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Sophia, as high priestess to Isis spoke:


"Brethren, what is the hour?"


"It is the new moon and time for sacrifice."


"Brethren, what is the place?"


"Xanadu, the sacred mount where our lady resides."


"For what purpose are we gathered?"


"To honor and pay tribute to our queen these eighty-four new citizens shall be initiated into our midst. We ask the blessings of our queen to be conferred upon them, so that they may give our nymphs many children."


"Our Master of Time has rescued his beloved people from the restrictions of time itself. He is seated above to await his beloved whom we shall now prepare ourselves to receive. We stand united in our Love and Devotion of our one heart. He is to now be considered her equal and is to be conferred a new title as her spouse, and our king. Tonight we present to you the coronation of our Master."


Sophia signaled for the special effects to commence as she called for silence.


"Thy sister Sophia calls for thee,

O, Isis, hear us!

Thy city Xanadu calls for thee,

O, Isis hear us!

The world Artemis calls for thee

O, Isis hear us!

Thy empire Venetia calls for thee

O, Isis hear us! I,

Sophia Lilith Nepthys, Thy sister, love thee.

Bring Thy joy into the heart of Thy sister

O, Isis, hasten to us! Delay not!

For our hearts are open to receive thee.

Nepthys and Thy initiates await your presence."


By now the central illuminating orb was spinning wildly discharging a dazzling array of colors. The music in the background beckoned for a climax as Sophia went on.


"Queen of the heavens hear us!

Great mother of Artemis, hear us!

Bride, mother, and daughter of the Great One!

Pure you are and only he can love you!

Thy scarlet beauty dominates all beasts!

Thou radiant queen of beauty, hear us!

Thou who art crowned with the throne, hear us!

Thou who travels the stars, hear us!

Thou who rules the galaxies, hear us!

Thou our Lady of the amber skin. hear us!

Thou whose countenance is as grass refreshed by rain... hear us!

Thou Lady of Love and Victory!.... Hear us!

Thou crowned with Light, Life, and Love! Hear us.

We invoke thee to our presence."


Smoke and glitter announced the arrival of Isis as she made public her appearance.


Jim stood and faced her as the two powers met eye to eye. Her beauty was dazzling, but Jim's will held strong, as her thoughts were incapable of penetrating his mind. She knew that he, alone, stood free from her power. Still, she captivated his mind with her glance, and held his attention captive. She walked beside him and took his hand. She was dressed in her dazzling imperial white gown.


Before Xanadu, she proclaimed Jim as Qblh to all, thereby conferring upon him her counterpart title and endowing him with her Ring of Troth.bAs Qblh, Jim and Isis were equal in Xanadu and the empire, and they were by definition espoused to each other. Feeling her thoughts, Qblh smiled in compliance to Isis and accepted her blessings.


She smiled at him and then Qblh and Isis took their seats on the thrones of Xanadu. She then signaled for the children to be announced and silently communicated to Qblh to call Genie and have the children presented to the population. Qblh instructed Gemini to seek an oil lamp. Gemini immediately presented him with a golden oil lamp decorated with Isis logo


.Qblh smiled in return lit the lamp in full sight of all as he summoned Genie. In full sight of the entire court and visiting dignitaries from the smoke of the burning oil a figure evolved and responded to Jim.


"What is thy wish, Master?"


"Bring the children forth on either side of us, pyramidal exterior at her command."


The Box evolved into the shape of two small pyramidal shapes within a few feet of each throne. Idiot masked much of the shifting using smokescreen and by dimming the lighting. Sophia called for some music as Isis rose to proclaim that all should rejoice at the presentation of her children. Isis then spoke summoning Xiang and Xuang, (Ching and Jan), immediately to her side.


The children having been in many ceremonies before during their time on Earth behaved perfectly. Xiang went to the side of his father, and Xuang went to the side of her mother. Each child mimicked the countenance of their associated parent. Xuang had a very lovely smile while Xiang held a very somber appearance.


Qblh stood to address Xanadu. He announced his decision to go back in time and save mankind from the destruction that they had caused.


"The ultimate challenge is not to change Earth history as we know it. This shall require the most ultimate of finesse and the means by which this shall be accomplished must forever be shrouded in utmost respect and silence. This work, I am advised is of greater difficulty than our past accomplishments.


We are endowed by our Creator with a native intelligence which is responsive to our Creator's Will. We easily can find ourselves at odds with such Will. When we time-travel, we must try not to impose our will upon our environment, because we are really not meant to interfere. If we are destined to interfere, then we must fulfill our destiny. I share the throne with my Lady because she gives me no choice. I would rather be a free man. Yet I must submit my will to the interests of others. I am bound to serve. I shall live with you and those on Earth simultaneously soon in the future, after I have reconstructed the dimensional controller.


There is an individual in Earth's past that I wish to surrender my throne to, and I wish to pay Him tribute."


Isis scowled at Qblh, but then regained her smiling composure very quickly. She didn't entirely agree with Jim's intent to surrender the throne to anyone. It would be Xiang and Xuang's by right of inheritance. Who was this individual that Qblh felt deserved such honor?


Qblh went on."Certainly much harm has been created on Earth because of the false beliefs they have surmised concerning us. They know of us now, just as they have known about us in the past. If they revere us, then we must pay them reverence as well. We may never know if we are truly the same race as they. It may be possible that they predate us. Nor are we ever to know. The integrity of the Xanadu continuum shall remain stable. My lady indicates that she wishes to speak."

The High Priestess

Chapter Three

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