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"How about Honolulu, girls?" Jim inquired. "I'll give you some unsupervised time there." 


They both gave Jim a big kiss showing their approval.


Antiope remarked that the transition went so smoothly that it was hard for her to believe that they were on an ocean instead of a lake, but the smell of the salt air gave certain evidence of their space shift. "You had to run? Why didn't you just take out that missile?" 


"I've got better things to do with my time than to dodge bullets. We've got all the cash we can possibly need and I have plenty more gold. How many more pieces would you each like?"


They both filled up their special handbags with gold and cash for pocket change. Jim had Genie give the Mermaid a new paint job and a new name. Genie changed the texture and color of the boat's paint, but left it to Jim to paint on a new name. Jim knew Genie was holding out, but he painted a new name anyway. He chuckled as he gave it a new name, "The Flying Dutchman". On the high seas, Jim knew that sailors would stay clear of his yacht. The Air Force and the Navy would have a very difficult time with him now. He had picked up the name from an old sea-faring legend. He would also be able to hide on earth in other time zones if need be and not create paradox, because there were already reported sightings of a ghost ship of the same name. He instructed the girls to refer to him as the "Dutchman". 


"Tell us about the Dutchman, Jim." 


"Well, the Dutchman is condemned to sail the seas forever, allowed to return to land only once every seven years until one woman loves him faithfully. There's more to it, but I am a different breed of Dutchman."


He winked at them. "Would you like to know about the Sirens? Sisters who lure sailors to their death. You put on a very irresistible act back there because you knew you were unreachable, and I would have been forced to destroy that boat if they would reach us." 


"Yes Jim, but then you would be the monster and not us." 


Jim had Genie manufacture sails and switched off the engines. He felt the breeze sweep them along as he tested his true sailing skills. The call of the open sea with a time machine on board with two beautiful women and unlimited riches was any man's dream. He felt the freedom of the open sea and loved it. He was not going to hurry to Hawaii. He would sail these ancient waters the same way as the Polynesians, and he looked at the stars that night in a very different way. 


Mermaids and Dutchman, the sea and the stars. He pondered at the vastness and the emptiness of the space that he had conquered. He looked at the moon and thought of Pegasus on the other side. Antiope and Helen joined him and whispered to him how much they had enjoyed the day. They reminded him that he owed them some favors. They had been looking forward to  men that evening and Jim couldn't get them any. Furthermore, they pointed out that there was an entire boat of men that they could have had back there and they wanted them too. He reminded them that he didn't want to kill the entire crew at that particular time, which is just what would happen if the men and women had their way back there. He also reminded him that he didn't want them to prey upon innocent victims. If they had to have sex, pick a villain but take contraceptive measures. He also mentioned that it wouldn't be fair to interpret every come-on as intended rape. They were extremely attractive and would turn the head of any man. They both showed off their bikinis and Jim chuckled as he realized what kind of dynamite he was about to release on the beach. Antiope and Helen were total knockouts in the moonlight. They all fell asleep together under the stars. 


A shift in the wind awakened Jim. Their pace had changed. Jim instructed Idiot to take over ship guidance, while he and the ladies went down below. 


Antiope and Helen were not very pleased with the fact that they had been attacked. Understanding Jim's reluctance to take life, they eventually approved of and laughed about Jim's way of handling the natives. They could sense themselves approaching the USA again as aliens, but coming in by sea and to this island paradise. Helen swooned from the enchantment she felt. She began to like this earth very much. 


Antiope pondered what Jim had next in mind. And what exactly had Jim done to so upset the natives? 


The President was not comfortable with the reports. A disappearing van, twice? A yacht destroyed and yet no trace of the debris? Publicly, yes, the yacht would be reported as destroyed. The occupants would be reported as notorious drug dealers, so that no one would raise an eyebrow. The entire defensive array of the United States had been proven compromised. Missiles being destroyed by some form of unknown weapon. He was profoundly disturbed as he wondered what kind of threat he was truly facing.


He directed the general staff to provide solid evidence that the trio on the yacht were dead. So far no bodies or yacht debris had been found. A very extensive search effort was being involved, but no evidence. 


The next day all relaxed on the yacht. Jim scanned the Internet and showed Antiope and Helen how to as well. Genie, being the supreme hacker, pleased the ladies hour after hour as he retrieved all sorts of interesting information at their request. Jim enjoyed this time as he considered his options. He remembered the other boat that he would need to "take". One final stroke would assure him of complete cooperation with earth's governments and at the same time keep him hidden while he controlled the earth's defensive systems.


He went to his closet to talk privately with Idiot.


"Idiot, I noticed that we couldn't locate the submarines. The depths attenuates the satellites' abilities with this respect. How well can you find a submarine?" 


"What range?" 


"The first one you see?" 


"I see several."


"Can you differentiate?"


"Yes. Having accessed much of US defensive database, I can identify all classes of submarines. "


"How hard is it to scan using earth's satellites without being detected?" 


"It can be done but it will slow processing time by 10%."


"All right, switch into that mode."


Jim was delighted. Idiot had successfully given him masked control of US defensive electronics. He directed Idiot to use the Pegasus and earth electronic surveillance to keep alert for fleet or any other intruders. His scans showed that the US authorities had believed they had destroyed the yacht. He fired up the ships engines and had Genie dismantle the rigging. They would reach Honolulu in eight hours to give the women some relaxation.


Chapter Seventeen 

The Flying Dutchman

Part II

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