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Chapter LXII

The Prince of Swords

The Pharaoh of Egypt






Jim checked Artemis time.  Thus far it had been just a little over two hours since he left the throne room and entered the Pleasure Dome.  With only about half an hour per virgin, Jim was rather relieved to be able to take advantage of the Genie  so as to be able to prolong his breaks between his ladies. 


Still he had yet another to see, an oddly enough it was none other than Hatshepsut which caught his attention next.  Jim shuddered as he realized his sister's hand in scheduling the itinerary. Could she know?  How much did she know?   He shook it out of his mind.  It was he who was determining who to see next; perhaps Genie had somehow made a subtle move.  What did it matter?  There she was, larger than life, smiling sweetly at him.


 "I have long lived for the day to serve you, my lord."


Jim looked into her eyes and fell in love with her immediately.  He had never seen her before, and he also knew that Xuang would fall in love with her, but now here he was desiring her as well.  This was not good, he thought.  He did not need to fall under her enchantment.  Perhaps it was the ambrosia.  Jim willed off the ambrosia effects, but was still enchanted.  She sensed his desire for him, but thought it nothing more than the effects of the ambrosia.


 "You need to be more romantic, my lord.  All the talk is how dull you are, and how you are only concerned with your toys.    Ahh! But I know how that is; my friends have accused me of being the same way myself.  It is true, but you must understand, my lord, I have desired no other than you, ever.  I will have no slave."


"And what says your mistress of your affection for me?"


"She only stated that I will serve her well enough.  She seeks my audience immediately after our affair."


Jim smiled, for it flashed to him, when he would next leave Artemis.  He would make it appear that he never left.  Since he must return Pegasus back to its own time from the past, as he had already done, but not yet done, it would only make sense that he would follow the Pegasus as it crossed the event horizon.  How would she feel about him, after he effected her return, though.  Would she feel that he had betrayed her?  For certain, she would blame him for the downfall of the power of Isis in Egypt, when she would discover that she would be the last Venetian queen on Earth.  With her disappearance the ancient line of the pharaohs would end, because the pharaohs were but the mortal sons of the amazon human crossbreeding, and Isis liked to keep rather tight control on her breeding experiments.  She did not permit crossbreeding without her exclusive approval.  As a result, an extraordinary set of practices were devised to perpetuate her ruling dynasties.


One thing disturbed Jim.  He did not want to give Hatshepsut any offspring just yet, but he needed her peg.   He could not bear the thought of his child living and dying in that ancient land of Egypt.  He knew too much now of the history of that time, and he did not want to think of his child as being any kin to the tyrannical pharaohs of that particular era.  He shuddered to think that any of his sons would be idolatrous animal worshippers or worse yet, consider themselves as a god.  Being pharaoh was not good enough for his son.  He also reflected upon his other son, Pharos, who had come to such an unfortunate end.  Yet her charms still overwhelmed him and she obtained his seed for her womb.


 "I will love no other man, ever."


 She promised him that, but would she keep that promise?  Jim thought not.   He speculated that perhaps Xuang could tell him what became of her son.  Nay, he would find out himself from her upon her return.


As he made love to her, her eyes constantly stayed focused on his.  He could feel her sincere joy, and once again he caught himself desiring no one else but her.  She felt so young and innocent, but he had hardly considered her as such when he had charged Xuang with his mission.  Perhaps he was fortunate to have chosen Xuang then, because he would certainly not have done so now.  Jim wanted more time with this creature, but his time was running short.  He intensely renewed his energy upon her again and again, and she always eagerly desired and demanded more attention.  Her lust for him was inexhaustible, as his passion for her knew no end.  It was the voice of Isis which ended their union.  Over the closed video interior communication circuit, Hatshepsut was paged.


 "I hate to interrupt your passion, my dear, but you are needed in my chambers in five minutes.  I trust that you have his seed.  Give him his peg.  I shall see that your child serves us well."


The last remark, Isis had aimed at Jim.   Jim smiled back at his queen and bowed with respect.


 "She must be the finest Artemis has ever produced.  I do love her.  Treat her well, my lady."


Isis looked scorned.  She had not expected a compliment like that from Jim, and shot another glance at Hatshepsut, exhibiting perhaps a glimmer of jealousy, but just a glimmer.  Isis did not feel challenged by this maiden.


  "We'll see just who she serves the best.  Five minutes."  She then signed off.


"Sorry love, I must go, you know.  The time it was much too short.  Don't forget me.  Here's my peg."


Jim helped her dress and kissed her good-bye.   He could sense Isis laughing at him.  He thought that he would have been well prepared for this encounter because of his prior knowledge, but even now he felt Isis mocking him.  Her words echoed through his mind.


  "You will always be mine.  You will never escape."


Irritated he commanded Genie to take him back to the Dutchman.


  Alone on the sea, far away from Artemis, the quiet of the waves soothed his nerves.  He was in no hurry to go anywhere just now.  Time stood still, if time existed at all.  He could not hear Isis now.  He knew now that she was nowhere around.  Yet Hatshepsut was near, and now the Pharaoh of Egypt according to Genie.



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