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The King of Pentacles

Ultimate Success



Tell Me You Love Me



"Hello, Isis, I am the guardian of this gate as you must know, I was momentarily sidetracked because of some urgent needs to tend to this manifold. Genie had the utmost difficulty stabilizing in order to accomplish this. Currently I have a window open and I do love you deeply my love, I must send you back to Artemis, but perhaps we can spend a few nights together if that would appease you."


"Hello, Jim, you must return me to Artemis then it seems, my love. There you shall join me at the appointed time, after you have all the golden pegs, for our marriage. Yet, since I have to be without you for three days until that time, perhaps, three days here will be adequate compensation for my wait."


Establishing a time interval for three biological days would not be a problem for Idiot and Jim would allow Isis her wish. Jim, after all, missed Isis dearly, and he was going to take this opportunity to appease his noble lady. He would marry Isis, it seemed. It was inevitable. This was the last chance for Artemis nobility to gain the royal seed before the royal marriage after which his fidelity would be pledged to Isis. Tradition did not rule out future breeding with Artemis nobility, but Isis would make that decision, and it could easily be an act of suicide to ask Isis to bed with her spouse. Isis would extend the offer to the candidate, and the meeting would be arranged. It was always regarded as a great privilege to be extended the offer, and Isis certainly would never make the privilege cheap.


"Where are we now, my love?" she queried of Jim. The strange new dimension which she found herself within was quite unfamiliar to Isis. "What I sense does not bear the proper resemblance to the real environment as I know it."


"You are quite correct, as usual," Jim replied. "We are in an artificially created 'world', if you can call it that, allowing us to maintain some semblance of the bodies with which we are familiar, but all that you see and sense is being artificially generated by Genie so that our bodies may have a familiar environment in which to function.. We are in all reality elsewhere, outside of the time and space with which you are familar. Time is meaningless here since our elapsed time is essentially zero with respect to reality as you are aware, or more precisely, Artemis time is not displaced while we exist in this manifold."




"When we return to Artemis, I must reinsert our bodies to the exact same point in space and time which you last remember."


Isis suddenly realized fully what her brother was capable of accomplishing. Even though she had experienced reinsertion on several occasions, the time vortices that she had inadvertently started were actually exceptions to the general rule of returning to the point in time and space from which the body last existed. Jim had managed to accomplish this feat only because of Genie's exceptional navigational and paradoxical avoidance system which gave Jim virtually unlimited ability to travel time.


There is a lot more to this secret technology of yours than I had ever dreamed, is this not so then, my Qblh."


"That is a mild understatement."


"Can you answer me why you are so intent on denying me sovereign rights to Earth, after I have successfully nurtured these men from the dawn of their civilization? "


"I really don't know the answer to that, my lady, except to state that it is in my nature to do what I am doing, just as it is in your nature to rule as much as possible. You have never questioned your instincts, and I have stood true to my instincts as well. I really can't specify the answer in the way you would like to hear. I believe that the earth people are ouir ancestors."


"That's impossible, Jim. How can they be our ancestor's when it is so clear that we are the major force behind their advances in civilization. You cannot doubt that I have already established our civilization's role in the development of human history. It is impossible to separate earth from our influence, whether you wish to deny it or not."


"There is only one problem, Isis."


"And that is?"


"By doing so, we created a dimensional rift which almost destroyed mankind in a great flood, and we are in danger of creating another much more severe rift in the fabric of space-time which could destroy our world and earth."


"Jim, I can't believe that. A dimensional rift would void space and time altogether."


"Quite correct, and that would leave us in a reality very similar to what we are experiencing now with the exception of one small fact."


"Which is?"


"There would be no way back, and we would technically be considered to be very dead, since we would be unable to return our spirits to the body which you have noticed does not exist in the normal fashion while we exist on this plane of existence."

"Yet we have will to change events even here, do we not?"


"I had thought not, but apparently it doesn't bother you to exert your will, no matter what state you find yourself in."




"It was your act of will to reach me through space and time which allowed me to reach you, my sister. You are quite correct, you do have a very strong psychic leak with me, and if you cease to exist, I cease to exist. Your destruction means my destruction, whether I like it or not."


"I find that hard to believe, dear brother, but if that is your reason for saving me, so be it; but just for once, I wish you would tell me that you saved me because you love me and not because you had to."



Beyond the Looking Glass:

The Black Queen



"I am not certain that I did it out of love."


Isis smiled. "You are so true to character, my Qblh, but my love is strong enough for the both of us, and you never have liked to express your true feelings towards me. I know you hate to admit that you can't live without me."


Jim knew that Isis was right, but as usual, he would not admit it to her. She knew she was correct and did not expect him to admit it. The sibling twins relationship to each other would never change, and the link which they had since the womb was more than either one would ever fully comprehend. The psychic link between the minds of the two was an undeniable physical reality, and when they were close to each other, it was not difficult for them to experience each other's thoughts. Isis would always tease Jim for his memories as he would struggle to keep his thoughts to himself. With knowledge of cause within the universe comes the destruction of ignorance. Spirit is Knowledge itself; and this Knowledge is everlasting because it is true. Isis fully realized the strength of her brother's knowledge, knowing full well it was the fruit of this knowledge which had allowed her to establish dominion over the earth for as long as she had. It was impossible for Jim to explain the details of his knowledge to anyone, but Isis instinctively could tap into his knowledge base and this gave her what appeared to be "magical" abilities to read his mind to know what he was thinking. Yet the more Jim gained control of his won ignorance, the less power Isis had over him. When he became conscious of her "interference", he would insist on asserting some form of individualistic behavior which would give him the illusion that he could act independent of her. This independence could never be established, however, because Isis was incapable of completely divorcing her conscious mind from Jim's, because in all physical reality both individuals were simply two halves of a much more complicated organism which could only be best described as the both of them put together, because together in the eyes of the rest of the universe they were two halves of a very unique body which had been physically split since birth, but were still united in a quantum relationship. One was male and the other female, but they were the same person from God's perspective. It was only a trick of illusion that they were separate individuals and the return to the real world would allow them both to consist their existence experience time from two different body shells as each half of this unique personality would pursue their appropriate related interest. The polarization of the siblings' bodies actually stabilized the equilibrium as conflicting interests were allowed to simultaneously exist. Isis would credit Jim for making outstanding discoveries, but all Jim would actually be doing was destroying illusions of the past, and this would always gave him greater control of his apparent destiny.


Isis indicated to Jim a desire for a more suitable environment. The manifold thus far had been a dark nothingness. Isis could sense Jim’s presence. Her strong telepathic powers were then able to tap his response to her will.


He remanufactured the Pegasus and returned them both to bodily form. There was no crew just the two of them and Genie. Persephone was also contained by an established link to her space-time existence manifold.


Isis kissed him.


"Finally alone, my brother, my love. What kind of adventure will you take me on now. Certainly you owe me an episode or two. So this is how you slip in and out of time? It appears to be quite a clever trick. It is small wonder that Helen and Antiope are unwilling to give up their new lives with you. It is my request that you return them also to Artemis if you must insist on removing all my subjects from Earth’s past. Ensure that they all are returned to me safely, my brother, and I shall tolerate your games a little longer. Oh, I have known brother. I have known for years, but it has been a strange intuitive foresight, a vision, a dream. The texture of this knowledge took the form of the other visions which I have had which come true. Never fear for the safety of my captains, Helen and Antiope. I shall welcome them back with honor."


She kissed him again and smiled at him.


"See, my love. No harm done and you are still mine."


There certainly had been another good reason why Isis wanted her body back. Upon rematerialization, her ambrosia and beauty would immediately overpower Jim’s body and will. He showed no resistance but seemed only too willing to share his life with her once again.


His mind raced. He wanted time with her alone. He wished for an expanse of universe to explore. As usual, the solution for the existing manifold would be to exit into real space a few billion light years from Earth and Artemis.


Somewhere a few billion light years from Earth in another time, the Pegasus warped to sublight speed. It was still moving with a velocity almost identical to the speed of light.


"Haven’t we been here before?" she asked.


"I don’t think so, because I don’t know where we are."


"Do you mean that you are lost?"


"I am not lost, I can easily determine our location."


"Oh really? How?"


"What difference does it make where we are as long as I can get you where you need to be when you need to be there; which in your case is the point at which you first entered the manifold. I am going to bounce you back to Artemis."


"If so, you must be with me when I return to Artemis."


"Why so?"


She laughed at him. Jim knew why. There would be no point arguing with her until he returned her to Artemis. He wanted the time with her, and she wanted the time with him, and he intended on making life with her as comfortable as possible.

"Because this is my wish. This is my dream while I am on the other side of the looking glass, and you are my dream, lover."

She wanted romance and she wanted his love. There was no reason to restrain with respect to her.


Hours, days, years, it seemed the two spent together, before they mutually agreed to return to their reality. She reserved the option for future visits with Qblh to these nether regions.


"You must show me more later, my love. We need to get back to the other side of the looking glass."


"Give Persephone permission to remain silent concerning her trip."


"I’ll do better than that, I’ll order her to keep silence."


"Very well, Persephone and I will reenter real space by your side. The portal will self destruct behind us."


"Why is that necessary?"


"Would you prefer a major timequake to destroy the planet. Genie will be able to channel all the unstable mass resultant from harmonic time bubbles and resonantly absorb them into the portal. The resultant absorbtion will create an inbalance within the portals time synthesizing circuitry. The manifold that we are we presently within will implode. The portal reactors will go unstable and self-destruct. By destroying the portal, we can prevent an astronomical uncontrolled release of energy which would otherwise destroy your palace."


"I fail to understand why such a release of energy is unavoidable."


"Pharos was a brilliant lad, but he made the same mistake. I must close the portal behind us. I can always make another portal."


Isis was aware of the cataclysmic destruction that had occurred upon the death of Pharos. He had attempted to cross the time barrier within earth’s gravitational field without adequate gravitational shielding. Such technology was beyond anyone’s capability at the time, and Jim currently was just mastering the techniques. Idiot demonstrated proof that portal destruction was necessary to maintain stability, and that was all the reason Jim needed to order execution..


"Yes, you can make another portal, but I can’t."


Jim smiled. "Don’t you have enough already? Why should I raise the dead to give you more? This is essentially what we are doing when we cross the event horizon and go back in time."


"Then I shall be queen of the dead and of the living," she said, "and I choose you to rule by my side for eternity."


Jim coughed. His sister’s ambition was a little too much for him to understand at times. He could defeat her ambitions by not returning them both to the real world, but that was not part of Idiot’s recommended trajectory. He could not argue, but silently complied with her will by directing Idiot to return them to the palace. It would not be to his advantage to offer her any more wishes on this eventful date. 


“Are you listening, my love?    You must care less about the concerns of these fools of men and their problems.  They perceive little; what is, is balanced by weak joys.  You are my chosen one.”


Jim could feel her demanding his uncompromising love.  His mind was throbbing.  She seemed to be speaking but her mouth wasn’t moving.  He hated it when she did that so successfully.  How could he be sure it was her and not some other manifestation of his imagination?



                 “Obey, my Qblh , follow out the ordeals of my knowledge! Seek me only! Then the joys of my

                  love will redeem you  from all pain. This is so: I swear it by the vault of my body; by my sacred

                  heart and tongue; by all I can give, by all I desire of you.”


Jim countered with magic of his own.  He rematerialized them all on Artemis within the palace.  Persephone, Isis and Jim now stood once again on the palace floor.


“Go Conquer!” she told Qblh.


To Persephone, she said, “Go back to the Pleasure Dome child and then make sure he brings me the Golden Fleece.  May I have it, Jim?” 


Genie produced the genuine fleece and Jim handed it to Isis.  Persephone saw Jim hand the fleece to her queen. “Now she knows she must bring you back to me,” she whispered to him.


To Persephone she simply said, “Say nothing to anyone concerning this…… ever.”


“Not even to my lord Qblh?”


Isis smiled. "Here is the circle of rebirth. Through You all passes out of life, and through Myself all may be born again. Even death is not eternal...Mine is the mystery of the dark womb, that is the cauldron of

rebirth. Enter into Me and know Me, and You will be free of all fear. For as life is but a journey into death,

so death is but a passage back to life, and in Me the circle is ever turning."


“Go with her, my Qblh, and complete your time loop.  We shall see each other again soon enough.”


Jim understood the signal and immediately triggered another time spiral.


Jim left the palace, and warped into hyperspace.


He would keep Persephone within the time loop she desired so much.  He had left with her shortly before entering the portal.  He needed to perfrom only a minor loop to complete the needed continuity.  He would need to reinsert both himself and Persephone back into time, before their entry into the portal.  This could also provide an escape for Persephone from the time loop and allow her to continue on with a less restricted future.


It only seemed natural that a Theseus should rescue his Persephone from the power of the netherworld and restore her to the Earth she loved.  “Idiot, do we have an arrival window for myself and Persephone?”


The intelligence network paused for a few seconds before answering.  “The window for delivery requires rematerialization at a time and place somewhat different than departure point.  A time reversal operation will be necessary somewhat downstream in time from our estimated arrival point, if we wish to return to the time loop.  Else, Persephone is free of the time loop, but we shall need to redeliver her to Artemis as the termination point for the time reversal displacement.”


“If I am to understand correctly, this can be done at any time?”


“Affirmative, Jim.”


“Then it seems we do not have to concern ourselves for the moment concerning Persephone’s fate. Jim, as usual, had another inspiration.  He would save his insight for utilization at a later time. “Brief me, concerning our arrival point.”


“It seems that we need to experience singularity again.”







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