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Chapter Two


The Passage of Doom and Fate




Anger gleamed from Medea when she recognized Qblh, once again.  He smiled at her, and simply said. “It is time, Medea.”


“No, it can’t be,” she muttered silently.  She would not lose her composure.  “So he knows!” she thought, “and he’s back.  Aetes would certainly  not  be able to prove  Theseus to be one of  his  own bastard sons.”


 Qblh, being Venetian, certainly could pass all the high priestess’s tests for the presence of Artemis blood.  It was the king who would not believe.


“”Don’t fret, Medea, my dear if he is my son, then he can survive the test for royal blood.”


“And if he is royal blood?”


“How can you fret so, my dear Medea?”  The king hesitated a moment.


Theseus had indeed shown great skill with respect to clearing the highway of the thieves.  Perhaps, he could free him of the tyranny of Minos.  As cruel as it seemed, he would serve the deadly potion to Theseus to test for the royal blood.  The potion was laced with a deadly concentration of ambrosia potent enough to kill any male with no Venetian DNA within him.  If he passed somehow, then certainly his “son” would not mind rescuing his land from the tyranny of Minos.  His “son” could certainly never argue against that form of reasoning if he wished to lay claim to the throne.


“If Theseus is indeed my son, then he can destroy that accursed Minotaur which has been taking our finest young men from us.”


Medea was checkmated.  “So that was it!” she thought. 


The youths were sacrifices for the Venetian breeding experiments, and the Minotaur was a Venetian Earth-male hybrid being used to impregnate the Earth women.  The human looking offspring were exported as royalty.  The Egyptian pharaohs were cousins to the Minotaur.  The pharaohs had Venetian mothers, but their fathers were not Pharaohs, but human sacrifices hand picked by the Venetian proxy rulers in the name of Isis.  Qblh intended on putting an end to the practice, and she, Medea, was powerless to stop him from doing so.


It wasn’t long before Theseus was on his way to the city of Knossos to meet the Minotaur.  He planned to make another time jump in between to meet with Yaouhushua.  He asked Idiot to arrange for a time jump to the nexus point.  Idiot  had no memory of where to go.


“I thought you could navigate me anywhere.”


“I can’t navigate you to where you want, Jim.  I don’t know the location.  You erroneously presumed that I navigated you there, but I do not recall the event.”


“Re-route us to the original manifold by which we three, Antiope, Helen, and myself originally arrived aboard the Dutchman in this Aegean region.  To gain closure for our spatial-temporal rifts, modify the course of this vessel to intersect our arrival point.  Do you remember the solution, of the twelve dimensional navigational routine which gave you such difficulty?  Shift me to ghost mode so that I can experience the event again without paradoxically interfering with my former self.  When we get a time fix on the disturbance, diverge us away from the Dutchman, and materialize us at a remote location in the Egyptian desert.  We’ll find our way from there.  Do not interfere with your former circuits.    Maintain a transparent, undetectable mode”


Idiot, being but a machine, obeyed Jim’s request and easily altered the course of the ship bearing Theseus and the other sacrificial victims to intersect that very point in the ocean where the Dutchman first materialized.


Jim found himself in ghost mode, but unable to materialize in Egypt.  He was in another time loop and found himself approaching his Lord’s Presence.  He reflected the difficulty of the task that he felt he had to perform, and he needed reassurance.  He posted a simple query, since he realized the encounter time was not going to be of long duration.  He had a need to  know what to do in the twenty-first century concerning the Palestinian problem.



“Israeli authorities are well aware that any tampering with Islamic holy sites in the city could spark the final jihad against Israel.”  He prayed.  “What should I do, when I return to that time?”


Jim had a quick vision, and he was, Theseus again, more resolved than ever to slay the sacred bull of Minos, the Minotaur. He had been reminded to exterminate the practice of goddess worship, which Isis had started.   His mission against Isis was still the same, to remove the Amazons from Earth.  He had a little more time to play in the ancient Grecian era in order to accomplish his objectives.  When he queried Idiot concerning the relocation, the artificial intelligence once again responded that it had been unable to accomplish the transfer, and even was so bold as to suggest that Jim’s memory must once again apparently be faulted if he were to think that the transfer had occurred.


“”Reality check!” Jim thought.  “Idiot, take me back to the point at which we left US observation.”


“Impossible, Jim, we cannot return to that time point without Antiope and Helen, otherwise we will have a paradox violation.  One must experience the programmed routine in order to return.”


“Hmm, this means my free will is going to be somewhat limited in this time.  I think, I would prefer to live in the real present, where I don’t have to follow a strict path of guidance.”


“I am not certain that I understand.  Which present is more real than the other?.  They are all equal by my observation.”


“What of your sense of time, Idiot?”


“I must always maintain simultaneous multiple time zones for each of my tasked subroutines.  Processing is independent in each zone, and each zone has its own time frame and clock time.  They are not related to each other.  Each time field being independent and not dominant, I am not certain which time zone is the real present as you would have it.  Since my probes are also independently receiving intelligence from independent time zones in other spatial temporal zones  than your existing observation field, which is what I assume you consider the present, I must advise you that my decisions are a result of programming which regards the current state vector of input data as a state variable and not as the ‘present’, since my internal clock is not a function of the observed state variable.”


“This means that your decisions are not a function of what time I think it may be?”


“Affirmative. If I were a function of ‘local’ time, then we would be unable to break the ‘time-barrier’.  It is due to the non-locality of our power source which exists slightly outside of your observed field of observation that we are able to be drawn through time as we are attracted to or repulsed by local gravitational space, as you are full aware.”


“Yes, I am aware.  Remind me to not make any more of these hair-brained jumps into the past again, once we have recovered Antiope and Helen.”


“Affirmative, Jim, yet I do not envision such advice preventing future jumps.  You must resolve the jihad.”


“Jihad!  What do you know of a jihad, Idiot?”


“While we were in early 21st century Earth, I managed to extract much information concerning the subject while scanning Earth’s intelligence and communication circuits.  Our visit to Jerusalem only furthered your involvement, and our visit to the Messiah with your father and son hints of your potential involvement.  This involvement in the past prompted by your sisters’ interference with the time continuum, is an attempt by Isis to prevent you from fulfilling this destiny.  Her knowledge of your involvement only assures that you will perform your destiny successfully as I am programmed to ensure.  Yet if we rupture the spatial temporal continuum, chaos will result and you will fail in your objective.  My world model must assume that we complete our journey in one piece.  It can never be one hundred percent certain that you will not die in the process, which would mean that you are effectively already dead.”


“I feel fairly alive for a dead man.”


“You are on your way to be sacrificed to the Minotaur.”


“Fat chance of that ever happening.  I’ll kill her bull but good.”


“We still have Ayesha on board, do we not?”


“Affirmative Jim?”


“What is current local time in comparison to our journey to visit Dagon?”


“We are existing prior to that arrival time, Jim.  Ayesha is currently alive, and the people have not yet left Santorini.”


Indeed, Jim was now existing prior to his previous experience with Ayesha, but he was now confused concerning the actual time of occurrence of the quest for the fleece.  The quest for the fleece had to have occurred prior to the current present.  He queried Genie.


“As you are aware Jim, we did take a short cut back from America.  Apparently, we time shifted back a few decades relatively speaking when you found yourself assisting Antiope and Helen to launch their new lives.  This was necessary in order to accomplish the sweep of the Amazons by the required date.  It is also the reason why the Amazons are so readily trusting Antiope in the absence of Isis.  They are unaware that Antiope is not representing the interests of Isis, their queen.  They will turn against you both when Antiope decides to leave them for you.”


“That will be when we scoop them up and take them home, Idiot.”


“We still have Helen to be concerned about, Jim.”


“I will play Paris from that point on, Idiot, and abduct Helen.”


“And go to Troy?”


“Negative.  I’ll tell them that I’m from Troy to intimidate them as I leave.  I am inclined to believe that their true reason to invade Troy will be to sack the city, once Minos is no longer in power to keep the seas free of his enemies nor to protect Troy, his ally.  The decline of Egypt will also weaken Troy considerably.  Unable to trade with Santorini, Egypt or Knossos, Troy will no longer be a trading hub, but a frontier city of the decaying Hittite empire in Anatolia.  The prize will be access to the inner sea and the rich granaries of the barbarian hordes, and the northern land route to China.”


“Interesting Jim.  How are you aware that these things are going to happen? I have no knowledge of these events in my memory banks.  Are you certain that you are not making some erroneous assumptions?”


“Don’t forget that I am Theseus, Idiot and I shall be able to exert some influence concerning the reason why the Greeks will truly fight the Trojans.”


“You promised Helen the adventure, Jim. You must go to Troy with her.”


“To fight those that I have befriended, allied to a city which I care nothing about?”


“I find it difficult to believe that you will actually support those who seek to attack Troy and destroy it Jim.  Sacking and looting cities is not your style.”


“Well, I am not certain as to how we shall act our role in Troy, Idiot.  We have several light years worth of experience,yet, before we will be able to gain access to all of the relevant facts.”


“This is true.  It is prudent to review our long-term objectives before we act out the immediate episode.  Yet my navigational circuits will not allow light years of clock cycles to occur prior to my need for your executive decision concerning this subject.”


“It seems then we shall have to return to Anatolia to retrieve the Amazons which we did not scoop up with Antiope.  Perhaps we shall use Helen for that purpose.”


“That seems to alleviate some of my circuit problems, Jim.  The probability that the three pronged assault which you have recommended will complete the removal of all Amazons of need is now one hundred percent.  We will be unable to recover all hybrids, so I will inject a virus into the atmosphere to kill any remaining hybrid Amazon to purge the planet.”


“Murder the children?  That is in-humane, Idiot!”


“I find that it is necessary, Jim, in order not to create a time rift.”


“Impossible, Idiot!  I shall not direct that it be so done.”


“It has to be done, Jim, or you will never return to the future.”


Jim paused. “I can’t believe that, Idiot.  Are you certain?”




“How many children are we talking about?”


“The Egyptian royal families and their relatives.”


“I suppose the Minotaur is one of these crossbreeds.”


“That is correct, Jim.”


“Well I suppose for now, I should settle my score with this Minotaur, and remove the Amazons from the isle. Ariadne is the high priestess?  I remember her from Artemis.  It is the same woman, I am sure.”


“Yes, she is the same by my sources.”


“Very well then, we’ll deal with the Minotaur for sure, but don’t plan on my killing the Egyptian children.”


“Well don’t plan on returning to the future if they don’t perish and I can’t take them with us, Jim, and you will be essentially murdering all your sisters by having them tucked in hyperspace if we can never retrieve them.”


“Simply act as though you are in error concerning my need to destroy the Egyptian hybrids.  Who are the mothers of all these children anyway, couldn’t be that many?”


“Hatshepsut!  She is the mother of 5,000.”


“No way!”


“Yes, way!”


Jim’s heart sank.  What had Xiang done?”


“How is this possible?  Did Xiang and Xuang conduct cloning experiments?”


“Yes, and they succeeded with the blessings of Isis and now the offspring must be removed to avoid paradox.”


Jim’s heart sunk to new lows.  It also dawned upon him the new relevance of the legendary Exodus.  Idiot had no knowledge of the burning bush that he had envisioned.  Jim asked the computer network to retrieve information concerning Exodus, and soon he was reading about the plague of the first born.  History suggested that the event which Idiot stated as necessary would occur, but Jim would not be the agent to implement the act.  If it was indeed Yaohushua, Who claimed responsibility for the plague, and Jim was certain that it was, then it seemed that he would not have to perform the execution, but simply wait until it happened, and then he would be free to return to his own time.  He would play along with the idiot computer for now, since it would not be able to fathom what Jim was now thinking.




“Very well, Idiot, but the manner to perform this cleansing needs to be carefully deliberated.  I see no need to specify the technicalities at the moment.  Simply act under the presumption that this awful cleansing will be performed as necessary, but I am seeking alternative solutions.”


“This can be done,” the Genie responded.  “I have a hologram record for you to review for Crete.  You will need to review the information prior to our arrival.”


“Go ahead, Genie.  I’m all eyes and ears.”


To the other passengers on the ship of doom, Theseus’s behavior seemed a little irrational. This hero who claimed to have the ability to rescue them did not even act to organize a rebellion party. Instead he simply slept and muttered in his sleep odd things about a Genie.

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