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Ace of Wands

Fire over Fire

The Root of the Power of Fire


Chapter Twenty-Three

Extreme Homeomorphism


Here we go back in time,

But as a result,

QBLH will encounters mortal injury.

He will not notice,

As it will slowly infect,

And with time indeterminate,

So is unknown

The time till his death.


At that moment the event horizon was crossed as all passengers lost consciousness. Just a fleeting second passed, and Jim awakened to find himself on what appeared to be a simple merchant boat. Idiot advised Jim that they had arrived. Below decks, the Flying Dutchman was provided with a Venetian interior with all the corresponding luxuries. Idiot had to maintain an artificial gravitational space in order to do so, but this was simply one of the many gravitational manifolds that Idiot had to maintain in order to store its massive reserves of antimatter and energy reserves. The current state of Idiot's power reserves would have given Jim enough power to bounce immediately back to Cygnus and then to Artemis of their home time, if it were not for the other very powerful field which seemed to have drawn them. Antiope and Helen, being not very technically minded and also asleep, knew nothing about this other power, so Jim and Idiot were the only one's aware.


"Let us maintain silence about this other energy field to anyone else Idiot. It isn't John, is it? "


"No John's signature is distinctly different. This is definitely a very strong power field, and yet it is like nothing that I have any record of. The field is temporally active and quite alive. I am but a machine Jim, this energy field appears to be a living, intelligent source."


"Amazing! It seems that I may indeed find who I am looking for."


"And who is that Jim?"


"Idiot, you would never understand."


"Perhaps neither of us currently understands, and we both need to discover the facts to make us understand. You need to find out in order to satisfy the reason for your curiosity; I need to know so that I can provide you with the necessary support. The women are with you to bear witness."


"Idiot, you mentioned that this other power source is alive and intelligent. Are you receiving any transmissions that you can interpret?"


"Affirmative Jim, but I am inherently denied a communication channel, because I am but a machine. Aren't you receiving transmissions?"




"Yes, I have the understanding that you are in communication with this being, or so I am discovering."


Jim self-reflected. "So it is He! Truly amazing!"


Then realizing his consciousness was naked before God, Qblh, like Enoch, was tremendously embarrassed. Feeling that he had been summoned to this time, he felt that the women were not to be exposed until they had a little less allegiance to their mistress, the queen.Jim would have to deliberately create a paradox. His communication link with this unknown force were numerous, brief, and intense.


"You have been afflicted by me,"


The message was conveyed to him, mentally.Isis had intense mental power, but Jim could resist these assaults with some effort. This new intelligence was much more intense, making Jim feel like an intruder. Jim felt very small in comparison, in spite of the power of his Box, which itself was under this power's influence. Idiot did not even realize what was controlling it. Idiot was being tampered with as easily as he had tampered with early Earth's twenty-first century computers.


"Jim, we are only quasi-stable in this region. I am having difficulty merging with Earth's local gravitational field. We aren't fully materialized."


"We can't surrender our mass reserves, Idiot, maintain position."


Jim mentally struggled to determine his course of action, once fully grounded. He then lapsed into a dream-like state. Flashing through his mind were glimpses of a mass Exodus. Jim found himself on a mountain staring at a frightened old man.


"Bear witness!" Jim was told.


The old man could not see Jim, and Jim could not see the Voice, but Jim could feel the fear and awe that the old man had for this same Power.Jim's state of consciousness shifted, and he was once again aware of himself being on the Dutchman


."Jim, I have manage to achieve stabilization. I must admit that we got lucky. The solution seemed to involve the simultaneous equalization of a triple set of twelfth-order gravigeometrecal tensor transformation matrices while maintaining a null geodesic. It is the first time that I have successfully solved the equation and managed such an homeomorphic transformation. It seems that I must have learned something new since the last attempt which allowed me to perform the critical switch. We have survived crossing the event horizon, have managed no damage, and are now 3.650 years earlier than when we were ten of our minutes ago.."


Jim was very grateful.. He had been given permission to land. Jim was elated. He had been accepted by the Hebrew God. Yet it would not be his role to reveal Him to the people of this time, because that role had been given to another. Jim had no doubt that the great exodus would soon occur. As with Noah, Jim would maintain his distance and keep uninvolved, unless forced. Having encountered the old man on the mountain and sensing his immediate gravitational stabilization, Jim knew that the old man had been there as the resulting image was still there at this very moment, revealing an old man eternally stunned from the encounter. Indeed, homeomorphic transformations into the past involves solidification of resultant images by capturing induced photons, and following the streamlines of the light field backward in time to the time and space of the creation of the image, albeit still as an observer or receiver of light imagery.


Just over the horizon he could make out a volcanic cloud of smoke, seeping from an active, yet sleeping volcano. Venturing north, he would avoid Egypt entirely and heading towards the straits of ...yes...what would they be called, now, in this time. This arrival seemed so similar to his arrival to twenty-first century Earth. Once again, he was stranger in a strange land, but he knew the future and was sworn to non-involvement.


Yet he had sworn to slay the Minotaur. Such a feat did not sound like non-involvement.He was to examine the virtue of democracy as opposed to the tyranny of kings. Human sacrifice seemed to be a practice of the times which was expected from the deities. Jim reflected on the men that had been sacrificed in the Pleasure Dome for the perpetuation of the Amazon species. The Hebrews had yet to be enslaved and to be subsequently freed, and human sacrifice was to be forbidden, among other things.


The importance of Isis would be stricken forever from human history after the old man, Moses. It seemed quite clear to Jim that it would not be a good idea for him to be too enthusiastic about being an Artemis official on twenty-first century Earth. He prayed that the alien power would read his mind for him and somehow spare him the fate of being his sister's consort, and her Qblh.


"You are male and female!" is all he could think when he prayed so.


Yet human sacrifice was not to be sanctioned by any human authority. This would appear to include sacrificing human men to the Pleasure Dome.Jim was in the Mediterranean to buy some time and yet provide an appropriate setting for his reflections. Here he was once again free. Antiope and Helen awakened and were delighted with the new appearance of the Dutchman . Helen complained of a distinct sulfurous odor which contaminated the sea air. The complaints, however, were minor, and Jim gave the ladies free room to navigate anywhere of their choosing. The speed, would be limited to what the wind would give them. Jim would give them no additional propulsion from the Genie, because he did not want them to get in the habit of using out of time technology. The Amazons did not mind. Being very much like Jim, they enjoyed the challenge of applying their seafaring skills. Seeing that they were managing quite well, Jim went below decks to consult with Idiot.


Jim was still overwhelmed by his latest experience. He knew he needed some time to consider his future actions. He found that he Creator had managed to link through his computer's communication channels without Idiot actually knowing. Not only that, like a little boy, Jim was receiving intense guidance. He was able to see what Moses would be up to, even though he had not established a surveillance system. Idiot thought the routine was a function of Jim's programming. Jim was absolutely certain that he was dealing with the Master of Creation, and true to form, He would not show His face, but only exerted overwhelming influence. The words to Moses seemed to reverberate through Jim's mind as though they were meant for him as well.


Jim felt reluctant to be considered as having a significant role to play. feeling that it was not his responsibility to change the world. Where would he find the words. Perhaps he was simply being subconsciously sympathetic with the expressed reluctance of Moses.


Moses said to his Creator,


” I have never been eloquent,

neither in the past nor since

You have spoken to your servant.

I am slow of speech and tongue.”


G-D said to him,


“Who gave man his mouth?

Who makes him deaf or mute?

Who gives him sight or makes him blind?

Is it not I?

Now go;

I will help you speak

and I will teach you what to say”'



Once again , however, Jim was left with the freedom to implement change. He sensed that he was on course. Concerning the guilt of the 1572 executions, Jim received a mild reprimand and at the same time was reminded of the rule of necessity which was the US legal precedent which permitted him to perform the on the spot executions. Idiot exhibited the corresponding US legal justification which applied at the moment.


“The Patriot Act”.....Had not that law existed, Jim would have acted differently. Still, Jim was warned not to ever make the same mistake again. Jim promised never to perform another execution, and asked what he could do to make compensation for his error. Idiot advised him that there was nothing he could do, short of bringing the victims back to life again.


"Is that possible, and what would he do, if such were indeed possible, anyway?"


Jim seemed to have a way of determining the answer to unanswered questions. He had been reprimanded for the executions by this all powerful being, but no mention had been made of his intended visit to the time of Christ. Instead an open route to the time seemed inevitable, almost as if he was being invited. Still Jim felt relieved by having the guilt concerning the executions removed, but he had promised never to kill again. Indeed an interesting situation; challenged by Isis to rule Earth so that she wouldn't have to take command and forbidden by God to exact any form of death penalty. Qblh seemed to have indeed a very rigid set of guidelines to go by. Also aware of the rule of necessity, Jim was forearmed with the knowledge of the way the government can twist the law so as to break the law without breaking the law. The law becomes nothing more than a wicked twist of sophistry as a means to justify desired ends. Yet Jim felt that he had a powerful ally. He would never consider himself as the Qblh of Isis, but only as Jim. He even felt extremely well equipped. With YAOHUSHUA as his ally and Idiot to guide him, Jim felt well protected.


Yet he had not promised to not slay any bulls. Idiot advised him that the Island of Crete had a sacred bull to which it sacrificed slaves from conquered lands as tribute to the god of the king of Crete.


"I believe that is the bull you promised Antiope and Helen that you would slay. Care for the game? I have an open window."


Leaving G-D to have His way with the Israelites and Egypt, Jim decided to murder the sacred bull of Crete. G-D used his own power to divide the waters; he didn't need Jim's help to do that. Jim had a little toy box, God has a Large Super Deluxe Box; if you wish to make some form of comparison.


Determined to set sail for Crete, Jim told Genie to make course for Crete and then he went above decks to join the ladies. Mt. Thera, which had not yet made its cataclysmic eruption, loomed to the northwest.


Jim felt that it was wise best to forget the achievements and successes of yesterday and tomorrow so that he could face today with the same humility as always. Failure to do so would be a dangerous trap towards being ensnared in pride over past successes which eventually leads to laziness in the present. Jim could not afford to make mistakes while in the past. He knew that he would be tempted to make changes, but the mere knowledge of how things would be would force him to not interfere. He would, however, be able to determine some of the deeper secrets of human history.The most dangerous element would be introduced if Artemis had any more involvement in human history. Having already had two confrontations with the Earth's apparent Guardian, Jim was all the more compelled to prevent his sister from dominating the Earth people. Jim's faith in his God renewed his strength and resolve. Idiot was just as optimistic as ever about mission fulfillment, and had an overabundance of potential space-time trajectories to follow.


"I can get you there!" Idiot always promised.


Jim programmed Idiot with another fail-safe routine which would create all sorts of bells and whistles if Jim was in danger of creating a causality rift. Idiot would do a constant scan enumerating potential avenues of a time jump escape. If the way out started to appear somewhat restrictive, Idiot would start creating warning flags which would increase in intensity as the danger increased.As Jim joined the ladies,


Antiope noticed a ship on the horizon. "It is just like the simulation, Jim! We shall outrun them Jim, and find our own land. I'm not in the mood for a fight just yet."


Recalling that Antiope and Helen had neither traveled to the past before, he was aware that they had somewhat limited free will to interact, since they had no true knowledge other than what Genie had shown them from its history files as to what had transpired.Jim had ordered Idiot to do a time-lock concerning the release of future records. He alone could gain access by overriding his own lock, which he would be somewhat reluctant to do. This allowed greater stability for Genie's navigational system. Human free will did not mix well with future knowledge. Future knowledge assumed the existence of such and such as a necessity occurrence, and if it happened it was a necessary occurrence. Free will could attempt to invalidate any arbitrary occurrence that the future considered as history. Genie would sound bells and whistles alerting Jim if such were about to happen. Jim resolved to go along for the ride and give Antiope and Helen the support they needed to stay alive and return with him safely to the future if such was decided.


"I'll have Genie give us a slight advantage so you can outrun them, Antiope. Steer the way your heart takes you."


"Who are they, Jim?" asked Helen.

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