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Author's comments: I call to mind several legends in constructing this chapter. Central to understanding our worldly desrires is how it controls our thinking. Our hero is to break free of his worldly realm, where he is surrounded by riches and power. Recall the legend of Lilith who refused to be subserviant to Adam; recall, the fact that the ancients used to worship the Earth and goddesses to represent their earthly concerns and desires. Rather than bore you with an academic explanation of goddess worship, let me illustrate the concept in my story. Notice Jim does not care to much of this deceptive tactic of Isis. I am quite aware of a considerable amount of literature dealing with this subject.


Isis's home planet is named Artemis.  She is the empress of the Venetian Empire whose star is Sirias.  Her empire stretches to encompass 42 habitable planets of various star systems, which is all known habitable planets.  The only exception is the planet earth, which was discovered a little over 40 years ago, by Aphrodite on one of her exploratory missions.

Artemis is a beautiful planet; the most picturesque planet in the Queen's entire empire.  It has been left unspoiled by any elements and there are no known pollution causing agents.  Weather does not exist on Artemis.  The constant temperature on this planet can be compared to that of  76 degrees Fahrenheit on earth.  The planet Artemis has brilliance (daylight) and gloom (nightfall).  Everything is completely under control by the power and magical charms of the majority of the planet's inhabitants; the Amazon females.


 Artemis is chock-full of many beautiful fruit bearing trees, flowers and vegetables of various shapes and sizes in an array of colors.  There are rolling hills and fields of which the primary color is a dazzling green, the color of Isis' eyes.  The planet is surrounded by enormous mountains.  In the center of the planet is the largest mountain of them all; Mount Xanadu.  The base of this mountain appears to be the colors of the rainbow.  Its center is an intensely illuminated red; the color of Isis' hair.  As you near its peak, it emerges as a snow-capped pinnacle.  White is her beloved color.  No one in her empire is permitted to cloth themselves in this color.  Everyone abides by this rule for they know what repercussions could occur.  Atop this mammoth mountain is the Palace of Isis and her Pleasure Dome.  Carved into this mountain is the city of Xanadu.  Isis has a great affection for her precious planet Artemis.  The great Queen refuses to dwell elsewhere, for beauty, according to Isis, "goes hand-in-hand with
power."   Isis rules this planet and her galaxies with an iron fist.

There are different levels of Amazon inhabitants on this planet; dependent upon examination of their family tree.  The most powerful of these inhabitants is, of course, Isis and Jim.  Jim is very special to Isis because not only is he her beloved brother and rival, but he is also the most powerful and sophisticated of the very few Amazon males available on this planet.  Jim is the only male capable of  satisfying his sister's sexual needs and also of impregnating her with a purely beautiful, unadulterated Amazon child, without the royal blood line being damaged.  Unfortunately for Isis, she has only given birth to Amazon daughters.  Grant it, these young children are very powerful and exquisite, but they do not have a pure Amazon brother to reproduce with in order to keep their supreme blood line flowing.  The chances of Isis giving
birth to a son are about fifty percent, which is extremely high considering the chances of other Amazon females is less than one percent.  This is why Isis is Queen of Artemis and ruler of all her acquired galaxies. 


Author's comment:  With regard to this female planet, in a future story I am going to expose how such would be possible for our own earth's future, and the way how it can happen is terrifying.  When one discovers why Artemis is a predominantly single sex race on a planet and why it dominates all others can be best understood by a simple

proposition.......Many centuries in the past, Artemis had a war. It was a biological war. Perhaps the civilized creatures had an aversion to taking the life of a female, since the female as a childbearer could possibly be bearing innocent life, and as such females were barred as soldiers and it was equally tabu to kill a female enemy. Result, some brilliant enemy chemist came up with a biological weapon that destroyed the males of the enemy population as an attempt to commit genocide. Somehow a few males managed to mutate and survive. The Venetians after having been almost exterminated by their enemies took  a dreadful revenge and now rule all planets.  Does that make sense to anyone now?


 This planet is obviously dominated by females.  If by some slim chance an Amazon female bears a son, that child is immediately given to the Queen's protective custody guards and raised in the Queen's palace.  The mother of this child at once receives an upgrade in her social status and receives many gifts and treasures.  She is now considered a member of the socially elite.  When that male reaches the age of maturity, he is placed in the Queen's brothel and leased out by contract for reproductive obligations alone.  Only rich and famous Amazon women, including the mothers of these boys, with political connections, can afford the luxury of this sexual delicacy and the joy of bearing a pure Amazon child!  A daughter, most likely, but sometimes a son. 


Amazon women are tall (average height being 5 feet 11"), extremely beautiful and powerful by nature.  Their complexion is a creamy olive left unblemished and their skin as soft as silk.  Their hair is long, wildly curly and free; some are blonde; some brunette. Only Isis has flaming red hair.  These women have an air about them; you may call this a scent or smell.  This fragrance attracts males of all species.  A secretion of this ambrosia, which contains very high levels of acetylcholine along with endorphins, is eminently lethal to all males with the exception of pure, Amazon males.  They are immune to it by their own nature, but do feel the aphrodisiacal effects of the ambrosia.  Her secretion is most abundant during her sexual climax.  All other men overdose on this cocaine-like drug.  It imbalances their dopamine activity which, in turn, affects their neurotransmitter system.  In other words, all pain is blocked and pleasure is enhanced.  This poor victim hungers and demands more of this stimulus; the ending result being death.  Yet, it is still a very pleasurable expiration. Author's note: Yes folks, if you notice any similarity of ouir creatures to vampires, you are very observant. Yet these beings in this story are not bloodsuckers nor are they afraid of daylight, although they only exist here as characters in the story. I found the concept an interesting one to throw at you. Yet it seems to be quite lethal to sleep with one.


A pure, royal Amazon, such as Isis or Jim, possess extraordinary traits. They have the strength of twenty human men, are very cunning and possess magical skills.  They age very slowly and are immune to diseases that normally prey upon humanity. They can move with preternatural speed and thus, can avoid attack almost instantaneously.  It's a known fact that they are considered to be immune to human weapons because of
their quickness. Their senses are acute; eye-sight being their finest. The female has a very powerful enchantment ability. She is able to mesmerize males with a look. Others say it can be due to the subtle aroma of ambrosia which the male may have sensed. The pure bred royal male is able to use all his brain gray matter. His powers of imagination dwarfs the capability of any imagined computing machine. The royal female's senses are
tuned to perfection. The queen is well known for her ability to probe the thoughts of her subjects. She could always correctly read the body language of any creature.  She relies on their sensitivity. The male felt that the senses were his own reactions.  He would be more concerned with creating reactions, and knew these reactions were his own imagined creations.  Through power of the mind he could engineer fully disciplined
bodily reactions, and screen out psychic distractions and inbred behavior.  Much of civilized behavior is learned. The masses exhibit to conform to the expectations of those who engineered the civilization in the first place.  Only when resting can they be subjected to physical harm, but it is very difficult and dangerous to startle an Amazon.


All these qualities are based on the Amazon's levels of  purity.  For instance, when the females mate with males of another galaxy or race other than their own, their offspring would not have the powers of the pure.


 Jim left his quarters and walked the short distance to his sister's private chambers.  He tapped lightly on her door, secretly hoping, as always, that she would not hear him. Unfortunately, the door opened and Jim entered.  The door immediately slammed shut behind him.


 As Jim waited, she transfixed her eyes upon his demanding eye contact.  She beckoned him to submit to the subliminal impulses that she directed to him.  He avoided contact, but she simply came closer.  "Relax Jim, you don't need to be so hostile toward me. You know I always have your best interests at heart and you know how I love to tease."

Jim began to speak, but she beckoned him to be silent by touching his mouth delicately with her hand.  "Ease your thoughts.  You worry too much. You shouldn't concern yourself with my affairs."  Jim's nostrils detected the heavy scent of ambrosia as he let himself slide into a feeling of complacency.  She was coming on quite strong.


 "Come hither with me and relax.  Sit; I command you, and be silent."

Jim, being well aware of her spells, complied.  There really was no use fighting, besides, he had no bones of contention with her in regard to sex.  He just differed with her points of view on just about everything else.  He mentally resisted her, showing no signs of physical resistance, but she detected his resistance anyway.


 "Oh Jim, my love, you're resisting me and I'm not even calling you Aladdin. What is wrong?"

She began to massage him; trying to interfere with his concentration.  She needed to tap some of his energy; his body already started to respond to her spells and Jim was trying desperately not to budge.

"Jim, the more you fight, the more I love it."

Lightly and gently, she touched his head with her two fingers.  She traced over his eyes and mouth, as she probed his aura, and attempted to mind link with him. Eventually, Jim's thoughts melted to welcome her.  He cloaked himself as a stranger to
her; but as a stranger who desired to be captivated by her spell.

By now, all his senses were drawn toward the aroma of her ambrosia.  The room around him disappeared into insignificance as he focused all his attention on her.  She was at her greatest strength now.  Every ounce of his energy was required to match her will; thought by thought and gesture to gesture.

As saliva was exchanged, she stole the breath from him and returned a stream of ambrosia directly down his throat with a passionate kiss.  The effect was immediate as he gave in, and his own consciousness faded into oblivion as her will took control of his entire body.


 "Yoni me Jim," she demanded.


 Jim complied as he sought more favorable sexual energy from her.  If his massage deviated a minuscule, a painful shock would remind him of his error and a genuine, ecstatic wave of pleasure would be transmitted to her from him as he correctly practiced her ritual of desire.


 As he varied the pressure, speed and pattern, he boldly began to whisper to her.

"You're very beautiful, Isis."

Jim was aware that his massage was proper and in line and was also conscious of the fact that she was very deeply absorbed in the ecstasy of her ambrosia as well as he. With a small additional exercise of free will, he suggested to her, the possibility of yet another child; but, would it not be extremely erotic if conception could be enhanced if they could fulfill the act in the yacht?  Very subtly he mentioned this prospect at a point in time where he came just short of  peaking her out, as her passion ebbed off another peak.


 She continued her hold on him, not ebbing any lower.  Jim knew she would agree now, because the ebb did not subside any lower.  Very slowly, and gently, he allowed himself to be immersed by her spells, as he passed into unconsciousness.  Still, his body was awake, but she controlled his body fully now as easily as her own.  Hour after hour she mingled her life form with his until finished.

After the interchange, her energy was strengthened with his strength that she tapped from him.  Jim would essentially have no magical strength left for a day or two, and she could easily command his will with just a gesture to him.  Certainly at times, he would try to defy her, but at such times he did not have any resistance if challenged.  He would be intoxicated by her ambrosia for several days and he would not be able to gain full strength until the effects wore off.  Until then, she could shoot pain and pleasure at him subliminally, and he would always get the cue.


"Aladdin, wake up.  I have a wonderful idea."

"Yes, your highness."

"After court, I would like you to take me to the stars and demonstrate even more love for me."


"But my darling, am I not good enough here?  You expect me to drive too?"

"I want your love at .999999C and I want it long and unbridled."

"I don't know, Isis.  That could be quite dangerous.  Isn't that a little too daring, my love?"

"You will manage.  Besides, you are never to decline my challenges.  Prepare the Pegasus for yet another adventure.

 I will tell you where I want to travel."

"Your wish is my command, my love."

"Well, Aladdin, it is now time to ready yourself for court.  The formal armor and crown will be essential.  Antiope and Helen will be your escorts and will aid you with your wardrobe."

With that, Isis summoned her staff so that preparations could begin to convene court. 


Chapter Two 


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