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A Parable of Sorts


A story of future science.

Faster than light travel?

Is traveling back in time fast enough?

A universal empire. Is such possible?

Portals. Crossing light years in a flash.

And of course, beautiful, deadly women.

Science made fun while promoting space and high energy research.  Of course, political satire is employed to promote the author's political views. 


"Giving laws, wanting improvements, making things easier, has all become wrong and evil. Make each one seek out his own way, the way leads to mutual love in the community. Men will come to see and feel the similarity and communality of their ways." -Carl Jung


Jung stressed the importance of individual rights in a person's relation to the state and society. He saw that the state was treated as "a quasi-animate personality from whom everything is expected" but that this personality was "only camouflage for those individuals who know how to manipulate it" and referred to the state as a form of slavery.He also thought that the state "swallowed up [people's] religious forces",and therefore that the state had "taken the place of God"—making it comparable to a religion in which "state slavery is a form of worship".Jung observed that "stage acts of [the] state" are comparable to religious displays: "Brass bands, flags, banners, parades and monster demonstrations are no different in principle from ecclesiastical processions, cannonades and fire to scare off demons".From Jung's perspective, this replacement of God with the state in a mass society led to the dislocation of the religious drive and resulted in the same fanaticism of the church-states of the Dark Ages—wherein the more the state is 'worshiped', the more freedom and morality are suppressed; this ultimately leaves the individual psychically undeveloped with extreme feelings of marginalization.



The author has recently , (March 2015) ,renewed  interest in the EMDrive concept which utilizes microwave resonant cavity so as to cause  a directionally induced force. Like many others, he is convinced the USAF at Area 51 has already conducted several experiments with the EMDrive, and recent acknowledgments by NASA which address the concept of the EMDrive as a verifiable reality. Having reviewed the equations, and have reviewing experimental veerificatiom of the Chinese similar verifications, we are now inclined to become a true believer in the practicality of the "levitation" technology which will also provide thrust in free space.


It is seen that much furtehr development needs to be done with respect to the development of the EMDrive, but what is not know is the actual progreess  the US has actually made in this field.


It is without a doubt  the required space technology needed to get any practical form of interpkanetary space travel to occur. It is envisioned that one of the first stars mankind will actually ain for will be 8.7 light years away and that is Sirius. 


Perhaps a thousand years in the future, mankind will be savvy enough to tackle the challenges of space surrounding a black hole so as to take advantage of warp technology which is also theorized as a possibility.


With regard to the ability to travel backward in time, I do have serous doubts of any such possibility, but Venetian and QBLH are works of fiction. As works of fiction, my characters are allowed to violate the time barrier, but crossing the time barrier has its own unique complications even in fiction, and it is required to enter the black hole in order to do so.


Whether it is possible to penetrate a black hole inside a warp bubble, it is really a stretch of the imagination to even try to guess, and impossible to calculate. We would certainly need to discover much more about  the space and time which we live in in order to ever really discover the actual truth. For now we a may consider such as impossible. Yes, our young men at NASA should be encouraged to dream as they perform their mundane tasks of the present. They will be discouraged by the short sightedness of finacial concerns and geopolitics as it will be plainly seen how the world is more interested in military power games and nationalism than its is to follow the guidance of the Divine Mind within each of us which implores us all to be good souls in seek of a heavenly abode.


Is there life after death?


Well, we will address that subject when the time comes.  The living cannot speculate accurately about that which it cannot actually know for certain. .


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