Argonauts until after the death of Rameses.



Qblh reflected on the message that he had received during his encounter with his God.


   "Now they shall know that everything you have is a gift from Me,

     for you have relayed on to them the commands I gave to you;

    and they shall accept them

      and know for sure

that you came down to earth from  Me,

     and they shall believe I sent You.

          Your plea shall not be for the world

    but for those I have given you

    because they belong to Me. 

And all of them,

since they are yours, belong to Me;

and I shall give them back to you with

everything else of Mine,

and so they are your glory!


Now you shall be leaving the world,

and leaving them behind,

 and coming to Me. 

YÁOHU Abú hol-Hodshúa (Holy Father),

keep   them safe by the power of My own Shúam (Name) -

the Shúam I gave you -

so that they will be ONE

just as WE are,

with none missing.


During your time here you shall protect them and keep them safe

by that Shúam (Name) I gave you. 

you guard them so that not one  perishes,

except the son of hell,

as the Scriptures foretold.


          And now you are coming to me. 

You will tell them many things while you  shall be with them

so that they will be filled with My joy.

     I shall give to them 

And the world hates shall hate your command

     because they don't fit in with it

, same way that you shall not fit into their world.


          I'm not asking You to take them out of the world,

     but to keep them safe from ha-sahtán's power. 

They are not part of this world any more than I am. 

Make them pure and holy

     through teaching them Your words of truth.


          As I send you into the world,

I am dispatching them into the world,

and you shall  consecrate yourself to meet their need for growth

     in truth and holiness.


          You shall not praying for these alone

but also for the future believers who will come to

because of the testimony of these.


          Your  prayer shall be for ALL of them is that they will be ONE


Just as You are in Me and I am in You,

so they will be in US,

and the world will believe I sent You!


          You shall give them the glory I give you -

the glorious  unity of being One, as WE are -

You in them and I in thou, all

     being perfected into one -

so that the world will know I sent you

and will comprehend that I love them as much as I love you.


          You shall want them with you -

these I've given you -

     so that they can see My glory. 

I gave you the glory because

     I loved you before the world began!



Idiot confirmed the concentric proof of his experience as it presented excerpts from JOHN, Chapter Seventeen to confirm the authenticity of this experience. (N.B. - 'UL' means the All-Powerful Eternal Creator). 

It then came up with additional material concurring their existing time.


          Then YÁOHU UL said to Moses, 'Go back again and make your

     demand upon Pharaoh; but I have hardened him and his officials,

     so I can do more miracles which reveal My power.


          What tales you can tell your children and grandchildren

     about the incredible deeds I am doing in Egypt!


          Tell them what fools I made of the Egyptians, and how I

     proved to you that I am YÁOHU, the All-Powerful Eternal Creator.'


          So Moses and Aharón went to have another audience with

     Pharaoh and told him, 'YÁOHU, the UL of the Hebrews, asks, 'How

     long will you refuse to submit to Me?  Let My people go so they

     can worship Me.


          If you refuse, tomorrow I will cover the entire nation with

     a thick layer of locusts so you won't even be able to see the

     ground, and they will finish annihilating everything that escaped

     the hail.


          They will fill your palace, and the homes of your officials

     and all the houses of Egypt.  Never in the history of Egypt has

     there been a plague like this will be!'  Then Mehushúa stalked out.


          The court officials now came to Pharaoh and asked him,

     'Are you going to ruin us completely?  Don't you know even yet that

     all Egypt lies in ruins?  Let the men go and serve YÁOHU their UL!'


          So Moses and Aharón were brought back to Pharaoh.


          'All right, go and serve YÁOHU your UL!' he said.  'But just

     who is it you want to go?'


          'We will go with our sons and daughters, flocks and herds,'

     Mehushúa replied.  'We will take everything with us, for we must

     all join in the holy pilgrimage.'


          'In the Name of YÁOHU I will not let you take your little

     ones!'  Pharaoh retorted.  'I can see your plot!  Never!  You

     that are men, go and serve YÁOHU UL, for that is what you asked

     for.'  And they were driven out from Pharaoh's presence.


          Then YÁOHU UL said to Mehushúa, 'Hold out your hand over the

     land of Egypt to bring locusts - they will cover the land and eat

     everything the hail has left out.'


          So Mehushúa lifted his rod and YÁOHU UL caused an east wind

     to blow all that day and night; and when it was morning, the east

     wind had brought the locusts in.


          And the locusts covered the land of Egypt from border to

     border, it was the worst locust plague in all Egyptian history;

     and there will never again be another like it.


          For the locusts covered the face of the earth and blotted

     out the sun so the land was darkened; and they ate every bit of

     vegetation the hail had left out; there remained not one green

     thing - not a tree, not a plant throughout the land of Egypt!


          Then Pharaoh dispatched an urgent call for Mehushúa and

     Aharón and said to them, 'I confess my sin against YÁOHU your UL,

     and against you.  Forgive my sin only this once, and beg YÁOHU your

     UL to take away this deadly plague.  I solemnly promise that I will

     let you go as soon as the locusts are gone.'


          So Mehushúa went out from Pharaoh and entreated YÁOHU UL,

     and He sent a powerful wind that blew the locusts out into the Red

     Sea, so that there remained not one locust in all the land of Egypt!


          But YÁOHU UL hardened Pharaoh's heart and he did not let the

     people go.


          Then YÁOHU UL said to Mehushúa, 'Lift your hands to heaven,

     and darkness without a single ray of light will descend upon the

     land of Egypt.'


          So Mehushúa did, and there was thick darkness over all the

     land for three days.  During all that time the people barely moved

     - but all the people of Yaoshorúl (Israel) had light as usual.


          Then Pharaoh called for Mehushúa and said, 'Go and worship

     YÁOHU - but let your flocks and herds remain here; you can even

     take your children with you.'


          'No,' Mehushúa said, 'we must take our flocks and herds for

     sacrifices and burnt offerings to YÁOHU our UL.  Not a hoof shall

     be left behind; for we must have sacrifices for YÁOHU our UL, and

     we do not know what He will prefer until we get there.'


          So YÁOHU UL hardened Pharaoh's heart and he would not let

     them go.


          'Get out of here and don't let me ever see you again,'

     Pharaoh yelled at Mehushúa.  'The day you do, you shall die!'


          'Very well,' Mehushúa replied.  'I will never see you again.'


                                         Exodus 10, Holy Scriptures

                                             (Yaohúshua Version)




          Given to you in true love and deep humility, 'beh hol Shúam'

     (in the Name of) YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY - ahm-nów!


          Please always remember:


          "'YÁOHU' - this is My Name forever by which I am to be

     called, remembered from generation to generation." - Exodus 3:15,

     Holy Scriptures 



Jim reflected upon all these words and the period in Egypt Xuang would avoid..  He was curious as to whether Xuang would pass his test.  Jim remembered the collision which he had encountered the first time he had attempted materialization in this time period.  He remembered also the overwhelming power of the third encounter and how he and Idiot were powerless to counter the effects.



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